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March 28th 2014
Published: March 29th 2014
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Moving on from Dumaguete, I realised this was the first time this trip that I was making an inter-city journey on land! Cos prior to this I'd exclusively been island-hopping, first from Cebu, to Bohol, to Siquijor, and finally Negros (or Negros Oriental to be precise, the Eastern part).

Anyway, my first inter-city journey on terra firma was a very short one, as I took a quick 1h bus ride north on the ubiquitous Ceres bus line towards the small town of Bais. I'd come with the intention of hopefully doing some whale and dolphin-watching, as well as to check out what is apparently a very picturesque sand bar just off the bay.

Unfortunately, I arrived at the tourism information office only to be told that I was probably going to be the only independent tourist heading out, in which case the boat ride was likely to be in the exorbitant range of several thousand Pesos. Apparently most tourists arrive on package tours from Dumaguete. And they were right. The next morning when I made my way to to Capinahan Wharf, I was told that a day's package would cost between PHP3000-3500 (about USD80), which was pretty much way
Capinahan WharfCapinahan WharfCapinahan Wharf

And the launch-off point for tours for whale/dolphin-watching, the White sandbar and nearby mangroves. Alas, it was not fated for me this time. Perhaps next time...
out of my budget, and there was no one else to share the cost with since I was the only tourist at the time. Looks like travelling independently doesn't necessarily always mean cheaper!

I deliberated over whether to bite the bullet and fork out the cost, but then it seemed to me to be on the high side. So disappointed as I was, Bais turned out to be just a quick over-nighter, before I continued on my way exploring the rest of Negros island.

Stayed at Casa Sandoval.

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Yes that's what it's called, apparently a popular Filipino dessert, that I'm actually having for the very first time, despite this already being my second extended stay. Purple ice cream (taro flavour?) with lotsa other sweet stuff -- mashed bananas, gelatin, coconut milk etc. Relatively pricey at PHP40 (USD1), but surely more painful on the waistline than the wallet.

First glimpse of Negros Oriental countryside.
Recognition DayRecognition Day
Recognition Day

Performance at a Bais elementary school.
Bais Presidencia PalaceBais Presidencia Palace
Bais Presidencia Palace

Yes that's what it was called. Not sure if anyone actually resides there though.

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