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November 15th 2008
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"Don't go to Mindanao. It's not safe" - Almost every Filipino we asked about the place before we went. "Of course it's safe! The extremists only kidnap people if they're worth kidnapping, like foreign journalists diplomats." - Bruno, French restaurant owner in Coron Town, Busuanga island, Calamian group. "We advise against all travel to Mindanao because of ongoing terrorist activ... Read Full Entry

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3rd January 2009

This is really interesting and all the detail in the descriptions and dialogues make it compulsive reading. What did Christie, Anthony and Grace do for a living? It would be very nice to be able to find someone to invite the Tboli dance troupe to perform, as repayment for all the kindness that was shown to you. I will see if anyone has ideas that might help.
3rd April 2009

Amazing that Filipino people dreaming about Moscow. It's too far from them, however they read Dostoevsky. I'm really ashamed that I know nothing about Philippines.
16th June 2009

Oleg Sakharov?
Are you the same Oleg Sakharov that was chief of the Bellinghausen base in Antarctica? - if so, Na sdarovia!!! from the kiwi girl... would love to hear from you.
11th October 2009

on war
I'd like to tell the world that the existing war in Mindanao is not a matter of Christian-Muslim rival. its is the result of the greediness of "SOME" previous and reigning leaders, and of course the lack of respect in individual differences. it is not that Muslims are bad, Christians are good or vice versa issue. I keep hearing from the media that Mindanao is in trouble, is a dangerous place because of the bombing and kidnapping issue. Let me tell you guys, there are only few PLACES in Mindanao that are affected by war not the whole Mindanao. if you guys would only see the real an hidden beauty of Mindanao, you would say its a living yet suffering paradise in the Southern Philippines.
11th October 2009

nice work.. thank you for visiting Mindanao..
30th October 2009

there are a lot of beautiful places n mindanao.....only that only few were able to witness them
17th January 2010

wow...i live in Panay and talking abt their culture though we are all Filipino, hmmm im stl green. So i can say that this is an eye opener for me...and they are stl behind civilization, huh?! Interesting!!
26th February 2010

Re: Mindanao
Ive found your post while reading Cris nomad4ever.com site. Thanks visiting us here. I'm living here in General Santos City.. Thanks also for knowing and seeing some of our fellow tribal people here. More power to you :)
6th August 2010

My fiance is from Tboli
My fiance Agnes was born and raised in Tboli and I am very interested to know more about her village and homeland. Thank you Ed for posting such a detalied and interesting account of your trip. I was hesitiant to visit Mindanao bdecause of all the stories about radicals, etc.. but I want to go to visit her village and meet her family, so I feel more reassured it is safe after reading your blog. Thanx!! :-)
12th February 2011

Mindanao and Tboli
Hi, Thank you for writing your story. I visit Mindanao often, specifically Cagayan de Oro, Davao, General Santos City, Marbel, Surallah and T'boli. I was just the January 2011. I'm from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. I love visiting there and have wonderful relationships with Filipinos. I encourage anyone interested to visit, especially if your fiance was raised there. I have a great respect for all Filipinos, especially those who carry on their traditional culture and language. Also, this area is very rich in flora and fauna. If you have any questions about this area, please ask me or someone from there. Peace, Steven
9th April 2011
Horse fighting 2

I am against the cruelty they are doing to man's best friend and reliable helper.

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