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Asia » Philippines » Illocos Region February 25th 2013

La Union Electric Cooperative (Luelco) is one of the nicest offices i visited around the country - in terms of interior designs. very lavish and imeldific! loved the GM's residence. Im sure if Mommy was here, she will surely love evry decor GM has displayed!... read more

Asia » Philippines » Illocos Region September 17th 2012

Travelling up North never tires me, for a lot of reasons. I love to take any way in going there, be it by land or by air. Though, it will take you 12 hours to reach the Northern part of the Ilocos Region if by land, but if you travel by air, it will only take you around 45 minutes. The road going to Ilocos Norte is pretty much OK that makes the 12 hours smooth and let you enjoy the scenery along the way. I can't count anymore how many times I have visited Ilocos Norte. Each visit was a great experience. But, this time, I decided to spend one weekend there in order for me to visit the other tourist spots I haven't visited yet during my previous travels. Arrived Laoag International Airport around ... read more
Laoag City
Laoag City International Airport
Airport Terminal

Asia » Philippines » Illocos Region January 18th 2012

So friends, it has been quite some time since this blog has been updated. Much has happened, most of it good. Currently I am sitting in San Juan, Philippines, after a lovely day of surfing lessons and sitting around reading. Really it has been a great day. We (Caroline and I - more on this later) took a one hour surfing lesson in the morning. She had surfed before, so got the hang of it quickly again, but it took me a bit more work. By the end of my time, I caught a wave, stood up and rode the wave all the way into the beach for my last run. I was quite proud of myself. Caroline did a lot better - she got up on almost every run. Our teachers were great, and all ... read more
More crazy geology
About to go for a swim
In the pools

Asia » Philippines » Illocos Region December 10th 2010

Still in English, because no French protested and I got more support from the English-speaking speakers =) (notwithstanding the fact the last part of this sentence is the indisputable proof that this language cannot subtle when vocabulary is concerned =p ). After my two laid-back days in Palaui I went back on the road, heading to a bit more of the North coast. Claveria sounded nice, so I decided to stop by here, and pitch my tent on the beach. But that can wait, looking around the town to smell its vibes is more urgent. Around 9 000 souls here, far from being a notorious tourist spot, a global electricity breakdown, people craving for relaxed short talks, I call it a good start. Heading back to my bag hidden under some banana leaves (still amazed how ... read more
San Vincente
View from my one night cottage
Over Claveria

Asia » Philippines » Illocos Region June 15th 2010

We were supposed to be on a Super Deluxe bus with a toilet and supposedly more comfortable seats but we ended up on a regular one. And since we are generally tolerant to a lot of things, and it was already an hour past the scheduled departure time, we didn’t argue anyway and just got on. Unexpectedly, the 9 hours bus ride didn’t turn out to be so bad at all. We arrived at Laoag at around 07:00 in the morning with the driver of the hired van waiting for us at the bus station. After getting some takeaway breakfast, we made a couple of short stops, and then headed to Pagudpud. Our first stop was the Cafe Bojeador Lighthouse which was built back in the 1800s but is still working and is still in use ... read more
Blue Boat
Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte
... the water so clear

Asia » Philippines » Illocos Region October 17th 2008

An hour or so away by plane, all of 8 to 9 hours travel by road. Take your pick. We chose to fly, then rent a car from our base which is Fort Ilocandia Hotel and Resort. The hotel is a good base for many day trips to various parts of the Ilocos Region. Top of the list is a visit to Vigan, the only surviving colonial town in the country. Declared a UNESCO Heritage Site, it is a must see for all visitors who want to catch a glimpse of how it was in the 18th and early 19th century. Time stood still in this part of Northern Philippines. It helped too that Vigan , unlike Cebu and Manila, was spared of the bombing last World War II. Do not forget that Manila is the ... read more
Of Colonial Mansions and Cobbled Streets
Bantay Belfry, Ilocos Sur

Asia » Philippines » Illocos Region March 4th 2008

In the summer of 2006, I travelled to the Philippines, which is where I was born. I stayed mostly in the Greater Manila area, but also made a day-long travel to Laoag, Ilocos Norte by riding on an air-conditioned bus. The bus fare was around eight hundred pesos one way. To experience the ambiance of this lovely country, I usually walked around the city and mingled with the crowds of people in shopping centers, public markets, sidewalks, promenades and public parks. I also visited a neighboring town, San Nicolas, which is the birthplace of my father. One thing I observed was the number of vendors in the public market. They were selling groceries, fruits and vegetables, household wares, fast foods and other items. Because of difficulty finding salaried jobs, most of the people have resorted to ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Illocos Region September 14th 2007

This is the second part of our tour at Ilocos Province. The first part was the Vigan City tour at Ilocos Sur. We went there during Holy Week of this year with my co-workers and stayed at Allan's place. We went to many different places and it was all worth it. Places we visited Cape Bojeador Light House, Laoag City They call it Faro Cabo Cape Bojeador, as it set majestically on a hill overlooking the South China Sea, located approximately 35 kilometres north of the City of Laoag, the lighthouse is the most accessible of all lighthouses in the north of the Island of Luzon. It was built in 1892 and is still functioning to date, serving ships passing by the northern part of South China Sea. This is one of the famouse historical landmark ... read more
Bojeador Lighthouse
Bojeador Lighthouse
In front of Paoay Church

Asia » Philippines » Illocos Region January 24th 2007

Wednesday, 24 Jan. Quite excited about seeing & experiencing everything in this fascinating country! I am amazed with the transportation chaos here . . . but everyone understands how to maneuver without causing accidents. If you want to cross a street, just remember that pedestrians DO NOT have the right of way. But, if it's clear to the middle of the street, go ahead and cross half way, stop and stand in the middle of the street until the other side is clear too. Easy. LOL. Driving takes agressive, wise, and skilled handling. All vehicles share the same roads: bicycles, motorbikes, motorized and pedaled tricycles, jeepnees, cars, trucks, vans, etc. Pass at any time you can find a hole, on the right or the left! Whew, I don't think I'll try to do any driving here. ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Illocos Region March 17th 2005

we were in san fernando city, la union for a business matter. to have some break, we decided to have a road trip to bangued, abra. a former officemate is from la paz, abra. she invited us to visit her place. when we reached bangued at noontime, we looked for a restaurant or a fast food but there was none. we ended up having our lunch in a small eatery at the back of the provincial capitol. i had never really expected bangued to be so behind in terms of development. we went around the town then we proceeded to la paz town. we crossed a river going to lapaz. as expected, there was no bridge. we crossed thru a makeshift banca. we spent the night in lapaz. the next day, we dropped by at the ... read more
la union

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