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Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Moalboal December 17th 2018

After a couple of nights in Manilla our next goal was one of the top 10 must do activities in The Philippines. The MoalBoal sardine run was described as a world unique experience to see vast shoals of sardines in an easily accessible location. It sounded like a Tourist Brochure advertisement which often let you down however in this case it was extremely accurate. An hour long flight from Manilla, a 2 hour bus ride and a 10 minute tricycle ride had us outside the beach side room we had booked. Our balcony overlooked a very tatty beach covered in dog crap and a host of various local boats blotting the view. Not a good start we thought. We needed snorkels to accompany the masks we had bought in Singapore so wandered down the alley that ... read more
The Sardine Run
Bus stop
Two for 1

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Moalboal April 22nd 2017

20 avril Les foreigns à Cebu City semblent ici qu'en transit, prêt à partir vers les plages ou vers les nombreuses îles des Visayas. L'espace du dortoir à 8 de l'hostel est restreint. Il y a peu de place pour s'étirer. Tout comme moi, les autres voyageurs n'ont pas défait leur packsack. Ils sont tous prêt à quitter urgemment au matin. Je dois dire que le quartier du Steven's Place Hostel n'est pas des plus invitant. Le décor délabré des alentours porte à la méfiance. Je me suis pourtant porté volontaire pour rejoindre à pied l'église au bout de la rue. "Oh no. Not dangerous, que m'a répondu le Steven de la devanture de l'hostel. We surely have some junkies and weirdos around here. But not really dangerous" Voilà qui soulageait quelque peu mes inquiétudes. On ... read more
Kids, Moalboal
Cebu City

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Moalboal September 26th 2016

A small hiccup with the booking meant that we were upgraded to a sea view deluxe room. We were quite excited by this, until I realised that we were moved from a bungalow to a motel style room. Hmmm. Does a glimpse of the sea trump a standalone, traditional style bungalow? No, but at least we had a room. If it was peak season, we'd probably find ourselves sleeping in the goat's quarter's next door. This place is known for its snorkelling and diving, so Dean and El went over to Pescador Island for a day trip. Upon returning, El declared she is never going in THAT water again. With jellyfish sting marks covering her legs, she wasn't a happy snorkeller. Dean had a more successful trip, seeing lots of fish but apparently they were very ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Moalboal March 9th 2015

I left swedish ground over 13 month ago to travel across the world and see the turtles in Bali, skydiving over mountains in new Zealand and see the beaches in Australia. It was a 4 months trip with 2 Swedish friends. We thought we were super easy going with low standards in Bali. We didn't care where we slept as long as it were clean, have AC and a nice bed and we almost always went to the cheapest restaurants, we stayed away from local street food, we didn't want to be sick. One of the girls dropped of after a month in Bali but we continued cruising New Zealand and the East coast of Australia, even couchsurfed a bit if we found a nice host. When the 4 months came to an end I just ... read more
New Zealand
Monkey Forest Ubud, Bali

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Moalboal March 8th 2015

Not a big city girl After the first day in Cebu city I started to feel a bit homesick for the first time in 13 months. I spent another night with my host before she was heading to the coast for the weekend and I was invited. The only thing I have planned is my date of departure so I just go along with whatever comes up. The next day I spent in the city with an American guy that also was couchsurfing at the same place, we walked around went on some jeepneys before we got bored and went back to the apartment. I started to regret that I booked 1 whole month and was just wait for our host to come back so we could go. The bus ride Jumped on the bus to ... read more
Hey Mr.Turtle
I'm on a boat

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Moalboal August 8th 2014

En chemin vers Cebu, je décide de m'arrêter faire quelques plongées à Moalboal, en espérant voir le grand banc de sardines qui sillonne la zone. Après le typhon de l'année dernière, on entend toutes sortes de choses sur ce grand banc de sardines qui habitait originellement autour de l'île de Pescador. Ce qui est incroyable, c'est que le banc est toujours là mais qu'il a bougé de quelques centaines de mètres suite au typhon et qu'il est maintenant juste au bord du récif, a une dizaine de mètres du bord ! Je n'ai jamais de banc de sardines vu donc je ne sais pas trop à quoi m'attendre mais lorsqu'enfin, dans une quinzaine de mètres de fond il passe au dessus de moi, je pers tous mes repères. D'un instant à l'autre tout devient obscure, on ... read more
La mer a Moalboal
Pescador Island
Gros poisson crapaud

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Moalboal August 2nd 2014

Our first days were spent exactly as we'd planned: eating, diving, napping, hanging out on the deck or walking along the beach peering into tide pools. The ocean is definitely the draw here. Locals comb the beach at low tide for mussels and other shellfish and men use nets, spears and lines to fish from boats or by standing in the shallows. Dive tourism provides another source of income and the dive shops, though often owned by foreigners, seem to employ many Filipino divemasters and instructors. In an attempt to attract more tourists some people have tried to harness the draw of whale sharks, by hand feeding them from boats. Matt and I have always wanted to see a whale shark in the water, but after researching the operation in Oslob (another town here on Cebu) ... read more
Matt heading down
Lower Kawasen Falls
Chilling out in the shade

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Moalboal July 26th 2014

We came to the island of Cebu in the Philippines in pursuit of perfect freediving . Panagsama Beach, just outside of Moalboal, is definitely a tourist town that caters to divers. There seem to be as many scuba shops as there are restaurants, and a few freediving shops as well. We had a very specific wish list: depth close to shore so we wouldn't have to rely on a boat, good visibility, warm water, and calm seas to enhance comfort while breathing up on the surface. And we did get it, well mostof the time. It was raining when we arrived in Manila and I tried not to take it as a portent of what was to come - we'd had our fill of monsoons in Bali. A short flight to the island of Cebu and ... read more
Roberta reading on our beach
Hard and soft corals at low tide
Nemo says hello

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Moalboal January 27th 2014

I said to my self before to explore other countries i must explore first my own land. I believe theirs a lot of beautiful places in the Phils.... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Moalboal August 9th 2013

Borneo We left Gili T and had a night in Lombok before we flew to KL and from there to Kota Kinabalu in Borneo. We found a hostel and booked our trip to Mount Kinabalu; we had a few days wait so we explored and visited the cinema a few times. The climb was the worst thing I've ever done but I'm not going to detail it all here as I don't want to bore you all with it. Basically we walked for 6km uphill and it was relentless! After a night of absolutely no sleep and a banging headache we started the summit climb at 2.30 am and eventually made it to Lowes Peak 4,095m above sea level; my sister recommended this trip for us and said it was the best trek she had ever ... read more
English Tea House Sandakan
Orangutans in Sepilok

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