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January 14th 2013
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The SandThe SandThe Sand

Fine sand [almost white in color compared to the regular beaches of Cavite]
It was almost about eleven months ago when this actual trip happened. I haven’t had much time back then to blog about things. Nhery, who happened to be my travel buddy already flew to Seattle two days ago and I think I promised her that I’ll post an entry about our Boracay de Cavite experience, (minus the gory details of course hahaha).

Fine and smooth texture, creamy white in color who would have thought we found this just in the heart of Ternate, Cavite? Thanks to my aching heart, Nhery was forced to check this place. And we sure found out what the Marine Base Beach Resort (Boracay de Cavite) had to boast to their visitors. No wonder they tagged it as Boracay of Cavite, (less the clubs and restos okay? hahaha) This place is totally more serene compared to Bora.

The photo shown is BDC on a normal day. We saw this on a midday though because what welcomed the three of us at around 05:30AM is a breezy and cloudy scene, since it rained the day before we arrived. There wasn’t any particular planning prior to us getting in this place. We came
The ViewThe ViewThe View

Serenity---- :)
here all the way from Makati after our whole night shift. Like we just went home grabbed our stuff and traveled all the way, just like that. We weren’t even certain how we could exactly get in here. We were just lucky we got help from some nice locals

It sure rocks I suppose. We definitely love the crystal clear water. This was really my first time seeing a clear body of water in Cavite, since I got very much disappointed with The Excellance Beach Resort, tsk tsk. Kudos to Nhery for finding this one, though the only frustrating thing is the line of rocks. Yes its quite a good view but I find it somewhat discouraging to splurge into the glorious water thinking that I might bump into these bunch of heavy stuff. I, we survived though, we still managed to get a good swimming escapade despite those.

True to its caption though, since we experience a pretty nasty wave, somewhat applicable to surfers but not to us who just wanted to relax. On the other hand, once you get the hang of it, you’d pretty much enjoy both waves (depending on your mood I guess).

I guess my travel buddy here wanted a bit more of the wave. This is what the place looks like early in the morning, after the rain

We were offered a place to stay for two nights. Since the place is quite cold and comfortable already, we chose to squeeze in the fan room which happened to be a beachfront room as well. The room is equipped with a bathroom (with shower), one double bed (with pillows), bedside table and a fan.

And of course, aside from the fantastic view, what completed our sudden weekend getaway was meeting a bunch of very accommodating Marines and Marines to be (soldiers in training). We owe them our lodging hahaha and our on the house food and drinks. Somehow my sadness ebbed away during those times thinking that some people, stranger in particular could be so nice after all.

Location: Gregorio Lim Marine Base, Calumpang, Ternate, Cavite 4111, Philippines

Entrance Fee: 100/200 per person (daytrip/overnight).

Cottages and Room : Cottages 350-650 and Rooms 750+ (rate depends on peak season).

Other Fees: Car for 50 and motorcycles for 20.

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