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Asia » Philippines » Manila » Malate August 9th 2017

I really enjoyed traveling to the Phillipines so much! It such a great country easy access to Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands; Guam, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Cambodia,etc.Phillipines is worth to see. I loved the bus rides that the country has as well as seeing the historic forts and sights of the Phillipines. Palawan, the islands in the Southwest of the Phillipines, has so much to see. The Phillipines use to be a US Territory a couple of years before it became seperated from United States Colonization. During Spanish-American War in Late 1800s; Cuba, Puerto Rico, Phillipines, Guam and Saipan became all part of the United States when Spain tried to takeover all those countries. However, the Treaty was given by the United States to Spain so that they give up and hand the rest of the colonization ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Manila » Malate December 27th 2016

My Cebu Pacific flight to Manila took off after midnight from Bangkok. I never flew this airline before. So, I was curious about its service. I always like to try new airlines wherever I travel. I loved the service of Nok Air when I flew from Mae-Hong-Son to Chiang Mai in Thailand. I had many pleasant flights with Nature Air in Costa Rica. It was a great service from Kalstar when I flew to Borneo in December 2016. So, I wanted to check it out. I waited all day long at the Bangkok airport and I was tired. And I knew it’s a short flight from Bangkok to Manila, perhaps 3- 4 hours max, and I need to catch a quick nap during the flight. I already had my dinner while waiting at the Bangkok airport, ... read more
Near the SM Mall
The Globe, SM Mall
Advertising billboard, the SM Mall

Asia » Philippines » Manila » Malate July 22nd 2014

Verveling maar toch het beste ervan gemaakt. Het begon de afgelopen week met die typhoon. We hadden geen idee wat ons te wachten stond maar waren geadviseerd gewoon binnen te blijven dus dat hebben we braaf gedaan... Nadat we naar de Mall geweest waren om de hele middag te schaatsen :D Superleuk, ik heb mijn Chinese vrienden leren schaatsen. Savonds op tijd naar huis want we waren toch wat zenuwachtig. De typhoon genaamd "Rammasun" kwam recht op Manila af. We werden er niet echt geruster op toen iemand grappend opmerkte: "Maak je geen zorgen, het is geen typhoon.... Het is een supertyphoon" Maandag hadden we nog gewerkt maar dinsdag bleven we vol verwachting thuis. De stilte voor de storm duurde tot woensdagochtend. Toen ik wakker werd door de wind die tegen de ramen beukte en het ... read more
Onze dorm na de storm
Zootje op straat
Met de voeten tussen de vissen

Asia » Philippines » Manila » Malate April 8th 2014

I made it. I'm back in the Philippines. If anyone's been following my blog, they'd know what a frustrating ordeal it was being stuck in Australia. But I'm back, feeling thoroughly healthy, and even hungrier than before. All tests have come back negative and I don't have the slightest of symptoms. It was a big and even arduous decision as to where to spend the final 2 months of my trip. I pored over and did an exhaustive comparison of Asia vs Europe. I eventually resolved to leave one week, and stayed up until 4am weighing up the options. As you can see in my earlier blogs, the plan the whole time was to eventually get to Iceland. So leaving that out of the itinerary would be a significant change. I eventually chose the Philippines for ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Manila » Malate December 18th 2013

To leave Hong Kong, we ended up taking the metro to the airport instead of the bus. It was more expensive, but it was fast, and we were running a bit short on time so we didn't want to gamble on running into any unexpected traffic on the road. The Hong Kong airport is really nice. Very modern, open, and bright. It's also pretty huge. After checking in for our flight, we grabbed breakfast and coffee, and then waited by the gate with a large crowd of Filipino's returning home before the holidays. A huge line started to form at the gate as our plane was about to board, and we noticed something different from all the other pre-boarding lines we'd ever been in at airports... People were actually happy. People were talking to each other, ... read more
Sitting on the Sea Wall

Asia » Philippines » Manila » Malate December 10th 2013

I've been in Manila now for a while and have decided put a few thoughts down about this city. I quite enjoyed being here at first, especially when in the Makati area. That is the main business district, so things tend to be a bit nicer. My favourite part of Makati is Greenbelt and the malls next to it. Greenbelt itself is a row of restaurants and shops around a very nice tropical garden. It is somewhat of an oasis away from the concrete jungle outside. Next to it there are more malls including Landmark, Glorietta and SM Mall. It is a very handy place to shop or just go for a bite to eat. Recently we have been staying in Mandaluyong which is the next town over. Actually it is its own city but the ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Manila » Malate December 9th 2013

Out of My Comfort Zone This had been a very exciting year, and this was my 4th trip of the year. I did not expect this one to be one of my most adventurous trip I had ever embarked on. There are so many first: missing luggage stuck at the airport hunting for hostel and hotel on my own sleeping alone totally unplanned travel trip clueless about the place and how to get there going up to people and strike a conversation totally uncontactable going to a place where everyone told me not to go Nevertheless, it had been one of my most awesome get-aways in years. Manila The moment I touched down at Manila International Airport, it wasn't the most pleasant part of my trip. We had been informed that our luggages were not on ... read more
Stuck at Manila Airport
Stuck at Manila Airport with Minion
FSL Ferry from Batangas Pier to Sabang Beach

Asia » Philippines » Manila » Malate August 23rd 2013

Coucou tout le monde ! Comme vous aurez pu le constater, le dernier blog était vraiment long. Je vais essayer de faire un peu plus court pour les prochains et en contrepartie de poster plus régulièrement. Je crois que maintenant que l'Australie est derrière moi et qu'il ne me reste plus qu'à traverser pays après pays, sans taffer, je vais en prendre plein les mirettes absolument toute les semaines... Maintenant que l'introduction est faite, venons au vif du sujet ! Après Bali, les Philippines ! Je quitte une île bien touristique, pour 7000 îles beaucoup moins gangrenées par ces petits être occidentaux que nous sommes ! C'est promis, je vais essayer de toute les faire. Si je n'y arrive pas, je vous paierai un coup en rentrant :) Vous voulez le slogan du pays ? OK, ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Manila » Malate July 13th 2013

สวัสดีครับ นี่เป็น blog แรกที่ลองเขียนดูครับ ไม่ค่อยถนัดเขียน แต่ถ้าให้นั่งเม้าส์รับรองว่าต้องบอกให้หยุด อิอิ :) นับจากวันแรกที่เริ่มติดปีกบิน ตั้งแต่ 1 สิงหาคม 1996 จนถึงวันนี้ก็หลายปีดีดักอยู่ สนุกกับงาน รัก เหนื่อยบ้าง แต่ก็เป็นธรรมดาของการทำงานครับ วันนี้ขอเล่าไฟล์ท Manila ที่เพิ่งกลับมาเมื่อเช้าให้ฟังกันนะครับ ลูกน้อง... read more

Asia » Philippines » Manila » Malate June 1st 2013

Kuala Lumpur So after a 7 hour flight from Tokyo (where we actually fly past Manila) we have to transit in KL (Malaysia) for 13 hours before flying the 2,000 or so kms back to Manila. So much for cheap travel and airlines doing their bit for Global warming. The airport lounge is pretty deserted at 4.30am when we arrive – a few eateries and one Duty Free store is open surprisingly. KL airport transit lounge looks familiar by now – we’ve been through it often enough. The plan for the day is to see if we can go into KL and do a city tour on a Hop on Hop off bus and get back for our flight to Manila at 5.30 pm. However, we get carried away doing the blog update and ... read more
Colourful Jeepneys
Peronas Twin Towers - Kuala Lumpur
Fort Santiago - Manila

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