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Asia » Philippines » Malapascua Island May 27th 2017

I had come to an island that was quiet, had a nice stretch of sand, plenty of sunshine, but best of all I would be staying put for six days diving one of the most pristine environments in The Philippines. I was eager to get back into the water and take one last series of plunges into the blue depths of the ocean. I love the alien world the seas provide and the zero gravity environment being underwater allows me to have to explore it. Getting certified way back in Colombia to scuba dive in what has now become seven different countries around the world is one of the best things I have ever done. As an added thrill Malapascua Island just happens to be home to the mighty Thresher Shark. I had come to seek ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Malapascua Island December 20th 2016

Suzanne here... We were sad to be leaving Bangkok, and feeling slightly flat as we left NAP Hotel. First of all Google Maps sent us down some train tracks to get to Phaya Thai, which we didn't much enjoy, especially in the dark. Also, we had a very long journey ahead of us. A 10.45pm flight to Manila, then another flight to Cebu. We'd then have to get to the bus station for a five hour bus journey up to Maya and a boat to Malapascua. Phew, all a bit much with no chance to sleep. Perhaps we should have planned to break the journey up, but as our Cebu flight landed at 6.15am it seemed that the best use of the early start was to get the whole journey done and dusted in one go. ... read more
Langob beach
Langob beach bar - a little slice of heaven with the greenist Margaritas you've ever seen
Langob beach bar - The greenist Margaritas you've ever seen

Asia » Philippines » Malapascua Island July 21st 2014

Dans la communauté des plongeurs on entend parfois vaguement parler d'un spot de plongée où il y a une très grande probabilité de voir des requins renard, ces requins des profondeurs dont l'aileron de la queue est aussi grand que leur corps. Enfin l'opportunité se présente pour moi d'aller voir la bête de mes propres yeux. Ce sont des lève-tôt, ou plutôt ils se lavent tôt. Car si ces animaux vivant à des centaines de mètres de profondeur remontent aux aurores, c'est pour se faire nettoyer sur des plateaux sous-marins par de petits poissons, qui leur nettoient les peaux-mortes et les parasites. C'est parti donc pour des plongées à 5h du matin mais sur les 3 plongées que je fais à Monad Shoal, leur station de nettoyage, ils sont toujours là, même si il faut vraiment ... read more
Poulpe a anneaux bleus
Couple de poissons mandarin
Saut depuis une falaise !!!

Asia » Philippines » Malapascua Island April 20th 2014

Experiences depend of places...but more than that...of people! We had a great time in Malapascua, if it was not for a simple guy that I would have rather never met....but more on this further... We left early morning Boracay for our flight from Caticlan to Cebu on Cebu Pacific. For once, the plane was on time...At Cebu airport, the original idea was to take a taxi to the bus station for the atrocious bus ride to Maya. That one can take up to 5 hours. But a little discussion with the taxi driver...and a price I couldn't refuse sent us directly to Maya pier in less than 3 hours...small roads...big traffic, as it is just short of 140km to get 3 hours! From Maya pier, it's just over 30 minutes local boat ride...and you reach ... read more
Mandarin fishes
Size, less than 12cm...venom...enough to kill 26 adult humans...

Asia » Philippines » Malapascua Island April 10th 2013

This post came a bit late and it’s about Malapascua. Malapascua was my favorite destination in the Philippines. But just to give continuance to my last post, I’ll write about the previous days (I left off in Makassar, Sulawesi Island, Indonesia and from there flew to Manila and then went to Malapascua), so I’ll go off topic in the first paragraphs. From Toraja (Sulawesi Island, Indonesia) I had the same 10 hour bus ride back to Makassar. Even though the bus was pretty decent, the guy next to me wasn’t. After 10 hours of him elbowing me, talking loudly on the phone, etc., just before arriving to the bus station, apparently he couldn’t control his bladder any longer and he asked me “permission” to pee in a plastic bottle while sitting on the seat next to ... read more
AIS reunion
Sunrise on the way to Monad Shoal

Asia » Philippines » Malapascua Island February 6th 2013

Four hours of bus ride from Cebu City to Maya and another hour to reach to the island by boat. We spent the first night at Dano Resort (1200 PHP with breakfast). Then moved to Cocobana Resort which may be beter centralized ( 1100 PHP w/o breakfast but free wi-fi in common areas). Both resorts are on the Bounty Beach. There is no car and Atm on the Island. We ate at different restaurants but our favourate is Ging Ging’s Rest. It is hard to find fresh chiken or seafood on the island. What people eat is frozen origin.Besides food most of the vegetables and fruits come from the main island CEBU. Last day we took a snorkelling trip around the island, but it was not very succesful because of the wheather. The most important activity ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Malapascua Island November 29th 2012

We have been on the road exploring the world since August and quite frankly, we are tired. Mentally and sometimes physically we have extended ourselves for days on end, rarely staying in one spot longer than two or three nights. We did stay in Berlin six nights and truly enjoyed it. We do not seek sympathy, but only to provide a state of being as we begin the next segment of our adventure. It has been simply grand. All the fabulous things that we have seen and done sometimes surprise us. But it is now time for us to rest and relax before we re-enter the real world and go back to work, so after spending a few days in Manila with friends we headed to the islands to do nothing …….very slowly. We want to ... read more
Malapascua Sunset
Lovely sea horse
Love the orange skies

Asia » Philippines » Malapascua Island August 4th 2012

It took me longer to find and navigate myself from terrminal 5 to terminal 3 than it took to fly from Edinburgh to London. Every shop was shut , spent an hour trying to sleep on the floor , kept waking up cold and paranoid someone would steal my luggage. Few characters kicking around. Most notably a man of asian persuasion who's neck looked like it was a spring. He wondered up and down his head bobbing backwards and forwards like a jack in the box with his mouth wide open like some sort of human fly catcher. Strange Sat in Costa for a while and read half of one of my books about Bear Grylls ascent of Mt Everest. Was about to go to the "Multi Religon Prayer Room so I could get a sleep ... read more
Thresher Shark
Pigmy Sea Horse
Sea Horse

Asia » Philippines » Malapascua Island May 16th 2012

After our trip to Flores and Komodo Islands, we spent our last week as a traveling family in Bali before the kids flew home to Canada. We definitely missed our house and our cook, but enjoyed staying at a guest- house and trying the various restaurants around Ubud. We celebrated Gemma’s 14th birthday that week with an afternoon at the spa and out for sushi. On May 1stLucas and Gemma left for Singapore then flew back to Canada. Jeff and I had a few more days in Ubud saying tearful good-byes to good friends and reflecting on our six months in Indonesia. We’ve heard good things about the Philippines (countless isolated beaches, reefs, mountains and islands) from friends and fellow travelers, so we decided to spend our last 5 weeks in Asia visiting this enigmatic country. ... read more
The street near our hotel in Cebu Philippines
Streets of Cebu
"The Jeepney" - public transportation

Asia » Philippines » Malapascua Island April 28th 2012

Kota Kinabalu a place where we enjoyed ourselves. Kota Kinabalu was an awesome place, we went to an offshore island and spent the morning swimming it was our first beach for our holiday. We took a taxi and did a tour of the city and we saw a big mosque and went to a lookout. We left Kota Kinabalu and went to Manila our first stop in the Philipines. Firstly we arrived at Clarke (an old US airforce base) then we went on a two hour bus ride to Manila City. We got our luggage off the bus and found a taxi. Wow it was an adventure we got lost.! After a very interesting trip we then arrived at our hotel and we settled in, had dinner then explored the local supermarket. The next day we ... read more
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

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