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Asia » Philippines » Cavite January 23rd 2017

It is my first week in the Philippines office and what an experience it has been. Our office is located in Cavite. It is about an hour ride from our apartments in Manila. We meet our van at 8 PM every night to get to work for 9 PM. We work 9 PM to 6 AM. The Philippines does not recognize daylight savings time. So right now we are 13 hours ahead of the US. Therefore we have to work 9 to 6 to be working 8 to 5 in the US. My first day in the office everyone was super nice. I have a little desk that they made a welcome sign on. The sign helps me find my desk. The office is just rows and rows and rows of desks so if I had ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cavite » Tagaytay City July 16th 2014

On my previous visits to the Philippines I was only in the capital city of Manila. One time I decided to venture out of Manila to see a couple of popular destinations in the provinces of Cavite and Batangas. The opportunity came when on one of my trips to the Philippines I had to take some things for the husband of one of the Filipina teachers working with me in Bangkok at that time. He came to my hotel to pick them up and asked whether I had ever been outside Manila. He was quite surprised when I said I was only in Manila on my previous visits. He offered to take me sightseeing outside Manila, which I gladly accepted as I wanted to see other places in the country. The next day he came to ... read more
welcome sign
Taal lake

Asia » Philippines » Cavite » Tagaytay City April 11th 2012

We went on an overnight swimming trip at Keni Po, Tagaytay City last Wednesday together with the whole family. We originally wanted to do it on a weekend but Keni Po's rooms were all fully booked already. We called them last weekend and inquired about a family room and they suggested the Villa where the room accomodates 6 persons for P3500. Excess person's charge is P200 without matress, extra matress costs P100. The Villa's amenities were bathroom with hot/cold water, aircon room, an attic, sala, dining table, kitchen with ref, stove and utensils and 3 TV's with cable. We thought it sounded good so we already reserved for it without even sending a down payment! Come Wednesday, my companions already prepared to go at Keni Po(I was about to follow them in the evening after I ... read more
front of the Villa
in the attic

Asia » Philippines » Cavite » DasmariƱas March 2nd 2012

pag TRAVELang binabanggit, ang dating.... meron kang lugar na pinuntahan. somewhere na medyo sosyal. ung tipong, boracay. ilocos, palawan, hong kong disneyland, kinabalu, babalu etc. kapag naman LABOY ang binabanggit ang dating naman, somewhere na dyan dyan lang. Ung tipong lugar na common lng. tipong, esem, kadiwa park, tambayan, bahay ng tropa/jowa/etc, talipapa at kung saang lugar na di matatagpuan ang salitang susyal. ako si jay. isang palaboy. oo palaboy. pero hindi ung literal na palaboy na nakikita nyo sa kalye. hmmmm. slight lang pag mahaba ung bigote at balbas ko. hilig ko lumaboy. magpunta kung saan saan. pero di ako mahilig mag TRAVEL. un ay dahil di ako susyal at pangalawa wala akong pera. pero anong ginagawa ko sa isang TRAVELBLOGSITE? hindi ko rin alam kaya walang paki alaman. ano nga ba ang mga lugar ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cavite » Bacoor February 9th 2011

I'm new to this place and in fact the only reason I ended up here is because I was researching about a place from my own country. Please do visit my other blog as well: It's just a new baby and I'm planning to nurture both blogs (this and that other one). Hope to get feedback from other bloggers as well. And if you need translation I'd be more than happy to help you. ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cavite » Silang November 27th 2010

Our yearly Thanksgiving Party were held in this private resort in Silang, Cavite. We reserved an overnight stay there for some of my co-workers who planned to stay for the night. Hannah and I enjoyed the party with lots of games and food and there were also a talent contest that were judged by our bosses. We used their facilities such as the mini stage, kitchen with gas stove, nipa hut with bedrooms, videoke, swimming pools and 2 air-conditioned rooms. I really cannot remember how much each of us paid but if you wish to check out this resort, they have a website: Villa Jon-She Private Resorts... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cavite » Ternate » Pico de Loro October 9th 2010

If jumping off the edge is your answer, you're wrong. Big time. Answer? Being sweaty on a treeless mountain summit (and using a mobile phone) in the middle of a brewing rain and peppered with lightning and thunder. We were on the summit of Mt. Pico de Loro waiting for the rest of our climb mates to get back from scaling the rocky, vertical mountain's "beak". There was not much to see and do as thick fog and grey clouds hid almost everything. Yla was ruminating by herself. My cousin Hazel and I were taking pictures at a lower area. And Estela was speaking with someone on her mobile phone. On top of the mountain. Really. "What was that?!" shrieked Estela. Estela and Yla all suddenly freaked out. Static electricity jolted them. Thunder filled the air. ... read more
potential roasts
parrot's beak
wild fruits

Asia » Philippines » Cavite May 1st 2010

"Do you remember passing through this trail?" I asked wondering why I don't remember walking through a wide rocky trail. 'I'm not sure' stare. We went on. "What are these cobwebs doing here? Are these mountain spiders really fast with making webs!?". I felt more cobwebs constantly on my face later on. "The soil feels unfamiliarly soft", Janet added. We went on. "This fallen tree doesn't look familiar, does this look familiar to you?" A shrug. We went on. "There are piled bamboo poles at the side of the trail ahead! I definitely don't remember those!", I exclaimed. That did it! We were lost. It was a long weekend so we decided to do a one-day climb up Mt. Pico de Loro and do camping at a beach somewhere the next day. We hired a taxi ... read more
Early part of the climb
Taking a break

Asia » Philippines » Cavite » Tagaytay City April 16th 2010

I have always heard of Tagaytay from my friends in Manila. From their stories, I imagined that the place must have a climate similar to Baguio, the so-called summer capital of the Philippines. Though I have been invited by my friends to visit Tagaytay, for one reason or another, I was not able visit the place. Then, finally, on 15-16 April 2010, an opportunity presented itself. After spending four gruelling days in Manila, I was able to adjust my travel itenerary and had a sidetrip to Tagataytay. Crowded Bus, Plying Heavy Traffic I checked-out from Orchid Garden Suites along Vito Cruz (where I stayed in the last few days) at about 7:30 in the evening. I was suppose to check-out earlier but was delayed because I have to wait for a friend to get the Krispy ... read more
Infamous Shower
Photo 25
Photo 26

Asia » Philippines » Cavite » Kawit April 15th 2010

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