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Asia » Philippines » Cordillera » Bontoc April 8th 2017

8 avril (Toujours à Sagada) Je quitte rapidement le nid à backpacker de bonne heure ce matin. Je devais prendre le bus pour Baguio aujourd'hui mais j'ai apprit hier soir tard, entre deux bières "Red Horse" au karaoke de l'hostel, qu'un festival annuel doit avoir lieu aujourd'hui même à Bontoc. C'est un 45 minutes de route qui sépare Sagada de Bontoc, la capitale de la Mountain Province de Luçon. L'excursion en vaudra certainement la peine: le Festival Lang-ay célèbre la diversité folklorique des tribus montagnardes des régions environnantes. Le voyage nous réserve parfois des surprises. Il faut apprendre à se laisser guider par les événements ponctuels. "Bontoc?" que je demande à une casquette qui expire la fumée d'une demie clope, accoté sur un jeepney orange et bleu qui crache sale du diesel. C'est le moyen de ... read more
Fruits du marché

Asia » Philippines » Cordillera » Bontoc December 31st 2013

Mainit produced the type of unforgettable magic that keeps travelers like us, hooked. We were only in Mainit for maybe 16 hours, but it was enough time for an incredible string of luck to unfold, and to take in the other worldly beauty and mystery of this tiny mountain village. We'd end up having one of the best adventures of the trip (and our lives) in Mainit. We almost ended up homeless for the night, were invited to a traditional wedding in the village square, and went for an early morning walk through the village footpaths while steam from the hot springs rose up all around us. It was extraordinary. Here's the whole story: It was time to leave Baguio. It was definitely a bummer that we didn't get to meet Vanessa's sister in-law's family, but ... read more
The Whole Village is Out for the Wedding
Traditional Wedding Dance
The Crowd is Packed in

Asia » Philippines » Cordillera » Bontoc July 4th 2007

I was on the 9am bus to Baguio the first 3 or 4 hours were back the same way I came but after San Fernando (La Union) the bus headed up into the foothills of the Cordilleros, the bus rides seem to take forever, the roads are concrete slabs and are not very wide, the buses seem to stop every 5 minutes as well. Eventually we arrived in Baguio which is an impressive sight in itself with buildings clinging off the sides of mountains everywhere. Even large public buildings like schools and hospitals. I met my first touts today haven't seen any so far, one of them was quite good natured though and showed me to the place I wanted to stay at, so I gave him 50 pesos ($1.50) he seemed satisfied with that. ... read more
Baguio Cathedral
To the SM Department store.
Baguio Cityscape

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