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Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Bantayan » Sta Fe September 19th 2013

« Le dernier luxe de notre temps réside dans l'art de ne rien faire, mais de le faire bien » Voilà une jolie phrase pour résumer ma dernière semaine. Concrètement il ne se sera pas passé grand chose les premiers jours que composent ce post. Avec Simon on aura mollusqué pendant toute la semaine sur deux îles différentes ou la moultitude d'activités ne faisaient pas rage. Notre première île fût Bantayan, une sorte de petit Boracay pas encore trop colonisé par les touristes (ou je n'aurais malheureusement pas l'occasion d'aller pendant ce voyage). J'ai même presque envie de dire que c'est un euphémisme. En 4 jours sur place, on aura croisé aucun jeunes de notre âge. Étant donné les infrastructures sur l'île (le nombre d'hôtel), je pense qu'on était clairement ici en basse saison et même ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Bantayan » Sta Fe June 11th 2013

I feel an air of excitement tingling across my face and the back of my neck as the shoreline of Bantayan Island comes into view. I have been on the ferry for an easy and short 75 minutes, and arrival at the island is already imminent. There is a refreshing light breeze across my face as I sit on the forward facing bench, taking in the shoreline of my soon to begin vacation destination. To my left I can see several miles of white sand beach with buildings I can only assume are resorts. To my right, as we get nearer the pier, is the Santa Fe Resort, aptly named after the small town of Santa Fe, which hosts the pier and a majority of the resorts and restaurants on this side of the island. There ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Bantayan » Sta Fe October 27th 2011

All went well with my 1 hour flight from Palawan to Cebu 11 days ago, and no problems getting a metered taxi from the airport to my hotel in the city centre. I must say that Cebu City is not the prettiest city I have ever seen. There seems to be a fair bit of poverty around and quite a few shady characters. For the first time in the 10 months of my latest trip I had a couple of guys on 2 seperate occasions within 30 minutes trying to get close enough to me waiting for a chance to pickpocket me. On my second day in the city I decided to go to the Ayala Shopping Center with Phil, a guy staying at my hotel. I spent the afternoon having a look around the impressive ... read more
Old church in Bantayan
View at Ogtong Resort

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Bantayan » Sta Fe October 12th 2008

11:00PM 09/18/2008 Leaving the Office I left the office on the night of Sep19 and hailed a cab going home. Fortunately, i got an MGE taxi and while the driver was driving me home, he asked if I was in a hurry. I told him "a bit", and mentioned that I have a flight at 4am going to Cebu with my girlfriend. He asked me if I want to be picked up, I said "Yes", please pick us up between 1:00 and 1:30am. I stepped in our condo and saw that my girlfriend was still sleeping. She was a bit frustrated that I wasn't able to join her for dinner together with her previous officemates at JGS because I was so busy with work. She was having a bad headache so I let her sleep while ... read more
Cebu Pacific Air
Ceres Bus Liner
LCT Island 1

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Bantayan » Sta Fe February 23rd 2008

As hoped in our last blog we've just arrived at the internet cafe directly from the beach. Unfortunately Hannes experienced some problems with his snorkelling mask but we both felt better after a few shakes (coconut, banana/rhum and mango). Not a bad day on the whole. The ferry trip from Manila to Cebu was comfortable but not that exciting. We did, however, finally hear some of the infamous karaoke. The Filipinos were actually quite good at it which in Sweden wouldn't be fair to the audience since they wouldn't have anything to laugh at. In the Philippines the karaoke singer is deeply respected and we've even heard of a german tourist being threatened with a beating for laughing at the performer... When we after 22 hours on the ferry finally arrived in Cebu we quickly found ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Bantayan » Sta Fe June 8th 2007

I'm just relaxing at Bantayan at the moment. It's low season so there was pretty much just me on the beach for a quite a long time. Unfortunately, the sand wasn't as nice as the picture--it never is. Lots of shell bits. I saw a baby jellyfish. I think it's the first time I've ever seen a jelly fish. It was so small--pretty dark coloured though. I've never seen a jellyfish but I assumed that that is what is, it was all on its own near the shore. Perhaps it was dead. I have no idea. I thought about touching it to see but decided it wasn't worth the risk. Lots of reading done. Just picking any random book off the resort shelf that was in English. Most are German. I find that odd.... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Bantayan » Sta Fe May 2nd 2007

Two Weeks in the Philippines: Part III: Bantayan and Cebu City We arrived in Cebu City around 5 p.m., much later that planned, and had to decide whether to stay in the city for the night or try and take a private car up to Bantayan. I knew we wouldn't make it for the last ferry, so either way we would be spending the night someplace other than where we planned. Charito called up one of her friends who lives in Cebu and she said she has a friend who drives to Bantayan all the time, so we called him up and he was at the airport in 10 minutes. It was a larger passenger van, and it had AC so I was happy with it; we had it all to ourselves. Being in the PI ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Bantayan » Sta Fe March 12th 2007

This time it's YOONEEK!!! Yeah! I went to Bantayan Island again, only this time, I was with some teammates. The trip was not that fun, though... I could say it is because of the companions I had. = The group decided to stay in Yooneek Beach resort, which by far is the most boring resort I've ever been to. YOu may wonder why the sudden change of impression from my previous blog. Well, it is because the resort was just derived from an ordinary private resort, which the owner found it profitable to renovate it into a public one. I should say the lot area was quite small for it to be public, it was humid everywhere... and worse- the MONKEYS. They have monkeys chained on each coconut tree, which would jump on every human ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Bantayan » Sta Fe March 12th 2007

I almost forgot featuring this... When you visit Bantayan Island, this is one of the most visited spots...whether you're a local tourist, or a foreigner, one could not say that he/she has gone to Bantayan Island if his/her body has not taken a dip into the cool waters of this cave. THe cave is actually situated in the middle of the Ogtong Cave resort which is also owned by Sta Fe Beach Club. It has fresh water inside and it's definitely cold. It stretches to the deepend of the cave and before you even reach the end of it, there will be table-like carved stones and chairs to accomodate tourists who reached that deep.... cool! NOt only that, outside the cave, you will also be able to wander around their garden paradise and even take pictures ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Bantayan » Sta Fe March 9th 2007

An unforgettable trip This should be my 2nd trip to the wonderful island of Bantayan. I was here 2 years ago and we just stayed in Sugarbeach. However, now I am travelling with another group and we stayed on one of the renowned beach resorts called Marlin. Although the trip to the island is tiring, it was simply incomparable when I set my eyes on the placid aquamarine seawater...the long stretch of powdery white sand...and the overtowering coconut trees on all hues of green... simply breathtaking Never forget the following when travelling to a splendid place like this: * It's okay to travel alone, but it's merrier if we have good company * A good digital camera - take nothing but pictures * An underwater camera - although this is optional since there are available underwater ... read more

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