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February 21st 2007
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After more than 15 years of advocating ecotourism in the Philippines, I finally found a TRUE ecolodge. And it is located in a small and special island in Negros Occidental.

Danjugan is only about 43 hectares in size. But it has coastal lagoons, fringing reefs, great dive and snorkeling sites, good forest cover and trails, a bat cave(!), and a nesting pair of sea eagles!

And what makes it a true ecolodge for me? - There is no airconditioning, electricity to light up some bulbs is through solar power, no flushing toilets (you have to use buckets to bring dwon your creation). The accommodation facilities are not made of concrete materials, just wooden and other indigenous stuff. There are no walls covering the sights of the ocean and the sunset. Danjugan is no typical tourist destination. It is a pure nature destination.

The best part is only 16 people are allowed to spend nights on the island! You can have a strecth of white sand beach all by yourself or go swimming in a lagoon while watching the sea eagles soar in the sky.

By the way, the island used to be the laboratory of the Coral Cay Conservation based in the UK. They brought with them paying volunteers to participate in the studies of the marine resources in the area. The site is also a marine protected area and it got the distinction of getting an award as the best managed coral reef in the country in 2002.

Danjugan is a real nature-dreamer's paradise. I made a very good decision to spend some time on the island.

Ey, if I get some good hits in this, I might transfer all my travel blogs here.

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16th March 2007

how's the dive?
so how's diving in that part of Negros Occidental?
30th March 2007

Hi! My roots are from Sipalay City, which is very near Danjugan, if I'm not mistaken... I plan to go there by Febuary or March next year, so it's a good thing I saw your blog. I would like to inquire how much would I be spending when I take a break there? You also mentioned that only 16 persons are allowed on the island, how could I make reservations? If ever you could reply (hopefully soon!), please contact me thru my email address ryanricafort@astec-power.com or thru my mobile number 09178423231.. Thanks! I'll advertise your site, coz it is purposeful! =)
18th March 2008

great place
hope we can go there soon this summer!

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