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December 25th 2005
Published: January 2nd 2006EDIT THIS ENTRY

Vigan 2005Vigan 2005Vigan 2005

Antique calesa at the mall
This is part 1 of our Ilocos Tour. Do check out the succeeding blogs for entries on Laoag and Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte.


Our Vigan adventure starts off on Christmas Day 2005. Armed only with half a day’s worth of research, money and clothes to last us five days, my sister and I boarded the Partas bus bound for Laoag City at 10PM. First discovery: fare has gone up 25% from P450 last May (according to my notes) to P600.

The bus was clean and comfortable, with reclining seats, adjustable aircon vents (unfortunately, you can’t turn it off completely which was especially painful because it soon turned very cold) and best of all, the headrest has side supports so that your head does not fall off the seat as you sleep 😊

It being Christmas Day, traffic was very light. First stopover was at Dau. After 15 minutes, the bus proceeded on its trip, taking McArthur Highway and passing by the towns of Pampanga. Not surprisingly, there were a lot of passengers on the road even during the wee hours of the morning, probably coming from Christmas gatherings.

Second stopover was at Sison, Pangasinan. Restrooms
Vigan 2005Vigan 2005Vigan 2005

Vigan's mall - Plaza Maestro
were clean and there’s a selection of food stores where you can have something to warm you up - lugaw, mami, instant noodles (P25), grilled hotdogs (P20), meals, and lots of junk food.

After an impossible number of stops due to people boarding and alighting, we arrived at Vigan City at 4:30 in the morning of the 26th. We then boarded a tricycle (P8 / person) to take us to the Aniceto Mansion where we had a reservation.


As we arrived earlier than expected, the hotel was dark and closed when we arrived. We rang the bell and a sleepy attendant took us in and deposited us in our room. (I made prior reservations - room rate was P1200 / night for standard room, double occupancy, with breakfast.)

Aniceto Mansion is a restored mansion with lots of beautiful antiques and huge family pictures on the walls. It was not creepy although our room freaked me out. The entire right wall, the longest wall of the room, is actually a huge sliding door made up of wood and glass squares and which was covered only by a thin white curtain. Outside is a veranda where the
Vigan 2005Vigan 2005Vigan 2005

The old and the new - Vigan Cathedral's belfry and the golden arches of McDonald's
main hallway of the second floor ends -- meaning anyone can actually peek in our room anytime 😞

On top of that completely disconcerting feature, the bad feng shui of our room also freaked me out. The two single beds were both positioned directly in line with the doors: mine with the main door and my sister’s with the CR’s door.

There was a TV, a bedside lamp which was totally useless because there was no electrical outlet, an antique mirror and dresser, and the CR which did not have hot water nor any other amenities (I had to ask for towels and toiletries later in the day).


I slept fitfully (with my back against the glass doors) until around 9AM then after a quick shower, we ventured out for our first sight of daytime Vigan.

To be fair, our hotel has the best location, beside the famous Vigan Plaza Hotel (owned by Chavit Singson), right across the Plaza Burgos. Vigan Plaza Hotel, if you’re not traveling on a budget is probably the best accommodation in Vigan. At P2300 / night for standard room double occupancy with breakfast, it’s almost double the
Vigan 2005Vigan 2005Vigan 2005

Calesas at Plaza Burgos
going rates in most hotels in the area.

First stop was the Tourism office which is just on the block next to our hotel. We were asked to sign in the guest book and given brochures of Vigan. Good thing they were open despite it being a holiday.

With no other food outlets open, we walk towards the bright golden arches of McDonald’s and were pleased to find out that McDo came with an entire mall called Plaza Maestro. There seemed to be a Christmas bazaar but it’s breakfast we needed so after scouring the area for possible breakfast places, we settled for Chowking.

Without any specific itinerary in mind, I reviewed the materials given by the Tourism officer while having my so un-Vigan breakfast at the second floor of Chowking, which by the way, has a very good view of the Vigan Cathedral and Plaza Salcedo. Funnily enough, Chowking’s longganisa meal did not even feature Vigan longganisa! But the hot chocolate was good 😊 I don’t know if they have it here in Manila.

St. Paul’s Church / Vigan Cathedral

After breakfast and watching two busloads of Chinese / Korean tourists race each other
Vigan 2005Vigan 2005Vigan 2005

St. Paul's Church / Vigan Cathedral
to the waiting calesas near the church, we crossed the street for some serious picture-taking of the cathedral. There was a wedding going on but the church was so huge, I doubt the guests upfront even noticed us taking pictures at the back of the church.

St. Paul’s Church or Vigan Cathedral as it is more popularly known, is a beautiful church, with its belfry sitting on its left, across the street. The bells still toll for masses. The cathedral does not seem to be very old given the modern paint-job in the façade but it still holds a certain charm, especially inside where the exposed wooden beams in the dome give you an indication of the period when it was built.

Afterwards, we chose from among the waiting calesas a healthy-looking horse for our Calesa tour 😊 The standard DOT-accredited rate is P150 / hour. There is a “packaged” tour already - how long you want to spend on each site depends on you.

St. Augustine Church

First stop was the oldest church in Region 1, the St. Augustine Church. It is a beautiful old church with a much-photographed brown and white façade. The belfry
Vigan 2005Vigan 2005Vigan 2005

Vigan Cathedral belfry
sits farther away on a hill, a brick structure set against a gorgeous backdrop of blue skies and green horizons. Rodel, our cuchero, said this was where Panday was shot. This belfry is the most beautiful I’ve seen in our entire Ilocos trip.

Crisologo Museum

Next stop was the Crisologo Museum where you will be asked by an effervescent old lady to sign the guest book and donate any amount you wish in the box beside the guest book. Most of what is here are things of Vigan’s beloved late Governor Floro Crisologo, father of Bingbong Crisologo, and probably the most famous in the Crisologo clan. He was a man so powerful that he was killed inside the Vigan Cathedral - the only place where his enemies can get to him. His killer was never caught and the family promised no revenge.

The Museum itself is the ancestral house of the Crisologos. It is a huge, beautiful house, obviously well taken care of. Interesting stuff include a gorgeous antique calesa (according to Rodel used in the film Maruja) which is still taken out for weddings, the Crisologo’s master bedroom, the dressing room with the Crisologo matriarch’s Imeldific collection of matching shoes and bags and ternos, the sunshiny 20-seater dining area, newspaper clippings of Floro Crisologo’s death, including pics and the pants and shoes he was wearing the day he died.

Pagburnayan Jar Factory

Passing by the commercial district and with Rodel pointing out some minor establishments (the city’s fish nursery, etc.), we proceeded to our next stop - the Pagburnayan Jar Factory. We were lucky to have been the only two guests as we were treated to an exclusive demonstration of jar-making by none other than the National Folk Artist Fidel Antiporda Go himself. The stop would have been uninteresting were it not for the personal demo and historical banter of Mr. Go, a 4th generation Chinese who is one of the four remaining burnay-makers in Vigan. I videoed him make a traditional putik jar from a mass of sand and clay in only three minutes. Unfortunately, we cannot buy any of the jars because we were still going to Ilocos Norte.

Hidden Garden

In one of the remote baranggays of Vigan is the Hidden Garden, a gorgeous haven owned by an architect famous for his landscaping projects. They actually sell the plants
Vigan 2005Vigan 2005Vigan 2005

Inside Vigan Cathedral
and garden settings here and offer landscaping, but the garden is so beautifully done that it does not seem to be a showroom at all. Plants are sold at very low prices. In huge, clean cages in various corners are the architect’s pets - colorful birds, miniature Chinese roosters, dogs… all blending well with the greens. In cool, shady coves sit wooden benches surrounded by more greens. There are bonsai plants, fortune plants, hanging plants, clay and wood garden chairs. I truly regret not being able to buy some plants.


After a long hot ride through the sleepy baranggays on the fringes of the city, we arrive at the hilltop Baluarte of Chavit Singson. A 70-hectare property with a mini-zoo, a caregiver school, its own chapel, man-made decorative falls, and several other buildings, this is where the famous governor lives, overlooking much of the city. I was happy to see that the animals are well taken care of - the cages are clean and the animals look very healthy. There were 4 huge (sleeping) tigers, some small horses (we are debating on whether these are ponies or full-grown mini horses), a couple of cute apes, geese, and
Vigan 2005Vigan 2005Vigan 2005

Our calesa :)
lots of creepy-crawlies 😊
There are calesa rides offered for free but the horses seemed so small no one wanted to ride them 😊 we were happy to just look at the beautiful horses running free on the vast open field.

Villa Angela

We dropped by Villa Angela but unfortunately the mansion is not open for viewing when there are guests staying in so we just took a picture of the façade. According to Rodel, this is where Tom Cruise stayed when they were shooting at the Heritage Village for the movie Born on the Fourth of July. The film Maruja was also shot here. The antique calesa used by Imee Marcos on her wedding day was in the garden. We were able to take a couple of pics on the calesa 😊 the seats were surprisingly very comfortable.

Syquia Mansion

We were lucky to be touring on a day the Syquia Mansion is open (it is almost always closed - we suspect the days and times depend on the mood of the medyo masungit na caretaker who is also the museum guide). Also known as the Quirino Mansion, it is owned by the family of
Vigan 2005Vigan 2005Vigan 2005

St. Augustine Church, the oldest church in Region I
former President Quirino’s wife.

It is by far, the grandest ancestral home I have seen in my entire life. The rooms are huge, filled with antiques from here and abroad. There is a massive replica of the Spolarium in the sitting room. It was done by Juan Luna’s assistant and apparently, when the real Spolarium is being restored, they refer to this replica for the details. Huge oil portraits of the family’s distinguished men and women adorn the walls of the sitting room and the VIP sala, three of which were painted by Fernando Amorsolo. Hardbound books written in Spanish fill the glass-enclosed bookcases in the library. Cabinets full of antique delicate China discreetly occupy one wall of the dining area, at the other end of which are the modern plates and utensils they use when the Quirinos are visiting. The curtains and seats are of almost-identical materials, very rich and elegant. There are secret doors and secret viewing holes. The prayer room is closed because they already lost 2 ivory Santo heads from tourists before.

I hardly think they need donations to maintain the place as the Quirinos still use the place frequently but we still gave
Vigan 2005Vigan 2005Vigan 2005

St. Augustine belfry
P100 for the caretaker’s time. (I was just so happy to have been able to see the place! Unfortunately, we were not able to take pics because we were so scared of the caretaker hehe)

Calle Crisologo and Café Leona

Our calesa tour ended with a ride along the length of Calle Crisologo, the Heritage Village, probably Vigan’s most famous attraction. It was indeed like being taken back in time with old houses left and right and the horse’s hooves on the cobblestone floor.

Our tour took 3.5 hours and the P550 was all worth it. We stopped right in front of the Tourism office, beside Café Leona, yet another of Vigan’s must-visits. We had a late lunch of bagnet and mussels in oyster sauce - quite expensive at P370 but superb!

After lunch, we took a nap back at the hotel. At 4PM, we were back on Calle Crisologo, scouring the little shops for souvenirs. We bought chichacorn at P35 each, fabulous Abel Iloco scarves at P100 each and an Ilocos blanket at P220.

Vigan at night

It was already dark by the time we finished our touristy shopping at Calle Crisologo.
Vigan 2005Vigan 2005Vigan 2005

Statue of the Virgin Mary and the St. Augustine belfry
We went around Plaza Burgos and Plaza Salcedo and took more pictures. To cap the night, we had the famous Vigan empanada for dinner (P25 each). I was surprised to see that the empanada was mostly made of coleslaw-like stuff with ground meat and egg wrapped in paper-thin wafer. See, I don’t eat vegetables and there was a lot of it in that empanada. But I had to try it so I did and enjoyed it immensely. My sister finished 2 empanadas!

After our dinner, we retired in the hotel (it was only still 7PM!) and made plans for the next day. I wanted to go to the beach at Paraiso ni Juan and visit Sta. Maria church but we were getting confusing directions from the people in the hotel so we decided to just skip it and proceed to Laoag instead.

See Laoag and Pagudpud blogs for continuation of our Ilocos Tour.

Additional photos below
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Vigan 2005Vigan 2005
Vigan 2005

Inside St. Augustine
Vigan 2005Vigan 2005
Vigan 2005

Stained glass at St. Augustine
Vigan 2005Vigan 2005
Vigan 2005

Crisologo Museum
Vigan 2005Vigan 2005
Vigan 2005

At the Crisologo Museum
Vigan 2005Vigan 2005
Vigan 2005

The late Governor Floro Crisologo
Vigan 2005Vigan 2005
Vigan 2005

Antique Crisologo caruaje / calesa, still taken out for weddings to this day

7th January 2006

magandang biahe at istorya
this place is a must see area for the local and foreign tourist. keep the good work. enjoyed very much the articles and well taken pictures.
25th January 2006

vigan's the bhest ever!!
love how u guys portrayed Vigan.. ganda tlga ng Vigan..pero ngaun nio poh lang na noticed.... i came there... proud to be.. ganda tlga and it's a pleasant and wonderful place to live..
26th January 2006

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11th February 2006

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13th February 2006

Super Beautiful Place
My Family will be in Vigan on April 22-24, 2006. After reading this, I got a lot of ideas where to go to Vigan, We will surely visit all the places you mentioned.
1st March 2006

Carmeling is the mother, Floro is the father...
of Bingbong Crisologo. Mr. Floro Crisologo was the one who got shot in the church and not Carmeling. My entire high school class had the very good fortune of having her as our host for our Ilocandia tour in 1985. Good blog though. I plan to visit Ilocos this month.
14th March 2006

nice blog!
interesting read. my father's family owns and manages Villa Angela and you're right, the policy is that it's closed when there are guests billeted for privacy purposes.but do visit again on regular days as our cook, Manang Claring, makes the best Ilocano dishes. hehe! thanks!
20th May 2006

wonderful portrait
I was impressed..... ang ganda na pala ng Vigan Specially sa plaza burgos,.empanada wow i really miss it. Anyway I'm from Bantay,Ilocos Sur and recently here in Hawaii for 10 years. Thanks for portraiting Saint Augustine church/tower,Bantay,Ilocos Sur. My 8yr. old son loves your articles., Hindi pa nagvacation sa Philippines.E-mail
29th July 2006

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i just arrive here in canada last feb...i studied in vigan (back of the church..DWCV) for almost 7 years..after our class in the afternoon we always go to plaza burgos to eat empanada so i really miss empanada.. by the way the image in front of the church is plaza salcedo..
29th August 2006

can you please send me an exact address of the mini of Mr. Singson... i also want to go there but i dont know where exactly in vigan. thnx in advance
30th August 2006

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thanks for your travelblog on vigan--very helpful. my friends told me to make the trip to Pagudpud and to make Laoag our base. you've convinced me to go staright to Vigan and soak in all its charm and history.
29th November 2006

The best place in Ilocos Sur
Ive been to Vigan for how many times, sobrang ganda dito.. Try kayong mgride ng kalesa, i think the last time we went to vigan we paid for the kalesa About PHP 300 for almost 2 hours.. madami ka ng pu2nthan sa 2hours na yun.. Its all worth it.. The Best..
2nd December 2006

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6th January 2007

Great work Miss Uy! I wonder if you can help me, im doing a reserach about that same Calesa that rep. Imee Marcos used in her wedding. It's right here in Cebu now, purchased by my boss, Raphael King. I hope you can give me any info about its historical origins miss uy. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaseeee!!! email at! Please po!!!!
15th January 2007

Nice photos and write-up on Vigan. I'm from Vigan and proud to be one.
4th February 2007

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i love vigan so much, the mem'ries particularly. visited the place april 2005 with a very special person...we stayed in vigan plaza hotel...absolutely a great place to stay if you have the right budget P2500/night with free bfast. king size antique bed, very comfy and relaxed. try the pinakbet at grandpa's inn just few blocks away...huh the best pakbet i've ever tasted in my whole life...and the chichacorn from small stores along vigan heritage villas is great. the empanadas? i guess, i had 4 in one sitting...hehe..i brought some bagnet, fried big pork chop (like lechon kawali) and sundried, best for sauteed veggies. My bro loved it. A wonderful experience...i wish i could go back...i love the memory and the man still...
29th April 2007

villa angela
hi. i read above that the calesa w/c rep imee used on her wedding is already in cebu? is that right? i've just been communicating with the Versoza's (owner of the villa) for inquiries on my wedding plans and they did mention that calesa and sounded like it's still there and can be rented for weddings.
1st May 2007

Hi kara, I was in Vigan over the Holy Week and did not anymore see the calesa in Villa Angela. Last year, someone emailed me asking for more historical details on that calesa because an antique collector wanted to buy it -- maybe someone really has bought it already.
3rd September 2007

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29th October 2007

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10th February 2008

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5th April 2008

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VIGAN-...1 word to describe this place---magical paradise!lol,is it cheap?well,im from ilocos norte but i have never seen a place like this before..walang ganito sa laoag!..i love to walk around plaza maestro and HIDDEN GARDEN..what a fantastic place and a place where you can enjoy talking with the talking parrots
5th May 2008

Can you help me find a car that would tour us to Vigan and Laoag
hi! My family and I are planning to go to Pagudpud and make a stop both at Vigan and Laoag. Imagining the long trip ahead, of course I wanted to make a full tour of the place - ALL the tourist spots before we proceed to Pagudpud. We are not bringing our car because super long drive is tiring for my husband. I hope you can help me find somebody in Ilocos for the tour. Thanks in advance!!!
5th May 2008

Hi Marlyn! Unfortunately, I'm no longer in contact with the husband and wife who toured us around Laoag. What you can do is inquire with the hotel where you will be staying. When we were there, I heard some tourists inquiring about tours from our hotel's concierge. As for Vigan, you don't need a car -- what you need is a calesa! :)
26th June 2008

Very useful info
As early as now, i'm already planning for a getaway together with my husband in time for our 2nd wedding anniversary this coming November 24th. When I asked my husband to which place he'd like to go - Subic, Batanes or Vigan - he quickly replied "VIGAN!" And Vigan it is! I'm surfing the net and came upon your blog. It made me so excited that I can no longer wait until November to visit the beautiful city that is Vigan. Thanks for sharing your Vigan trip... it gives tourists exciting expectations of the place. :)
26th June 2008

You're welcome Jac :) Maganda ang Pilipinas so let's tell people about it :)
4th July 2008

nice blog
nice site. the next time you visit ilocos please stay a D'outbase lodging house or visit
4th August 2008 home!
hi there...taga vigan ako...nice place talaga cia..! but if your planning to visit vigan..I suggest the following places and itenerary: 1. Baluarte at Caoayan (house of Gov. Chavit)-take a tricycle or a calesa ride...(free yung entrance sa baluarte) 2. Bantay Church and Belltower- try nyo umakyat sa belltower...ask the key to the caretaker (with donation po ito!) P.S. Dito nagshouting sina Judy Ann at Rico Yan from the film "Kay tagal" 3. Burgos Musuem-birthplace ni Padre Burgos...additional tabi ng musuem na ito ay may kulungan....dito sa kulungan na ito pinanganak si Elpidio Quirino 4. Plaza Salcedo-May lagoon doon... 5. archdiocese of nueva Segovia-my musuem dito...maganda siya..kinda scary... 6. Vigan Cathedral--nice place to get married...ideal cia... 7. Empanada Eating---located near the belltower just beside the church... 8. Try also the SINANGLAW..the best cia...pagnakakain kayo nito...complete na ang vacation nyo... 9. Heritage Village-puros old houses cia...P.S. ingat may dumudungaw bigla sa mga binatana...enjoy shopping here for your pasalubong; Syquia Mansion-Try to find this's the house of Former President Elpidio Quirino... 10. Crisologo Musuem-house of former governor of Ilocos Sur, Crisologo...Nice antique house... 11. Pagbunaryan---limited lang ang pumupunta dito...but i highly suggest punta kayo dito.... 12. Vigan Public Market--nice place to buy pasalubong such as bagnet (250-300/kilo), vigan longaniza (100-120/dozen), and chichacorn... Try also tinubong... Have a safe trip..enjoy...
22nd September 2008

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9th March 2009

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All very nice, but where are the room rates published for Vigan Plaza Hotel?
25th March 2009

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3rd June 2009

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24th June 2009

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Would like to visit there someday...whoever can help me with this please email me back @
25th June 2009

i lived in vigan for 12 years.
went to elem. of burgos mem. sch. and ilocos sur national high school and two years college at the university of northern philippines
8th October 2009

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31st October 2009

Thanks for the memories. I attented (CIC) elementary school very close to St Paul Cathedral Church. Don't know if school is still in existence. That was 2 scores and 14 years ago. Enjoyed the scenic photography taken. Thanks for sharing.
18th December 2009

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19th January 2010

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23rd January 2010

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8th March 2010

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5th April 2010

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5th April 2010

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I attended Divine Word College and my place to hang out was the sinanglawan by the post office, wonder if they still there. Now with my age sinanglaw may not be good for my health but I still go for it, ang sarap kasi eh...yummy.
17th April 2010

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nice info and beautiful to visit the place soon.
17th April 2010

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21st April 2010

my city...
Looking back at my pictures during my vacation made me think of getting back home again. Lots of changes. I never get the chance to tour the whole city not until my cousin and her officemates came for a few days visit. I was amazed! Espesially the hidden garden. It was like in a land that never existed. Beautiful!! See to believe.
23rd May 2010

question po
Hi there, we will arrive at laoag on june 5 via pal at 11 am. kaya po ba ang vigan tour ng half day? thanks. my numbers are 09994561488 . salamat. family po kami. anim. saan pala rin po pwede mag rent ng van doon? salamat talaga
6th June 2010

we will be celebrating our 11th wed anniversary and we come up of visiting ilocos norte/sur for a change (of the usual bora get away)....this wld be the 1st time so im very excited abt it.ur blog is very helpful and i want to thank u for providing these info abt the place. i wish we will be able to check out all the places u have mentioned but we only hav 2 days to explore ilocos. i just want to ask if theres available jeepneys who will take us to this places around. we are commuting from laoag to different parts so i want to make sure if theres jeepney routes that will take us directly to those places (also from laoag to pagudpud to vigan.thanks and hav a nice day! any info will be appreciated pls get in touch
7th August 2010

I love my hometown
I miss my hometown..walang katulad tlga
22nd August 2010

Birth Place of my last living Grandparent
My Grand Mother was born Dorotea (Carmen) Roviro Benzon, She passed away in her sleep Last night on around the night of the 21st or 22nd August in Paranyaque. Philippines time. Which would of been the 20th or 21st US time. It is comforting to know how beautiful a place my grandmother was born in. Thank you for this Web site. " I will plan to come to visit this place next year 2011.
26th August 2010

i lab vigan
hmm ! gustong gusto ko tlaga makarating ng vigan ! kse marame kang mapapasyalan at ang gaganda ng mga ligar i lab vigan .. for all of my life :)
10th September 2010

Thanks for these two sisters for the well documented travel itenerary had they posted here. With this I am now possitive that I will travel to Vigan. My first stop is actually in Laoag because of the flightn I book from Manila. Again thank you to both of you. Theresa
26th September 2010

Worth a return visit
I was in Vigan on September 11 - 13. I'ts a mix of the old the the new - new buildings in contrast to the spanish era houses along the cobblestone street, pollution free and relaxed calesa ride as opposed to the nerve-wracking speed and noise of tricycles. For me, the place is worth a return visit sometime in the future. And it's not a bad idea to tag relative and friends along to experience the sights and sounds of Vigan.
6th October 2010

I am an ilocano from La Union now resideing in Las Vegas, Nevada. After reading this article, I knew I have missed something so near yet so far away. "Sayang", I was not able to visit Vigan when I was still in La Union. "Sayang", I was not able to see the beautiful places that were portrait in this article and "sayang" that I believed during those years when I was in La Union, that Vigan was a no mans land, and notorious political killings occurred. "Sayang" that I was so afraid to visit such a beautiful place then. Surely, i will go visit this place in my next balik-bayan trip nbo matter what. A full blooded Ilocano should visit this place and hopefully I still have the time to do so. Thanks Nonong Rimando Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
26th October 2010

this is a big help for me.. for our plans of going to vigan. thanks to you.. hope we enjoy it like you do.
28th January 2011

about vigan
pede pong mag ask anu-ano po ung mga kilalang company in vigan may proj. po kac kami about dyan.. and we need to know the social responsibility of diff. business organization.
12th February 2011

how many days?
how many days did you stay at Vigan? we are going there come March, for 2 days. Will that be enough? thank you. I'm from Davao City by the way.
23rd November 2011

watta place to go
i love the destinations, hope to be there soon with my family... pls email me the easiest way to get there, we dont have any idea, hope u can help me, thanx in advance
24th January 2012

surely you comeback for more.....
i love vigan...the sceneries,the people, and the became my fashion to see the heritage site s of the philippine archipelago....TRULY IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES......
13th August 2012

the place is beautiful and nice
18th September 2012

wow! its a beuatiful place!!!!
22nd September 2012
Vigan 2005

About Vigan city.
Vigan is a city 2 watch its glory.but im so sad to say that,i visit this city two time.but my cheater lady from sabngan brgy.nvr gv me chance to see this whole so regret ,not to see there,so many things,worth to see!!!!

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