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Asia » Philippines » La Union » San Juan July 17th 2014

Now, I already understood why many people who have tried Surfing became so addicted to it, that the sport got stuck with them because for the very first time, your Pambansang Manlalakbay Armie “Happy Loner Traveller” Yuson has finally experienced Surfing and the feeling is very mutual with others who can’t let go of the unexplainable addicting sensation brought about by the muscular sport of Surfing… I was in large regret because for several years, I took the sport for granted and it was only now that I have tried Surfing. Eventhough, I’m only just an hour and a half away to one of the most famous Surfing Spots in Northern Luzon which is in “SAN JUAN LA UNION”. Until now, I still can’t believe that I never even tried Surfing there but after my ... read more
Armie Yuson 1b
Armie Yuson 1d
Armie Yuson 1e

Asia » Philippines » La Union » San Juan December 25th 2013

It was going to be a long haul to San Juan. It's only about 300 kilometres, but due to the nature of travelling on the highways, we actually couldn't do it one day. Our first day took 10 hours and included 4 different buses. First from San Felipe to Iba, then Iba to Santa Cruz, then Santa Cruz to Dagupan, and finally Dagupan to Baguio. Some buses were air conditioned, and some were not. Some had the standard 4 seats across, and one actually had 5. It wasn't as cramped as you might expect, but still... wow! Along the way we saw a lot of rice being dried on the side of the road. You use what you've got, I guess. Arriving in Baguio, which is built over top of ridges high up in the mountains, ... read more
That's Five Across On This Bus
Typical Town Along the Way

Asia » Philippines » La Union » San Juan September 8th 2012

Pambansang Manlalakbay, Armie “Happy Loner Traveller” Yuson’s scheme is to always feature “Off-The-Beaten” track destinations, to share to the whole wide world the places less travelled here in the Philippines. But never did he become the 1st Discoverer of a Place up until today… It has been 7 months since my very last adventure and my feet were already itchy to experience yet another extreme and thrilling quest through fine sands, rough rivers and rocky hills. And I told myself, it’s about time to reunite myself with nature and explore the Philippines once again. So on May 9, 2012 at 4 in the morning, I went to San Juan La Union, not primarily to surf but because I have heard from a friend of mine that there is an unknown place near there that has never ... read more
Happy Loner Traveller In Tangadan Falls San Gabriel La Union...
Happy Loner Traveller In Tangadan Falls San Gabriel La Union...
Happy Loner Traveller In Tangadan Falls San Gabriel La Union...

Asia » Philippines » La Union » San Juan February 21st 2012

Decided to take a motorbike trip up the North West coast of the Philippines to visit the Ilocos region in general and Pagudpud in particular, having heard about the great beach there. So caught a flight from Dumaguete to Manila then a bus up to Dau to hire a motorbike. Found a real cheap Yamaha Nuovo for just 250 peso a day! So first leg was from Angeles in Pampanga up to San Juan in La Union. about 200km in distance and took us 8 hours! (Bit of an adventure on a 110cc motorbike carrying a passenger and two backpacks!) San Juan is mainly a surfing destination and the beach there is great, a beautiful curving crescent about 5 km in length, but not so good for swimming, very big waves! Stayed at Sunset German Beach ... read more
Breaking waves
View fron the resort
Beach resort

Asia » Philippines » La Union » San Fernando November 15th 2011

Nothing really too new at school the last couple weeks. Brandon and I are involved in the Christmas program, singing in the choir. So we've been practicing for that a lot in the past few weeks. It’s alright. We’re just both used to singing in really good choirs, so it’s a little different going to this community one. And Brandon is one of the four tenors. The program is in a couple weeks, so hopefully it will all get pulled together by then ☺ Last weekend, Marissa and I decided to go to the beach. Brandon didn’t really want to go sit in the sun for the weekend, so he stayed home. It actually turned out very well and everything worked according to plan. We decided just go down there on Saturday morning instead of leaving ... read more
The beach at the hotel
The beer came with koozies
By the rooms at the hotel

Asia » Philippines » La Union » San Fernando September 6th 2011

I’m always passing by to La Union whenever I travel from Baguio to Manila and vice versa but I never had the chance to stop by and explore La Union because I was so focused in discovering those off the beaten track Philippine destinations. But I was given a chance to explore it for free, thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Sy for inviting my Grandfather Armando Leyva as a principal sponsor for their wedding. And I accompanied my Grandpa to the said occasion. So the reception was held at this fabulous resort named THUNDERBIRD RESORT, it is of greek architectural design facing the vast South China Sea where you can see the strong waves splashing into the rocks. Its setting is windy and romantic. Truly, Love can be felt in the air and as ... read more
Happy Loner Traveller In Thunderbird Resort, Poro Point, La Union
Happy Loner Traveller In Thunderbird Resort, Poro Point, La Union
Happy Loner Traveller In Thunderbird Resort, Poro Point, La Union

Asia » Philippines » La Union » San Juan November 28th 2010

With the coaching of the local female surf champ, we successfully rode our first waves in the South China Sea. Apparently, "we were good", as she coaxed us onto the big waves of Mona Liza point, there, we quickly gained an immense amount of respect for the boys and gals that make it look easy. Long story short, we survived and caught about a half dozen waves, between gasping for air when the set allowed us (sorry mom!). Despite board rash and a few bruises we love surfing! ... read more
Neighbouring flat
Mona Liza Point, San Juan
Home sweet home

Asia » Philippines » La Union » San Fernando August 14th 2010

Thunderbird Poropoint Resorts is one of the most luxurious hotels here in the Philippines. Its Grecian style building set amidst a golf course, and casino are both truly breathtaking. It is the perfect getaway for honeymooners, group of friends or families who are looking for the beautiful architecture in Santorini as well as the glitzy gamerooms in Vegas. However, there really isn't much to do around the area but swim by the pool or surf at the beach. The main purpose of this resort is to play Casino. The food at the Olives is appetizing, and I advise you to order their Steak because it is quite superb. The hotel has a nice view of the beach and the room amenities are excellent. The service by the staff was efficient and outstanding. You will really have ... read more
the beach

Asia » Philippines » La Union » Aringay February 15th 2010

Before we talk about our Valentine’s Day outing, we have to report on its aftermath. We got home around 5:45 p.m. After lugging our purchases into the house, we changed our clothes. Some people started unpacking the remaining bits of food while Rosario and I cornered Uncle Junior with our questions from the trip. Francesca complained of a pain in her abdomen and went to lie down. We had a delicious meal of leftovers from the last few days and teased Manong Junior about his lack of cooking ability (he tried to cook rice while we were gone but according to Coreen, apparently it didn’t turn out very satisfactorily). Which led me to comment that the instructions of Great-grandfather Santiago to his sons had obviously not made it through to the current generations (Santiago told his ... read more

Asia » Philippines » La Union » Aringay February 11th 2010

WARNING: THIS POSTING CONTAINS EXPLICIT MATERIAL WHICH SOME VIEWERS/READERS MAY FIND DISTURBING OR OFFENSIVE. Cockfighting is legal in the Philippines and a very popular sport. It's called sabong and most barrios or barangays have a communal cockpit where matches are held. Of course, gambling is a big part of the attraction and Uncle Junior says that "all Filipinos are honest in the cockpit," meaning that everyone will honor a bet and no one tries to weasel out. The betting is done using hand signals -- holding the fingers up means that one is betting in tens, so two fingers would be 20 pesos. Holding the hand sideways with the fingers pointing to the side means hundreds, while pointing the fingers down is thousands. Newcomers are warned not to wave their hands around or gesture while talking! ... read more

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