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March 15th 2015
Published: March 15th 2015
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A short sum up from my weeks in The Philippines

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Meeting the local people, eating local food, showering from a bucket enjoying another type of living.
Whale sharks, oslobWhale sharks, oslob
Whale sharks, oslob

Went on a day trip down Cebu's coast to the small village called Oslob. A village build up by fishermen and no wonder with the active marine life they have. To go in the water with this enormous animals was so breathtaking. I could follow one of the whale sharks when the next one pops up just next to me, they just did their own thing not really to bothered by the people swimming around them. I enjoy every active I do, all the people I meet and all the gorgeous places I see but I don't really let it sink in. I see what other people do on Facebook and I want to do the same as them. One example is to take the diving license, when I first heard that someone actually had a diving license I was so impressed but I have a hard time being impressed by myself. I get a kick for all the new things and love to push my self and I'm proud over myself but it will take some time before all of it can sink in.
Habla HablaHabla Habla
Habla Habla

Habla Habla is the lovely name they have for scooter taxi. This is not a habla habla, just me and Grace, my lovely philopino friend out on a cruise. Such a fun way to experience a new place!

One of my absolute favorite things to do is just be in the water, snorkel, enjoy the marine life, especially when you meet a fellow like this. I can be in the water for ages just chilling, free diving and looking for turtles.
The Beauty of the natureThe Beauty of the nature
The Beauty of the nature

It's impressive how powerful the nature can be and how different places can be and how so many places are absolutely gorgeous in their own little way. Realized that I want to see more of Sweden when I get back, it's easy to enjoy something new and different but so easy to get blind for what's actually close to you.
White BeachWhite Beach
White Beach

I get a bit bored just lying on the beach doing nothing but it's hard not to enjoy a endless long beach with white fine sand and crystal clear water. A mango shake and some Frisbee in the water is sorted

Running around and getting lost on the Island isn't to bad when I ended up in beach with this view!

Trying to find my inner peace and stuff. The Canadian girl, Crystal who I met in Bali and ended up on the same flight to Melbourne are also in Philippines. Anyhow she's in to Yoga and this is something I don't really practice normally but it's actually quite nice, especially at sunset on the beach.
Beach UltimateBeach Ultimate
Beach Ultimate

One of the main reasons I came here is to play some kick ass Frisbee. Two and a half hours running on the beach and I'm high on life. Nothing like running after a Frisbee with other people who loves the sport. I was absolutely dead after the practice so ended up with a quiet night in front of a movie.
Kite SurfingKite Surfing
Kite Surfing

So I've tried pretty much every other activity I wanted during my travels and I need a big finish. I've been out looking for days and was so jealous of all the bad ass people out there so signed up for the beginner class.

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