OK Philippines, you win, we don't want trouble. We're leaving. Be cool.

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January 3rd 2009
Published: January 5th 2009
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We came to the Philippines with a hot tip to see whale sharks off the tourist track. We were so excited.

Then it started to rain, I got chatted up by a subtle prostitute, it rained some more, and then we looked at a weather forecast.

Typhoon? Nothing will stop the weathered travellers! Except a typhoon. Especially one which will cover the whole of the Philippines for the duration of our visas. God damnit.

Well, hours after booking flights out of here in two weeks time, we decided that there was just no point in being here at all. Everything is wet, every journey is a massive ordeal involving gut wrenching ferry rides, and the whole damn place can just GET OUT OF MY FACE.

It's such a shame. We both love the Philippine people and country. Even the disgusting fat old Western men with suspiciously attractive Philippina wives have stopped grating against our sense of righteousness quite so much. And I was just getting in to cock fights...

But we're going. We're just up and going. Write this one off to experience fellas, I just can't stands no more. Let's go and do something better, somewhere dryer, someplace new. We are outta here.


7th January 2009

loving the pics you seem to be having a great time!! wish i was there sometimes (not really dont like the heat) love you x

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