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Asia » Philippines » Mindoro » Puerto Galera October 24th 2017

TOURS with Marco Vincent Resort During my stay at the Marco Vincent resort I am sure I regained the ten pounds I lost while walking the El Camino in Spain. I ate three delicious meals each day and did only 300 steps a day. Thank goodness my room was on the second floor and I had occasion to go to my room often to get my things for that was the extent of my exercise. As I said, I hoped to catch up on my blog and rest since I couldn’t dive; my jaw was throbbing. The staff wanted to cheer me up, however. The day after the boat ride, right after breakfast they took me on a tour of an aborigine village. This Mangyan village houses about a hundred families. (There are perhaps ten different ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Mindoro » White Beach October 21st 2017

THE SOUTH PACIFIC ONE Puerto Galera, Philippines As October approached I began planning this season’s adventure. In March I agreed to go Puerto Galera, Philippines on October 21st with Sarina, from my dive club - The Emerald Sea. She booked us an all-inclusive five day dive package at a great price. I began my dive travels five years ago in Puerto Galera and I enjoyed it so much that I thought I should return. The question was “Where did I want to go after that week?” My planning was complicated by a worsening pain in a tooth. I had a root canal that never really healed. I saw the dentist every week or two for several months and even with x-rays he could find nothing wrong. I was concerned about booking an expensive trip and finding ... read more
Business Class Dive Boat

Asia » Philippines » Mindoro » Puerto Galera August 12th 2017

Day 1: Take a boat to the island Taal island to hike up the volcano. The path was quite hot and it was incredibly frustrating to hike with all the horses blowing by without warning or care. I'd suggest to pay the price to take the horse up if only to avoid being a pedestrian on that path! I had a few narrow misses but one girl wasn't so lucky and got clipped by a horse and stumbled down some rocks. The view was nice but not spectacular. You can golf into the inner lake for a fee if you wanted. The rest of the day was heading to Puerto Galera by bus and van. But I missed the last ferry as the 3h trip was actually 6h. Day 2 - onwards: I stayed in Puerto ... read more
Philippines 239
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Asia » Philippines » Mindoro October 17th 2014

There are times in life when things happened not the way as planned. It was summer when my great friend invited me to attend her 18th birthday at their hometown. Puerto Galera. Looking at the picture taken from Puerto Galera, as I have to describe the photo, I was with a friend, and the background was a a sea, clear as crystal ball, best I've ever seen in my life. It was my first time to ride in a what they called, "roro". We took many rides, but first we rode a bus going to Batangas Pier, then there we rode a "roro", then afterwards, we rode again another roro which my friend owns for where my friend lives in another island. As our travel went on, we saw blue water, mountains, grasp fresh air, to ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Mindoro » Puerto Galera October 11th 2014

Puerto Galera (or PG as it is known) is an amazing dive location, but also worth a visit for non divers. There are rows of dive lodges and shops along the beaches at Sabang and White Beach, some look a bit tired but they offer cheap accommodation and diving, and from reports they are quite comfortable. We stayed at Infinity, past White Beach but a great resort with a pool and a spa. The service was fantastic. There are no taxis, you either get your accomodation to arrange transport in their van or Jeepnie, or you negotiate with one of the multitudes of trikes, small motorcycles (mostly 175cc) with covered sidecars attached. They are rough and ready, but they get you there and you often see a family of 5 getting around on one. Sometimes this ... read more
PG Bay

Asia » Philippines » Mindoro » Puerto Galera June 4th 2014

Puerto Galera is the north westernmost municipality in the province of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines It is located at the southwestern end of the Isla Verde Passage, about 130 kilometers (81 mi) south of Manila. This coastal town is well known among tourists for its numerous pocket beaches and many snorkeling and scuba diving spots. The area was designated a Man and Biosphere Reserve of UNESCO in 1973 and has some of the most diverse coral reef diving in Asia. The marine environment has benefited in recent years from the influx of tourist dollars. This has seen a huge reduction in the number of fishermen in the area, as they gain higher revenue from tourists. Puerto Galera is listed by the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World, and is the only bay in the ... read more
Warm up

Asia » Philippines » Mindoro » Puerto Galera April 26th 2014

Visiting Puerto Galera made me realized that I have to learn scuba diving because snorkling is not enough to enjoy the beauty of lives under the sea. I'm hoping that those corals would always be protected and let them live for the next generation to see what we had seen... ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Mindoro » Sabang April 10th 2014

Two simple facts to rest on...if you haven't been to a place, how can you speak about become a good first need to dive... It's Songkran school Holidays in Thailand...Songkran being the Thai New year...everybody is on holidays, the country shut down...well, that's for Bangkok, because the resorts are packed...and the prices high...high...high... So we moved for two weeks to the Philippines...and guess what, it's also Easter Holidays...the places are packed...and the prices guess...high...high...high... But I do my homework, and I booked most of our flights and nights back in November 2013. I write nights are we have decided to go solid proper hotels it won't be this time. Next point, Leslie may have over 50 dives logged and a pretty good diver at it....Tiffany is now just certified, a... read more
Funny puffer fish...
Nudibranch in soft coral

Asia » Philippines » Mindoro » Sabang December 10th 2013

Puerto Galera Puerto Galera was beautiful. Mainly the place, and our dives. Most of the people were friendly, but I was a little paranoid when I was there, and Ed thought I was over-thinking some things. However, as a girl, I tend to err on the side of caution. Ed and I kinda over-packed, and our heavy luggages were killing us. Fortunately, there were the luggage carriers from the ports. They really saved our lives and helped us with bring our luggages from the pier all the way to our dive resort, Blue Ribbon Dive Resort. As our main aim was to dive our holiday away, we decided to stay at a dive resort to allow us the maximum convenience of moving our dive gears. As it was our first trip to Sabang Beach at Puerto ... read more
Collage - Blue Ribbon Dive Resort
Yummy Spagetti
Capt n Gregg's

Asia » Philippines » Mindoro August 30th 2013

I didn't take a lot of land photos, since our focus was on diving, at least for the first two months. These nudibranch photos were some of my first underwater photos. They were taken in Sabang near Puerta Galera, our first dive destination. Some sea slugs are exquisite, and some are just ho hum. They come in every color and size. I am familiar with nudibranchs of the Pacific Northwest, but I have had fun finding the new and unusual here in S.E. Asia. For my non diver friends, there are two kinds of nudibranchs, or sea slugs, the dorids and the aeloids. Dorids have a "...branchial (gill) plume which forms a cluster on the posterior part of the body, around the anus." Our favorite biologist likes to tell visiting students that they breathe through their ... read more
Nembrotha Cristata

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