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Asia » Philippines » Laguna » Villa Escudero January 17th 2013

The day after Pagsanjan falls I'm told were going to have lunch under another waterfall and that I'll get wet like yesterday so i should take a change of clothes again. We all pile into the car and head off; destination Villa Escudero. Villa Escudero was one of the original Spanish plantations in the area and was founded back in the 1800's. Back then the main crop was sugarcane, but this was replaced with coconut plantations in the early 1900's. The estate has remained in the hands of the family and was opened up to the public in the 1980's. Hope I've got the dates approx correct, but I'm sure someone will be more than happy to correct me if they read this and disagree - leave your comments if you do. There's probably 4 main ... read more
This is the house that 'Rose' built
Nice backdrop but. . .
General grounds

Asia » Philippines » Laguna » Villa Escudero September 10th 2010

It is a long weekend and we took the chance to visit Villa Escudero where a vast coconut plantation estate has been converted into a tourist destination south of Manila. Left Manila 6:30am and reached this hacienda well before 9am. A welcome drink of "gulaman" , a local drink made of diced gelatine and sugared water was most refreshing. Day Tour Inclusions Country life, then and now, is what Villa Escudero is all about. Our kids, aged 12 and 9, accustomed to urban living, would do well to have this 'introduction' to provincial life. The adults? Well, we can all do with this break. And country air is definitely something of a luxury these days, despite the heat. The day tour costs 1,250 pesos or nearly US$30. Included in this package is a Museum tour of ... read more
Carabao ride, anyone?
"Private Property"
Lunch is served here!

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