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Asia » Philippines » Negros » Dumaguete December 19th 2018

Following on from MoalBoal our next scheduled destination was a few days away for Xmas. To fill in the time I planned a side trip down to an island called Siquijor. I had read that it had some of the best snorkelling around the area. To get there was a bit of a mission. Step 1. Take a tricycle to the main road. These tricycles are a smallish bike, our first one was a Honda 125, with a side car which could squeeze 4 people in so just enough room for Shelley and I. Step 2. Catch a bus to a bus station close to the port at the south of the island. Our first bus journey the previous day was a disaster. We had chosen seats at the front which I physically couldn’t fit in ... read more
Old School Fire Engine and Wiley’s Jeep
Alice in Wonderland
Multi Purpose toilet and rubbing bin

Asia » Philippines » Negros August 3rd 2016

ROAD TRIP 6ème étape : Bacolod Pour finir mon voyage aux Philippines, j’ai décidé de faire étape chez Lucie pour découvrir son mode de vie complètement différent du mien à Manille. Déjà, le cadre n’est pas du tout le même. Habitant chez des gens très riches qui ont, entre autre, développés un jardin bio, elle a, à sa disposition, piscine, cuisinier… Le cadre me semble assez paradisiaque comparé au mien. Pour se reposer et se relaxer un peu avant le voyage en solo, c’est idéal. Du coup, pendant mes trois jours j’ai découvert Bacolod, troisième ville du pays, réputée pour sa culture de canne à sucre. La ville en elle-même ne présente pas grand intérêt mais y faire un petit tour en une aprèm est très sympa. J’ai également visité la ville de Silay réputée pour ... read more
Bacolod (2)
Bacolod (4)
Jardin Lucie

Asia » Philippines » Negros » Sipalay City May 5th 2016

Words are not enough to describe my beautiful experience in this town of long stretch beach that is divided by streams and its rock formation like a floating green cap on the waters. I often describe Sipalay City's natural existence as a combination of Boracay Island even though the sand isn't that refine and Palawan because of multiple rock formation or islets that are perfect for picture taking and fun hopping. Been to Sipalay three times and good memories always take me back. It's 200 km south of Dumaguete City, 4-hr bus travel. I usually drive my motorcycle to this town and enjoy wonderful stopovers for local experience and selfies. It takes 5-6 hours with my driving adventure. 1. Boulevard or The Long Beach. It's open to the public. Sand is pure white when it's heated. ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Negros September 6th 2015

For the first few days, I spent on Cebu Island, mainly in Moalboal for diving. There was a typhoon hitting northern Philippines at the time, so there was incredible wind and rain. I spent a few days just waiting out the rain. I did end up doing 2 days of diving (shore diving as no one had their dive boat operational). Diving visibility was poor due to the choppy waves and strong currents. Didn't see a whole lot, except for one quite large green turtle that was roughly 2m in length. Afterwards I took a bus down and a ferry across to Negros and into Dumaguete, where I spent a few more days diving with Harold's. I dove at Oslob with the whale sharks, Sumilon, and Apo. The whale shark dive was interesting, although they feed ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Negros » Sipalay City April 18th 2015

For us the aptly named Sugar beach conjured up thoughts of fine white sand, beaches lined with palm trees stretching as far as the eye can see, beautiful crystal clear water lightly lapping against the beach and an overwhelming feeling of tranquillity. To our surprise it turned out to be all of the above, although the sand was more golden brown than white. At Sugar beach we were treated to the most tranquil 3 mile beach, everything in some way was perfect, but was this paradise for us? Well if you would have asked us before ever travelling we may have answered Yes. However now, things have changed. Getting here from the popular expat epicentre of Dumaguete was a full days undertaking including 3 buses and a small boat. We caught our first bus from the ... read more
We witnessed some amazing sunsets here
The Sun just setting
The beautiful red and orange skies

Asia » Philippines » Negros » Dumaguete December 23rd 2014

Wir wünschen euch ganz schöne, relaxde, feuchtfröhliche, lustige, besinnliche, mückenfreie Weihnachten. Dass der Hahn um halb 3 Uhr nachts noch schläft, die Hunde ebenfalls und die Sonne für euch lacht. Lasst es euch gut gehen....! We wensen jullie mooie, relaxede, vrolijke, grappige en een muggenvrije kerst. Dat de kemphanen om half 3 des nachts nog slapen mogen, zo ook de honden en dat de zon naar jullie lacht. Fijne feestdagen... read more

Asia » Philippines » Negros » Bacolod April 20th 2014

For someone who has a full time job like me, it is always a privilege to be able to have a long vacation (1 week). So why not enjoy the chance and spend it in one of the happiest place in the Philippines known as the "City of Smiles" (also with sweetest dialect tone)...touchdown Bacolod City. Bacolod City is the capital of Negros Occidental located on the West part of Visayas. Travel time may vary depending on your mode of transportation if by plane (from Manila- 45 minutes to 1 hour) if by vessel (From Manila Port: 18-23 hours). Upon arrival I was welcomed by the gloomy weather. Kinda disappointing that the weather forecast for the coming days will be rainy and stormy But of course the weather will not served as a hindrance as I ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Negros » Bacolod April 1st 2014

After just two quick nights, it was time to bid farewell to wonderful Sugar Beach, and head back up northwards along the western coast of Negros Occidental. And it was another standing-room only jam-packed bus ride from Montilla to the provincial capital of Bacolod, which would also be my last new stop here in the Visayas. A medium-sized city that is a somewhat smaller version of Cebu, Bacolod doesn't offer many tourist attractions per se. But it is steeped in history, and it's difficult to understand the Visayas and the Negros island in particular without having a sense of the importance this coastal port city played during the island's sugar-producing hey-days. So I decided to pay a visit to tie up my entire journey here in Central Philippines. I spent just another quick two nights in ... read more
Dizon Ramos Museum
San Sebastian Cathedral
Farewell Sugar Beach

Asia » Philippines » Negros » Sipalay City March 30th 2014

I guess I shouldn't have remarked that I hadn't taken much land transportation yet in the Visayas. Having made a somewhat last minute decision to make a long detour to a somewhat remote beach on the Southwestern coast of Negros, it was an exhausting 6h+ journey from Bais to my next destination, Sugar Beach, just a few kilometres north of the closest town of Sipalay. And when I say exhausting, I mean 2h standing-room alone Ceres bus ride (Bais-Kabankalan), 2x jeepney (Kabankalan-Inayauan-Montilla), tricycle ride (Montilla-Nauhang) and finally paddle boat ride across a tidal river to Sugar Beach, then 10 min hike with all my gear on the sandy beach-exhausting! Ok, I've taken longer and worse journeys before (the 16h train ride from Mandalay to Katha in Myanmar and 18h trans-Sumatran bus ride from Bukittingi to Parapet ... read more
Yes, life could be worse
Sugar Beach

Asia » Philippines » Negros » Bacolod October 25th 2013

MassKara Festival 2013 Held every 3rd week of October, Bacolod City stands true to its slogan "City of Smiles". As many schools and barangays (local political units) within the city dance and sway to the beat with streetdancers wearing smiling masks and make an already festive occasion more carnival-ish. I brought my family here on this October weekend, with hopes that adult and teen tastes will converge in celebrating this most-awaited festival. A Mardi Gras of sorts, Philippine version. Resiliency characterizes the Filipino spirit and this character manifests itself in full splendor here. After all, Masskara was conceived at a time when Bacolodnons, or Bacoleños, or Bacolodians -- whatever and however the residents are called -- were struggling with near despair over the decline in world sugar prices, aggravated by the sinking of MV Don Juan ... read more
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