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May 19th 2015
Published: May 24th 2015
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NB - This is being not published in order, I'm having PC problems and cant uploads my pics.

After tearing myself away from soi dog it was time to meet up with Gary again and start the trip. We met in Kuala Lumpur for 2 nights before flying to the Phillipines. I dont have much to say on KL, it was a pretty boring place! Gld we only had 2 nights there. It was quite western which was nice after Thailand and I could buy muself a Starbucks. The trains were all really nice and airconed and the food was good. Sight wise, not much.

On we flew to Boracay for a week of beach and doing as little as possible. In order to get there you need to take a van for about 2 hrs and then get a 15 minute boat journey. Then once over, you get a trycicle (a moped with a seat attached) to the destination. First impressions I was definately surprised by how hectic and busy the backstreets were. Driving was absolute chaos with no order nevermind traffic lights. It was a relief to arrive to our hotel after lugging our bags around in the blistering heat. first impressions of the beach were that it was so so beautiful.. but so so busy.

The next day we went out exploring and found a quietish area of the beach to relax. Even better, we found a bar which sold beer for less than a pound and cocktails for around a pound, where you could use their loungers right on the beach. The beaches are breathtaking, crystal clear water and white sand.. literlaly paradise. Just sharing it with quite a few other folk and a lot of sales people which is ultimately the islands demise.

Unfortunately after only 2 days Gary got really ill with a stomach bug. We have no idea what caused it but he was bedbound for 3 solid days and part bedbound for 2 days after and once he was better it was literally time to leave which was a real shame because he had missed out on the beach and was feeling awful. However we have much more where those came from.

Most of the time I spent myself just reading and sunning myself.. so i'll leave this blog here and share some pictures.

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30th September 2015

Safe and Healthy Trip
Aww, that was pretty awful. This can happen to anyone and this can be a big misfortune. Anyhow, it is still a good that nothing serious about his illness. I just hope that it won't happen to me especially when I travel to great and beautiful places like Boracay.

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