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Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Port Barton January 23rd 2020

We ended a full year of travelling with a fun holiday with friends in the Philippines. We were already in Puerto Princesa where Riemke and Mariska were able to fly to despite another typhoon landing in the country disrupting some flights. It was great to see the girls and continue where we left the year before catching up and drinking cold beers then in South India now in the Philippines. Together we travel with a shared van to Port Barton, an amazing, relaxed, beautiful, still not too busy nor touristy, beach town on Palawan island. Here we meet with Joyce, Maarten and their 1,5 year old son Duuk and with the whole bunch we spend a few days and nights touring islands, snorkelling, lazying on the beach, and partying the year away into 2020 at NYE ... read more
Port Barton
Port Barton
Port Barton

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Port Barton January 10th 2017

Port Barton had a Jamaican feel. Not that I have ever been to Jamaica..there was just a lot of reggae music and the unmistakable wafting of dope. To get here, you need to get off the beaten track and travel on a very bumpy, dusty unsealed road (although one will soon be completed) so not many European resort travellers here. Everything was relaxing and cool. I got sick from the dust and had a sore bronchial tube but I recovered with some delicious chicken soups from our accomodation restaurant (Elsa's). Locals very nice.... read more

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Port Barton January 4th 2017

Suzanne here... We arrived in Puerto Princess, Palawan, at about 6.30pm. We considered getting a trike but it was relatively cool and our hotel, although right in the town, was only a twenty minute walk from the airport. So we headed off on foot. The hotel - Orchid Lagan Palawan - was fine. Cheap and cheerful but a decent size room and the all important air-con. We dumped our stuff and headed back out for food and drink. Our first priority was to find the Palaweño Brewery - a craft brewery I'd read about in The Guardian months before, and then again in the Philippines Airlines flight magazine. San Miguel is ok, but we wanted something a bit tastier. We found the brewery easily enough, although at first it looked shut. We persevered though, popping around ... read more
German Island 1
German Island 2
Harmony Hostel beach view

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Port Barton April 13th 2016

Wednesday 13th April 2016 It was sad to be leaving El Nido today, we’d been here for 5 days and had a great time. This place truly is stunning and within the next 10 years it’ll be one of the best known spots in Asia to visit, no doubt. We had to be up just before 6am and we made our way by tricycle to the bus terminal, which was basically a dusty piece of land with a shelter in the middle. We waited for 20 mins and there was a bit of a scramble when the mini bus arrived as there were no designated seats. The mini bus really was mini and when we managed to find a couple of seats inside we were shoulder to shoulder, thigh to thigh with other people. The journey ... read more
The stairs to our tree house
Gemma climbing through the trap door
Hammock on the beach

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Port Barton June 13th 2015

When travelling with a free mind and not much plan (unlike the first time which was v. structured) you would be surprised at how many places you learn about along the way that you had never heard of when doing the initial planning. Port Barton was one of these. When i typed it into google images, I couldnt beleive that I hadnt! So after El nido, we went south for a bit of peace and quiet. Previously Port barton was on the road up to El nido so it was a popular spot with travellers in palawan. However the road has been upgraded and passing by it is no longer needed so it has been told that the town is much quieter than it used to be which is a realshame. PB is a sleepy bay ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Port Barton April 26th 2015

Travelling to our next destination was long winded but we enjoyed the scenery, listening to music and reading so it wasn't too bad at all. From Apo island we caught the boat across to Malatapay, the jeepney to Dumaguete then a bus to the island of Cebu which was meant to take 5 hrs but took around 6.5 hours as our bus broke down and we had to wait for its replacement before travelling across on the bus ferry. In Cebu we decided to stay near the airport in an area called Lapu Lapu, but we soon wished we choose something a little closer to the bus station as the traffic getting here was horendus and the taxi took one and a half hours. In total we spent a whole 12 hours travelling that day so ... read more
Shade is our friend
Beautiful scenery

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Port Barton December 15th 2012

The Journey back was a most beautiful 1 hour boat ride to Vincente, from there another bumpy 6 hour Bus tour to Puerto princesa. The expedition to the Bus Stand was on a Motorbike with me and all my luggage, it still makes me laugh thinking about it.... read more
Port Barton
Boat Trip to Vincente
On The Boat

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Port Barton December 4th 2012

Here it is the Christmas tree made of recycled plastic. Tonight for Dinner I will try Prehistoric Lobsters I was told they taste better than the usual Lobsters. Very busy little things at the beach, I think it is some kind of a crab the amount of work that is done down there during the day is incredible. Found them while strolling around the beach. And last but not least check out the prehistoric Lobsters, Dinner tonight yummier. Gerhard don’t look.... read more
Plastic Tree
Very busy little things at the beach
Crabs At Work

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Port Barton December 3rd 2012

Alright that’s enough for Puerto princesa, it is not my idea of island living. They even have a rush hour here!!! Hoped on the bus and made it to Port Barton. The Driver was an Artist; the street for the last part was nothing more than a little dirt road. I did make some unbelievable videos but as I said I cannot load them. Hope I will find a way at some point.... read more
Great Journey.
Easy Reach.
Mhhhhh what all could fit up here.

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