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February 4th 2013
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Way too tight...Way too tight...Way too tight...

i can see their cracks! i didnt post the ones who were weaking skin tone tights. I know kids read travelblog too
So I finally got to try break dance! I'm glad that the organizers decided to give time for this form of art in this years festival. I realized it's kinda like Yoga, in which I'm in intermediate level, but with different music and speed. I was in there with a bunch of high school kids so I felt like an uncle. The energy was great though! So much enthusiasm from those kids and some of them already knew how to break dance. At the end of the 30 minute workshop we formed a circle to show off what we've learned in the workshop. One of the instructors pushed me to the center, and well, I wanted to show off a little. I didn't get to do the "baby freeze" at the showdown though (nerves). But I did it twice during the workshop and I did get to do what kinda looked liked a head stand (see picture) as I tried to do the baby freeze when we formed a circle.

After the workshop we visited the art gallery which I didn't care much for. Kim wanted me to do this weird zen pose in front of one painting and take my picture. I thought it would not look cool so I did the baby freeze instead (successfully). Even other people took my photo. They must have been thinking "crazy guy break dancing in an art gallery". Good thing the staff didn't tell me off. Hey, it's the arts festival after all. Why discourage artistry?

Dubbed as the biggest one-day multi-arts festival in the country, Pasinaya is an open house festival held annually for one day at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Every possible venue at the CCP is used – theaters, lobbies, hallways, promenade areas, the alley beside the Production Design Center and are “zoned” according to the genres of music, theater, dance, film, literature, visual arts, children and family, variety and the artists market. The event also features crash workshops, film screenings, visual arts exhibitions and activities for children.

Thousands of artists from dance, music, theater, visual arts, literature and cinema take part in the festivities. They are led by the CCP’s resident companies – the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, the UST Symphony Orchestra, the Philippine Madrigal Singers, Tanghalang Pilipino, Bayanihan Philippine National Folk Dance Company, the Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group, Ballet Philippines, Philippine Ballet Theater and the winners of the National Music Competitions for Young Artists.
-The Manila Times

Most of the audience were high school kids. I guess schools require them to attend now. Or maybe they came to support their friends as a lot of the performers were teenagers themselves representing their schools performing arts club. These kids would clap and cheer in the middle of a performance from a classical singers, orchestras, and ballet. They'd clap whenever the music gets loud. Like what they do when watching American Idol when the contestants begin to belt the high notes. It was rather annoying but I'm sure they'd grow up to be more cultured once theyre in their 20's.

There were more than a hundred shows to choose from and a lot of them are happening all at the same time so just pick the ones that you want to see the most. I pacticularly enjoy music, theater and dance so I went for those. Unfortunately the dance events were held in smaller theaters that could only accomodate 80 to 200 people. Some even as little as 50 people capacity. So I didn't get to see the less established dance and theater companies
Me at the breakdance showdownMe at the breakdance showdownMe at the breakdance showdown

showdown at the end of the workshop
that I wanted to watch. Fortunately, the more established companies were given the main theater which could accommodate 2,000 people (I think). I'd usually line up for 15 to 20 minutes before they open the venues.

Philippine Ballet Theater did "Le Coarsaire". Do men's tights have to be that tight? It would have been okay of they were not so tight that you'd see their cracks. But they were, and some were skin tone color. It was rather distracting. Verging on gross. Maybe classical ballet is not for me. Or maybe just not Le Corsaire. I also saw an excerpt from Ballet Philippines' original production "Midsummer Nights Dream". That show was a lot more fun with more modern choreography. I might go to see that show on the 17th because I really enjoyed it. Ballet Philippines is obviously the better company between the two.

The musical highlight of the day for was The Philippine Madrigal Singers. I love chamber music and this group is famous for that. But more than that, they also sang pop songs! One guy even danced Gangnam Style while they were singing The Coconut by Smokey Mountain. They were actually funny! Something you'd never
what I learned in breakdance workshopwhat I learned in breakdance workshopwhat I learned in breakdance workshop

did this in the Art Gallery of all places!
expect from a choir.

There were times when I didn't make it to a show because the lines were too long and the rooms were too small. So I just went to random rooms that still had seats. One of those events was in the Huseng Batute Theater. I entered the room without knowing what the performance would be. Then much to my dismay I discovered that it was a ventriloquist act. I've always been creeped out by the idea. Maybe because ventriloquists are often portrayed as psychotic killers on TV. However, I was too polite to leave the room when he introduced himself so I decided to stay. I'm glad I did because he was funny! Not much difference from watching stand-up comedy.

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Ony Camo and his creepy yet funny doll
Very Strong Kids!Very Strong Kids!
Very Strong Kids!

Hes holding his partner up! They were very nimble
Ballet PhilippinesBallet Philippines
Ballet Philippines

Their original production Midsummer Nights Dream

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