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March 9th 2015
Published: March 10th 2015
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I left swedish ground over 13 month ago to travel across the world and see the turtles in Bali, skydiving over mountains in new Zealand and see the beaches in Australia. It was a 4 months trip with 2 Swedish friends.
We thought we were super easy going with low standards in Bali. We didn't care where we slept as long as it were clean, have AC and a nice bed and we almost always went to the cheapest restaurants, we stayed away from local street food, we didn't want to be sick.
One of the girls dropped of after a month in Bali but we continued cruising New Zealand and the East coast of Australia, even couchsurfed a bit if we found a nice host.
When the 4 months came to an end I just couldn't go back to Sweden, not yet. I just started my trip so I decided to stay in Brisbane, Australia when my Sanna flew back.
This was my first time flying solo and I loved it, I didn't speak Swedish for over 6 months and just worked and lived with Aussies and spend my days with people from all over the world.
When the urge to travel became to big myself and my frenchy Marine caught a flight to NZ and couchsurfed and hitchhiked our way through the Islands.
Next stop was Indonesia and this was my first trip alone. I was a bit frightened since we didn't meet to many people last time we were there but at least I know how to get around.
I spent 3 weeks in Indonesia moving every third day and I wasn't alone for more than 10 minutes. I kept on meeting amazing people from across the world, I just went wherever I felt and started eating the street food and loved it.
Took a 3 months break living in Melbourne before my visa expired and I had to leave.
With no plans I asked friend for suggestions and 1,5 week later I put my feet down in The Philippines.
I knew nothing about this country of 7000 Islands but 5 days in and I have already been on a Jeepney in cebu City, gone to the local carbon market with a girl I met in the Jeepney, snorkeling with turtles in MoalBoal, free diving in to thousands of sardins, going on a habla habla aka scooter up a Mountain to reach the waterfall right after a swim with the whale sharks, the oceans graceful giant.
I have people telling me everyday how crazy and brave I am to travel alone. But I'm never alone I'm just on a break from my friends with the same background. And to give up a comfortable bed, hot shower and wifi is nothing when you have paradise as your backyard.


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