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November 27th 2016
Published: October 1st 2017
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Geo: 11.1804, 119.395

Hot and still this morning. After brekkies, I went to the "secret" lagoon … a couple of coves away, it is a collapsed cave. There is a small (fortunately smooth) entrance that once passes through, just big enough to sit down and push yourself through, emerging into a small pool, surrounded entirely by karst limestone walls. The water is cool in the morning, so I floated about until it was time to leave (and getting crowded). We took the speedboat back.

Paul arrived from snorkeling shortly after me. It said it wasn't' very nice … in fact, it looked like coral had been harvested there. Strange place to snorkel.

I spent the rest of the morning reading and trying not to nap, while Paul went out to swim with the jackfish again.

We did the stand-up paddle boards again for a little while – I didn't fall, but I can't say it was “fun”. Then we took the kayak and went out and around a couple of different coves, where the outriggers from the town were already in full force. We have our landings down pat …straight into the beach, I hand the paddle back, and then jump out as the kayak beaches itself. We also picked up a few plastic bags … save a turtle!

Back for lunch.

In the afternoon, we did the “island hopping” tour. We started by going to Snake Island, so named because of the sandbar that stretches from the island to the mainland Palawan. We walked the sandbar, wearing our shoes this time, which led to a mangrove forest … in the midst of which was a charming bar. We walked back along the sand bar, then back to the boat.

Our second stop was a cave – dry this time. You had to climb through a narrow entrance. (There was a pad to cover the sharp rocks.) The cave was high and narrow, with some remaining stalagmites and small niches where the swallows nest. A long set of tree roots emerged from the wall and disappeared into the ground again.

From there, it was about a 30-40 minute trip back to Miniloc, where we found chaise lounges, read for about an hour, then enjoyed Happy Hour. We also played a couple of games of pool, both of which Paul won handily.

After dinner, it was too still to sit out, so we went into our room to read until bedtime.

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