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Asia » Philippines » Mindoro » Puerto Galera March 25th 2010

After a few drinks to steady my nerves of the rocky start to the Philippines, I took in my surroundings. This place was paradise; huge mountains covered in tropical forests, palms and flowers stretched far into the distance and swept down towards the clean and empty white sands. I trawled the beachfront bars and restaurants to find myself some friends. With no luck and sitting alone, I was a target for the beach vendors peddling their massages and crappy necklaces. It was becoming very frustrating and I couldn’t find anyone to help me put sun tan lotion on by back, so I walked back to my room to write my journal on my balcony for a while before I couldn’t bear the silence and loneliness and went back to chat to the vendors some more! I ... read more
Driving Victor around the island
The water flowing was actually a shocking 30 degrees!
Me and Victor

Asia » Philippines » Mindoro » Puerto Galera March 23rd 2010

Landing Manila from Palawan Island, instead of sleeping the night in Manila we made an escape to Angeles City-the famous red light district of Philippines. Angeles City was once the base of US airforce. Although it is an hour distance to Manila we made it three hours by bus because of Manila's traffic jam. Late at night we could only spend one hour at the bars street and slept the night at Woodland Park Hotel. Early in the morning we started for Manila again and onward to Puerto Galera by bus +boat. We spent two nights on the White Beach and visited Puerto Galera and Sabang . We took a half day tour to Coral Gardens at The Puerto Galera Bay and we had the chance to see a turtle there. On march 21st we took ... read more
Angeles City
Angeles City
The boat from Batangas to White Beach

Asia » Philippines » Mindoro » Puerto Galera June 14th 2009

With friends... we had the beach/place to ourselves! It's a very far ride but worth it :)... read more

Asia » Philippines » Mindoro » Puerto Galera » Coco Beach April 8th 2009

Call me what you will: part of the Filipino 'Diaspora' ; an 'Oreo Cookie' astride two (or more) cultures or by my nickname 'Bong'. When I travel back to the place where it all began; it is ironic than in the smog of Manila is where I can breath again. A peace comes over me like I belong somewhere. And so, dear companions gathered for a literal and metaphorical journey in search of a shared experience. Sometimes we luxuriated in surroundings so comfortable it was almost surreal. So much so in fact, that periodic escapes were necessary. Such was the case in Puerto Galera and Donsol. In Camarines Sur is where we met the displaced of another kind ... newly unemployed Bankers ... refugees of the Financial Crisis pa... read more

Asia » Philippines » Mindoro » Puerto Galera September 27th 2008

If Puerto Gallera had not been overcrowded by tourists when I went there last summer and if bars and shops didn't ruin the view by congesting the areas close to the coastline it would have been a good enough place to visit considering that it's not far from Manila. But they all messed up the beach especially during afternoons when the sun was right and and best to walk leisurely along the shore. It was terrible finding your way through intersections, patches and narrow walk-ways even just to get back to the hotel, and nighttime only made this worse. But the beer was relatively cheap and the food was okay although I didn't get to order the popular Shark Steak. I stayed in the island for three days but went back home feeling like I had ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Mindoro » Puerto Galera July 26th 2008

Summer in July!!! Puerto Galera July 17, 2008. On to Puerto Galera with Franie, classmate in college and new addition to the Lakwatsera duo, with Gie and of course me, the true blue Lakwatsera. We headed to Batangas City at 6:00am thru bus at Edsa Station for P170.00 each. Arrived in Batangas Port at 8:00am. Boat ride is approximate 1 hour and 30 minutes 500 pesos round trip fare. Not bad. We booked for accomodation at White Beach Resort and 3 bed cottage with A/C, cable tv and toilet and bath cost us at 850 pesos off-peak season. We had our lunch, sinigang na baboy and grilled fish and rice which cost us 300 pesos. After lunch, we got back to the cottage and took a short nap. At 4pm headed to the shore and it's ... read more
a Sail boat
Ganda ng mga yate!

Asia » Philippines » Mindoro » Puerto Galera April 2nd 2008

And there I was. Not on a white sandy beach. Not in a funky Filipino hostel. Not prepping to dive the coast of Palawan in the morning. But instead, sitting on the faded blue seatcover of a lazy old couch in the living room of this Filipino family in the town of Pola. 3 Hours from Puerto Galera, my intended destination, with the sun long gone behind me, and the sound of tropical insects buzzing outside the screen door. Kathy's mother was extremely surprised to see her daughter hop out of the tricycle with a large white girl in tow, but graciously accepted me into her home. I must admit, I was a little stunned to be sitting there. Kathy's 11 year old brother was insanely shy, and although he learns english in school, you would ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Mindoro » Puerto Galera February 13th 2008

After Luzon, Mindoro was my next island on my way South. The ro-ro (roll-on roll-off) ferry from the city of Batangas, Luzon to Calapan, Mindoro is quite efficient. The ride is around 3 hours. The cost is around P600. The paper works needed are the bike insurance and registration. No bribing involves. The first thing I notice on the town of Calapan is its relative cleanliness. People are also friendlier compare to Luzon. It was dark when I arrived, so I stayed overnight. There was going to be a marriage banquet on the hotel premise. Disco and ballard music blasted through midnight. Like most small town in Philippine, restaurants and shops close early. I grabbed a few sticks of barbeque chicken (just like Indonesian satay without the peanut sauce) and some other street foods for dinner. ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Mindoro » Puerto Galera October 2nd 2007

The main goal really was to got there. With no expectations whatsoever but just go there. I mean, I've been to the best beaches in Philippines already but never been to the nearest alternative? So me and my bestfriend Bern went there the cheaper way. It is not actually the cheapest, but for a hundred euro of island fun? God created women... ... read more
our five euro first night room
the walkway from sabang to a more pristine sand location
bern hangs out with a n agogo dancer

Asia » Philippines » Mindoro » Puerto Galera July 31st 2007

I celebrated my 25th birthday last February 25, it's a Sunday, so me and my sis and her bf and my cousin went to Puerto Galera. we left quezon city were we live around 9pm going to Batangas. It was a scary wide road on the south expressway since there's no lights on the streets and all cars and other vehicles are in full speed. The only thing that gave us peace of mind was that it has police cars montiorng the slex, and it has emergency backups from the sides, we passed through some of them. We arrived Lipa, Batangas and stayed at my uncle's place, and also we bring our cousin with us. February 24, Saturday, we left around 4am with my uncle give us a ride to Batangas pier. We took MV ... read more
white beach, galera
a day i will remember
let's swim!

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