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Asia » Philippines » Negros » Sipalay City May 5th 2016

Words are not enough to describe my beautiful experience in this town of long stretch beach that is divided by streams and its rock formation like a floating green cap on the waters. I often describe Sipalay City's natural existence as a combination of Boracay Island even though the sand isn't that refine and Palawan because of multiple rock formation or islets that are perfect for picture taking and fun hopping. Been to Sipalay three times and good memories always take me back. It's 200 km south of Dumaguete City, 4-hr bus travel. I usually drive my motorcycle to this town and enjoy wonderful stopovers for local experience and selfies. It takes 5-6 hours with my driving adventure. 1. Boulevard or The Long Beach. It's open to the public. Sand is pure white when it's heated. ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Negros » Sipalay City April 18th 2015

For us the aptly named Sugar beach conjured up thoughts of fine white sand, beaches lined with palm trees stretching as far as the eye can see, beautiful crystal clear water lightly lapping against the beach and an overwhelming feeling of tranquillity. To our surprise it turned out to be all of the above, although the sand was more golden brown than white. At Sugar beach we were treated to the most tranquil 3 mile beach, everything in some way was perfect, but was this paradise for us? Well if you would have asked us before ever travelling we may have answered Yes. However now, things have changed. Getting here from the popular expat epicentre of Dumaguete was a full days undertaking including 3 buses and a small boat. We caught our first bus from the ... read more
We witnessed some amazing sunsets here
The Sun just setting
The beautiful red and orange skies

Asia » Philippines » Negros » Sipalay City March 30th 2014

I guess I shouldn't have remarked that I hadn't taken much land transportation yet in the Visayas. Having made a somewhat last minute decision to make a long detour to a somewhat remote beach on the Southwestern coast of Negros, it was an exhausting 6h+ journey from Bais to my next destination, Sugar Beach, just a few kilometres north of the closest town of Sipalay. And when I say exhausting, I mean 2h standing-room alone Ceres bus ride (Bais-Kabankalan), 2x jeepney (Kabankalan-Inayauan-Montilla), tricycle ride (Montilla-Nauhang) and finally paddle boat ride across a tidal river to Sugar Beach, then 10 min hike with all my gear on the sandy beach-exhausting! Ok, I've taken longer and worse journeys before (the 16h train ride from Mandalay to Katha in Myanmar and 18h trans-Sumatran bus ride from Bukittingi to Parapet ... read more
Yes, life could be worse
Sugar Beach

Asia » Philippines » Negros » Sipalay City February 17th 2013

Getting to Negros from Bantayan is for the well-travelled. People gather at the ferry station in Bantayan town (where there are, so to speak, no tourists), and depending on the day, the ferry may go to one of two ports on Negros. This means you may or may not have to take an 8-hour bus to Bacolod instead of a 4-hour one. Also everyone gets there early, adding to the excitement, even though the boat has no chance of leaving before the tide is high enough (about 2-3 hours into the wait). All of this is not as arbitrary as it sounds, but while in the planning stages it seemed apparent that getting from Bantayan all the way to Sipalay in one day was out of the question. And we were indeed glad we hadn't tried. ... read more
Swing a long
Big fish on the beach

Asia » Philippines » Negros » Sipalay City February 17th 2013

Sometimes the harder it is to get to a place, the better it is when you finally get there. Sweetly named Sugar Beach on the West coast of Negros was no different, and the long journey to find it was well worth the time and effort that it took. We made an early start at 8am and the 6 hour trip included a tricycle, three buses and a boat which was tiring, but after a lovely few days here we would do it all over again to spend some time in this special little retreat. We weren't sure if we would have time to make it here but we are so glad we did, even just for a few days, and as usual, we could have stayed longer and when the time came to leave we ... read more
Beautiful sunset
Awesome Driftwood Village
Lovely deserted beach

Asia » Philippines » Negros » Sipalay City August 8th 2011

This year I headed to the Philippines for my week vacation. Many had suggested that I should visit the country since I got to Gwangju. It was a well-deserved week of relaxation. I arrived in a drizzly Manila at two in the morning. The metered taxi from the airport to the hotel took around 30 minutes. I only stayed in Manila one full day and two nights at the Leesons Residences Hotel in Malate. The whole time I was in the city it did not stop raining. I did very little sightseeing, starting first with a trip to the National Museum. Just outside of Intramuros, the museum exhibits wonderful historical, archaeological, and ethnographic material on the Philippines. After spending the morning in the museum, I made my way to Intramuros, the oldest district in the city, ... read more
Manila from Intramuros
Manila Cathedral-Basilica
Countryside Negros

Asia » Philippines » Negros » Sipalay City March 16th 2011

We left Dumaguete and Harold helped us catch a bus heading for Sugar Beach. When we arrived at Sugar Beach with a boat and a small boy who was very angry that his brother made him sail us for a low price, we met some locals singing karaokee at the first part of the beach. They invited us in, but we were too tired and just wanted a place to stay. We found a really nice bungalow at Driftwood Village for 600 pesos. Nice, small and cozy place. A real Robinson feeling over the place, everything was made in bamboo and wood. We spend the next day in real Sugar Beach style. Lazy and not doing anything. We stayed by the beach in some hammocks, it was a really nice sunny day. We had lunch and ... read more
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