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April 7th 2007
Published: April 7th 2007
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Squashed in with 33 others on a 20 seater jeepney, we travelled further south and jumped on a ferry to Borocay Island. We arrived in time for Easter just as Gatecrasher hit the island, with flyers claiming that Sheffield is the dance capital of the world.

Borocay has pure white sandy beaches which for some reason never get hot (underfoot) despite 40 degree heat all day long. Ingenious locals have managed to create a business out of charging sun worshippers five pence to have their own sun lotion rubbed into their lobster skin.

We found a perfect two storey tree house to live in, built on a big cliff just off Diwindi Beach. It was lacking in walls but they would have just ruined the option of jumping out of bed straight into the sea.

We spent the week swimming, snorkelling, eating fruit and fish and drinking San Mig with our host Roy, who lives in a cave with his two dogs Michael and Jordan, some snakes, bats and spiders.

Mark is currently devastated having lost one of his 92.5% silver Beckham style earrings in an underwater fight with a Wala Wala sea snake. He is now wandering the streets with only 50% of his bling in place and is confused as to whether it should be in his left or right ear. For those who weren't aware, Mark has for the last four months been sporting chunks of cubic zirconia in his lobes.

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16th April 2007

Gatecrasher, Rise, Drum n Bass arena, Head Kandi - Sheffield is definitely the Dance capital of the World.
16th April 2007

From the picture of your treehouse it looks like a bed-to-sea jump might contain a substantial bit of rock in between.
22nd April 2007

Earring loss
Sorry about the loss of your jewellery, MJ. I am sure that your Sendorek godmother will buy you a new one for your birthday.
2nd May 2007

looks nice! xx

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