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Asia » Philippines » Mindanao March 16th 2006

Kamusta! This is my blog. If I manage to avoid the tropical diseases, poisonous creatures, etc, etc I will use it to keep you all abreast of my escapades in the Philippines. I can also put my most artistic photos here without blocking up your inboxes. I will be working with the municipality of Lanuza Agriculture Department as a Forest Management Specialist (when I know what that really means I will put it here on the blog). The area that I will cover is over 40,000 hectares of rainforest from sea level to twice the height of Ben Nevis. You may be forgiven for thinking that I was just off for 2 years of sunbathing, sipping coconut milk and learning to surf. But I am sure that the work will keep me out of most mischief ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Mindanao March 2nd 2006

With the ship still anchored in the harbor I settle into my bunk overlooking the Sulu Sea with a book, and wait... My lethargic spell is broken by the abrupt arrival of five busloads of men, women and children. They clamber off the bus two-by-two. A heavily armed immigration officer unlocks their handcuffs; before they shimmy self-consciously up the gangplank and disappear into the bowels of the ship to be transported like cattle, out of sight of paying passengers, back to their homeland. They are illegal immigrants, caught in search of greater economic opportunities, treated like criminals for attempting to enter a land not of their birth. I'm told an unskilled worker in The Philippines can expect to earn $100 a month, in Malaysia they can command almost three times that amount. The Filipino economy is ... read more
unshackling the illegal immigrants
Badjao, or sea nomad kids
ready for Christmas

Asia » Philippines » Mindanao December 2nd 2005

We travelled Zamboanga and its nearby provinces Basilan Isabela, Dapitan City, Jolo Sulo sometime in 2005. Zamboanga is composed of three districts, Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur and Zamboanga Sibugay. In Dapitan City, you will see the old house of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, where he was exiled in 1800s. It is in this place where he inspiringly wrote his poems and started the Noli Me Tangere, etc. The park is facing the see and has a huge stone where he and Ms. Leonora had their sweetnothings together. Neaby is Dakak Resort, a manicured landscaped garden with planty of cottages and rest houses. It has a large swimpool and adjacent to it is a white sand sea shore. In Zamboanga del Norte you will see Lakewood, a lake ontop of the mountain. ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Mindanao » Camiguin October 10th 2002

Finally found the time to do the blog for this trip! This was the first packaged / guided trip I’ve gone to - it was a Camiguin - Cagayan de Oro combi. As it was an arranged trip, I don’t know much about the logistics but can pretty much remember the places we’ve gone to. Going to Camiguin, we took the PAL flight to Cagayan de Oro. After a quick breakfast at the city, a private van took us to the Misamis Oriental sea port (travel time: 1.5-2 hours) where we caught the barge to Camiguin (travel time: 1.5 hours). In Camiguin, we were picked up by another private van and proceeded to Bahay-Bakasyunan resort. It was a pretty neat place and the food was great :) Camiguin, the island of the seven volcanoes, has only ... read more
Camiguin-CDO 2002
Camiguin-CDO 2002
Camiguin-CDO 2002

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