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Asia » Philippines » Bohol October 12th 2019

For every traveler that wants to visit the Central Visayas region of the Philippines should at least visit Bohol if they are in the mission to look for adventure and fun experience. Bohol would be a perfect candidate for those who seeks for adventure, fun experience, historical and cultural lessons and relaxation. Bohol is located in Central Visayas and it is the neighboring island of the 2nd largest plane hub in Philippines which is Cebu City. The Bohol island has 4,820 square kilometers of land area and it has a lot of tourist attractions ranging from beaches, islands, mountains, hills, historical sites, ruins and many more that made Bohol remains an option to visit. You should at least spend a day in Bohol if you want to experience it for yourself the beauty and the wonders ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Bohol July 20th 2019

This is a blog about my trip to Bohol last November 2018 and I just want to share this in here to let others know that there's a magical place in Philippines as well that you can visit for a very cheap price. Traveling to the Central Visayas region of the Philippines would be perfect for your summer vacation. Aside from the ever-famous travel spots in Cebu City, you could also try visiting some of the world class travel destinations and attractions in Bohol. Quick tip, Bohol is known for its Chocolate Hills and the Tarsiers, but that’s not all, actually, there’s a lot more things to do in Bohol aside from those mainstream attractions. You could also try these as well in Bohol; dolphin watching, kite surfing, paddle boarding, island hopping, and visiting historical sites ... read more
Bamboo Hanging Bridge 1
Bamboo Hanging Bridge
Blood Compact Monument

Asia » Philippines » Bohol December 25th 2018

The dog sleeping on the runway didn’t seem to mind our jet landing, and the pilot and the airport didn’t mind either. We’d read Bohol airport was moving but in a couple of months to Panglao Island from Tagbilaran City so were surprised to find we landed in Panglao. The terminal isn’t quite finished, but apparently they switched last month. This was a bugger for us as it was farther away from where we were heading so meant a more expensive fare. Taxi touts wanted 800 pesos. We always play it cool and act with no urgency, as the more passengers come through and they haven’t got a fare the price usually goes down sharply. We’d got one down to 400 pesos and were about to accept when a tuk-tuk arrived to drop someone off and ... read more
Accommodation you could stay at forever

Asia » Philippines » Bohol September 15th 2018

August 31st - Hualien to Taipei - Dia 71 Needing to catch a plane from Taipei to the Philippines I took the train back to Taipei. Today was just a long day of traveling. 4 hour train ride reaching the city of Taipei. I had booked a Hostel relatively close to the airport to reduce the taxi fee. My flight left at 4am so I could not take the liberty to take the public transport. In the metro, trying to figure out how I was going to get to my Hostel, I met a really helpful 65 year old woman who did much more then help me out. Realizing we were heading the same direction I followed, she guided. Taking a bus together she told me everything about her life. She was worried as a mother ... read more
A day after a good dive. Beer, friends and sunser
Map of the amazing diving places. Visited 5!

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Panglao January 20th 2018

Alles Einfache ist uninteressant. Daher beschloss ich nach dem Miniboot mit dem Jeepney Richtung Fähre weiterzufahren. Es gab ehrlich gesagt auch keine andere Möglichkeit. Zusammengequetscht saß ich mit einigen anderen Tauchern und Einheimischen auf den kleinen Bänken des präparierten Jeeps. Direkt vor mir saß eine alte Dame auf einem Hocker. Gemütlich war das nicht, aber abenteuerlich. Ich wollte zur Fähre, doch der Jeepneyfahrer konnte kaum Englisch, nickte aber immer freundlich. Natürlich bin ich viel zu weit gefahren, doch das verriet mir erst mein GPS. Aber alles halb so wild, denn der nächste Tricylefahrer witterte schon sein Geschäft. Die Fähre brachte mich von Dumaguette nach Bohol. Dort angekommen regnete es in Strömen. Mein Rucksack hatte das Fahrpersonal halb aufweichen lassen und so quetschte ich mich auf den Sitz hinter den Tricyclefahrer. Ich wollte nach Pangla... read more
Die kleinen Primaten auf der Tarsierfarm
Die Tränen der Riesen
Markt am Loboc River

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Panglao December 30th 2016

Suzanne here... We'd treated ourselves to a nice little resort for Christmas, booking months before, and were quite excited about it. Nothing too flash, just twelve villas in a garden with a pool and bar / restaurant but it looked lovely online. We arrived at Alona Royal Palm early and the room wasn't ready so had a couple of beers by the pool. It was a beautiful setting but unfortunately a staff meeting was in progress and the owner was having a right moan. Not very professional, it made us feel a bit uncomfortable. Actually this bad first impression wasn't representative of the rest of our stay as he turned out to be really nice. In any case, we decided to make ourselves scarce and explore the area. Alona Beach semed nice, decent sandy beach and ... read more
Random Alona Beach picture
Alona Royal Palm resort, our home for 6 wonderful nights
Random Alona Beach picture

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Tagbilaran December 24th 2016

David here... The 2 hour ferry journey over to Bohol and Tagbilaran was alright. We were given water and a biscuit and entertainment was provided by a film being shown (aptly, Battleships). My only complaint is that if you have signs up saying no smoking and mention it in your safety video, enforce the rule. As we approached the pier area to dock, a huge Brahminy Kite (in Australia apparently it's known as a Red Backed Sea Eagle, which seems more apt for such an impressive bird) swooped alongside us. We'd seen these birds before, on Koh Chang, but not this close. It used the air currents to circle round and then dived down towards the waters surface to catch a fish. As it flew back up it dropped the fish. It was an amazing sight ... read more
Tarsier sanctuary - a picture I managed to take
Tarsier sanctuary - a picture I managed to take
Tarsier sanctuary - a picture I managed to take

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Panglao April 15th 2016

Friday 15th April 2016 Today we leave Port Barton after a very short time here, it’s actually a shame as it was such a relaxing place and if time permitted we would’ve extended our stay without hesitation. We were awake by 7am and packed up our stuff and sadly left the tree house, which has to be said, was one of the best places we’ve stayed during our 7 months so far. After we had breakfast, instead of waiting for the mini bus to collect us at 9am we decided we’d walk the short distance to the resort that arranged the bus thinking that we could beat any rush and get some decent seats, as we were unable to reserve specific spots on the bus. We arrived at the resort for 8:30am and as we arrived ... read more
Chocolate Hills
Little Tarsier
Our broken bike

Asia » Philippines » Bohol April 8th 2016

My first out of town assignment was in Bohol. Bohol is an incredibly beautiful place for travellers. It’s a place where you can really see and feel the living paradise. This amiable province is a host to a lot of local and foreign tourists. Many people especially foreigners visit Bohol because it offers a lot of places to travel to, leisure and adventure. Travelling to Bohol from Cebu City takes approximately two hours. In my case I ride via fastcraft vessels – OceanJet – in particular. It is the most popular vessel going to Bohol along with other shipping lines such as Weesam Express, Starcraft and 2GO. At Tagbilaran Port, the main port of Bohol, you are greeted with smile by the citizens and tourist assistant personnels, enough to start your new day in this hospitable ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Tagbilaran April 9th 2015

Tagbilaran; The jump off point for visitors wishing to visit the popular chocolate hills and the incredibly cute Tarsiers in a nearby sanctuary. Tagbilaran is the main port town on the island of Bohol. From Malapascua we travelled back to Cebu city, stayed a few nights (in order to extend our 30 day visa) and then caught a 2 hr ferry from Cebu port across to Tagbilaran, Bohol. We arrived in Tagbilaran with the usual touts and taxi drivers asking "where are you going?" "Tarsiers?" "Chocolate hills?" "Panglao?" We politely declined all offers and made our way into the main town in search of our hostel 0.8miles away. As we walked we could not help but notice there was a distinct lack of jeepneys and cars on the road. Instead it was polluted by tricycles; more ... read more
Tarsier seeking shade
The famous chocolate hills
Psalms on the back of tricyles

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