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Asia » Philippines » Legaspi May 19th 2017

Legaspi, Luzon, Philippines I've just returned home from my odyssey through Cambodia, Thighland, Malaysia and the Philippines. I set sail from Saigon on April 13th in a bus. In fact I bused it all the way to Bangkok. Then I flew to Kuala Lumpur and on to Manila. After travelling around the Isles of Philip for 3 weeks by bus, boat and plane, I flew back to KL, took a sleeper train to Penang, a bus to Hat Yai (in Thighland), and then another sleeper to Bkk. I flew to Phnom Penh, had a beach break in my beloved Sihanoukville, then caught a bus to Saigon, where I arrived today - May 22nd. The Philippines – apart from Manila - were uncharted territory for me. Highlights included: - Climbing Mt Mayon volcano. I had a guide ... read more
Vigan Cobbles
Near the Top of Mayon
Greasy Filipino Breakfast

Asia » Philippines » Legaspi May 17th 2014

It is best to take the first morning flight out of metro manila via Cebu Pacific at 7:50 am; this will give you ample time to make a city tour of Legaspi City. From the Legaspi airport go to tourism office and they will recommend a van that will charge 3500.00 for a city tour for about 8 hours. Included in the package 1. LIGNON HILLS - you will not have only a chance to see the whole of Mayon Volcano but also Legaspi City as well. Various native products are being sold here, from bags to key chains. 2. JAPANESE TUNNELS, subway passages built by the Imperial Army. Entrance fee 10.00 per pax, Guide Fee - donation. Maximum of 6 pax is allowed inside the tunnel. Caution - extremely tall, fat people, elderly people will ... read more
Way out of the Japanese Tunnel
Trick Shots 1  at Cagsawa Ruins
Hoyop - Hoyopan Cavee

Asia » Philippines » Legaspi April 23rd 2013

It was brutal, but I finally got there. Traversing almost the entire length of Luzon, from the northwest to the southeast, it took two legs of lengthy bus rides, first 11h from Vigan to Manila for a quick overnighter, then another 12h before I finally arrived in Legazpi, in the dead of the night at 4 a.m. Where possible I normally try not to arrive at a new city at such unearthly hours, as it makes for challenging guest-house hunting. But the bus schedule was as such, and the last time I remember arriving in a new city at such hours (Mandalay in Myanmar, back in July last year), it took only two tries before I found one with a vacancy, so I thought surely it couldn't be so difficult this time. How wrong I was. ... read more
St Gregory Cathedral
Yes They are Very Pro-Life Here
Explains why you see guns here pretty much everywhere

Asia » Philippines » Legaspi February 11th 2013

Vidéo: Il me faut commencer par la conclusion de ce superbe voyage: il faut retourner aux Philippines! Après 10 jours sur place, nous avons été séduits par la beauté du pays, la diversité des paysages, l'accueil chaleureux des Philippins, et même si nous en avons bien profité, il nous reste tant de choses à voir! Et la fréquence des vols domestiques, et le fait que les gens parlent en général bien anglais facilitent vraiment le voyage sur place. Donc j'espère pouvoir vous re-parler de ce superbe pays très bientôt. Et en attendant, suivez moi dans ce récit de plongée, rando, kite surf, plages de sables noir et blanc, et anniversaire de 30 ans fêté en beauté! 1ère étape: Donsol / Legaspi - Plongée et rando Dès la descente de l'avion, le Mont Mayon nous accueille, ... read more
Donsol - Coucher de soleil
Donsol - sur le bateau
Legaspi - Jeepney

Asia » Philippines » Legaspi January 26th 2013

Budicek pdola planu.Kupenie kolacikov na ranajky a odchytenie tryciklu na ulici. Bohuzial o 6/10 len jeden na ulici,tak dvojnasobna cena k tur.centru za 40p,peso sa mi slapat nechcelo. Centrum este zavrete,tak som z terasy pozoroval more.Slniecko postupne vychadzalo,vyzeralo to na pekny den. Pri tur.centre prenajimaju plutvy a komplet snorchel supravu za 400p. Tu nepoziciavat,treba ist kusok ku terase a tam po lavej strane je dalsi prenajimatel,ten to dava za 300p, po zjedanani za 200p. Nakonec som zobral len okuliare a snorchel za 100p. Pri cakani som tu stretol kanadana co chcel na letisku so mnou share taxi a neskor aj kanadanov zo sabangu. V centre som vyplnil registraciu,bolo tam treba vypisat aj meno cloveka,ktoreho maju kontaktovat keby sa daco stalo. Registracia/vstup na more stoji 330p a plati 5 dni. Za pomoci pracovnicok centra sme vytvorili 5 ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Legaspi April 4th 2011

There is a week long convention in the city of Legazpi, court judges or something that made it difficult for us to find a hotel/GH to stay in, going around and round, we decided to check out Xandra hotel in downtown, people told us it was crap but they have available rooms and it wasn't too bad at all in the end, we had a big room with toilet. We already started to get hounded by this guy who claims to be a guide for Mayon, we told him we arranged something already but he keeps lingering around so we just have to learn to ignore him. We went for a walk to the LCC mall and have late lunch there, we were supposed to meet this dude , a Mayon guide in the hopes we ... read more
Mayon hike fotos by Mattias

Asia » Philippines » Legaspi May 21st 2010

Woohhhhooo - Whale Sharks After leaving Palawan, we flew back into Manila and spent an afternoon of Westernisation (I know, sad...but we were only really after the air-con!). We headed to the Mall of Asia and went to the movies! Saw some stupid American comedy - stupid, but chilled out for a few hours. Ashamed to admit it, but we then ate McDonalds! Our overnight bus journey departed at 7pm, so we headed to the bus station and the bus left right on the dot. They showed a movie on board (Bedtime Stories, way better than the one we saw at the cinema!) and then we popped one of the 'little yellow pills' and tried to sleep. I managed to get quite a bit. We arrived in Legaspi - and were both dead. Even though we ... read more
Photo 13
The Beautiful Whale Shark!

Asia » Philippines » Legaspi April 14th 2010

Worst day of my life! Sam, Eddie and I thought it would be a good idea to take a stroll up to the top of an active volcano that erupted 12 weeks prior. The guide book states "The perfectly triangular cone of Mount Mayon makes it look, from a distance, like a child's drawing of a mountain. But don't be deceived, Mayon has claimed the lives of a number of climbers in recent years. It is the most active volcano in the country and has erupted more than 47 times in the last four centuries. As recently as December 2009 hundreds were killed by mudslides of volcanic ash.... The slopes of Mt Mayon are not as silky smooth as they look from a few miles away. It takes at least 2 days to reach the summit, ... read more
Easy yeah?
Dead at Station 2

Asia » Philippines » Legaspi April 5th 2010

So Foggy, Eddie and I headed to a small, unfrequented (and unexpecting) town in the region of Bicol called Legaspi with the main aim of spotting some whale sharks in the region. Day 1 we arrive there (don't ask me the day or date!), get picked up and find a hotel. The landing passed over this active volcano, but more about that later. Hotel was the only place in town with it's own pool so we were pretty happy with that! Think the name was Vista del Mayon if anyone is interested. It has a view of Mount Mayon (the volcano) out the back and at night you can really see the orange glow from the crater at the top. We went and had something to eat and then set off to do some Zip-Lining up ... read more
Zip Lining
Mt Mayon above the clouds

Asia » Philippines » Legaspi March 17th 2010

Après avoir passé un très beau séjour à Donsol... nous voilà maintenant dans la ville de Legaspi où nous y passerons deux nuits pour essayer d’examiner le volcan Mayon qui est supposément un des plus beaux volcans du monde. Il a d’ailleurs été nominé pour devenir une des 7 merveilles naturelles mondiales... à mon avis, il est très impressionnant mais pas assez pour devenir une des 7 merveilles... La ville de Legaspi nous a aussi permis de profiter un peu des avantages de la ville puisqu’on y retrouvait l’internet et aussi un très beau centre d’achat où nous y avons d’ailleurs passé la mojorité de notre temps... il y avait un Mc-Donald avec du Wi-Fi... un luxe... Un luxe... ce que nous n’avons malheureusement pas eu dans notre chambre... Lors de notre première nuit, nous avons ... read more
Sunrise on Legaspi Bay
The volcano from town...
One of the best view I had from the Volcano

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