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Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Tagbilaran April 9th 2015

Tagbilaran; The jump off point for visitors wishing to visit the popular chocolate hills and the incredibly cute Tarsiers in a nearby sanctuary. Tagbilaran is the main port town on the island of Bohol. From Malapascua we travelled back to Cebu city, stayed a few nights (in order to extend our 30 day visa) and then caught a 2 hr ferry from Cebu port across to Tagbilaran, Bohol. We arrived in Tagbilaran with the usual touts and taxi drivers asking "where are you going?" "Tarsiers?" "Chocolate hills?" "Panglao?" We politely declined all offers and made our way into the main town in search of our hostel 0.8miles away. As we walked we could not help but notice there was a distinct lack of jeepneys and cars on the road. Instead it was polluted by tricycles; more ... read more
Tarsier seeking shade
The famous chocolate hills
Psalms on the back of tricyles

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Tagbilaran January 5th 2015

Negenentwintig dagen, twee tyfoons, een moesson, heel veel muggenbulten en mierensteken (het zijn niet alleen de rode mieren die steken), talrijke vlammende zonsondergangen en dubbel keer zoveel mangococktails en tientallen keren "Feliz navidad" later, is het tijd voor ons om het Filipijnse archipel te verlaten. De mensen zijn bijzonder vriendelijk, het water heerlijk warm en helder. De reuzeschildpadden vinden dat ook en genieten van het zeegras, wij van de aanblik van die vriendelijke slome grazers onder water. Toch, zonder onderwatercamea (cadeauhint) kunnen we jullie geen beelden zenden lieve lezers, van wachten tot de regen voorbij is met vervellende ruggen kunnen we geen spannende verhalen maken, we gaan verder, op avontuur! Bangkok. 29 Tage, 2 Typhoone, ein Monsoon, viele Mücken- und Ameisenstiche (nicht nur die roten, auch die schwarzen stechen), zahlreiche flammende Sonnenun... read more

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Tagbilaran April 30th 2014

Here I am with another blog. It feels like worlds apart between each one. The perspective I have now is vastly different to the one before, which in turn was different to the one before that, and so on. And you know what? That’s what I wanted from this trip. So I’m happy. I saw a very apt quote on the Carl Jung Psychology facebook page, and it went something like this: “What if we don’t have to become anything? What if all we had to do was unbecome, layer by layer, all the things we weren’t?” And that sums up what my trip has been all about. In Sydney I had become too much of what I was not. I had layers of fake growing all around me. I know who I am, but the ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Tagbilaran March 22nd 2014

Moving on from Cebu, it was a 2h fastcraft to the neighbouring island of Bohol, where its capital Tagbilaran would be my staging area. Tagbilaran might as well be tricycle capital of all of Philippines, with its innumerous noisy critters scooting around what really isn't that big a town to begin with. I'm not quite sure why there seems to be a particularly high concentration of tricycles here, considering the population isn't that great, given the size of the island. But anyway, pretty much everyone who comes to Bohol has two things in mind -- the Chocolate Hills and tarsiers. The Chocolate Hills are a scattering of some 1200 regularly-shaped and roughly even height mounds in central Bohol, which were supposedly formed by the uplift of coral deposits and the action of rainwater and erosion, though ... read more
Tarsier Alert!
Bohol Sea View
Downtown Tagbilaran

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Tagbilaran December 5th 2012

After five wonderful days on the Island of Malapascua, it was time to carry on the journey to a new locale. Continuing our pursuit of rest, relaxation and the ultimate tan, we headed to Bohol and the Peacock Garden Resort. Yes, our plan required that we stay the course and not overextend ourselves in order to achieve our goal of total relaxation and enjoy a bit of opulence. Gritty stuff, but we have the drive to succeed. We climbed aboard a small skiff and headed out a few hundred yards to a larger craft which took us to Maya on Cebu, then a three hour ride to Cebu City to catch the ferry to Tagbilaran City, Bohol. Getting around the Philippines takes time and patience as there are no direct routes given the 7000 or ... read more
The Peacock Garden
A strawberry daiquari
Daytime view

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Tagbilaran November 12th 2012

Day 59 (Sun 4thNov) Woke up early again, starting to become a bit of a habit. Was showered and fed and out the door by 8. Walked to the bus stop where I was told there were minivans going to Baguio City, from there I could go up the west coast to Vigan. Hopped on the minivan, paid and waited to leave Banaue. Once the minivan was filled we left. I’d been told it was 6 to 6 ½ hours on good roads. Funny that as it ended up being nearer 8 and the road was terrifying. It seems there’s a huge mountain range in between where I was going from and too. The road was very windy and had horrible drops off the side, at some points off both sides. The drops in areas were ... read more
Tarsier Sanctuary
Room mate
Chocolate Hills

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Tagbilaran March 23rd 2011

For the past three weeks we have been island-hopping around the Central Philippines. Its somewhat ironic that we have had no rain virtually for our entire trip but as soon as we get to the amazing beaches it starts to belt down! We first arrived in the capital of the region, a city called Cebu, and then got the first bus up to an island off the North Coast called Malapascua. Its a bit of a paradise, what with the golden sands and turqouise waters, and strangely it even had an Irish pub. Sarah did her first dive since qualifying way back in Indonesia (she saw loads but can't remember what they were), and we just relaxed, playing cards, drinking beer and chilling out. We also had our first introduction to the ladyboy scene. Seriously, half ... read more
On Malapascua
One of the many coves on Mallapascua
Paul swimming in Moalboal

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Tagbilaran February 26th 2011

So today was somewhat of an adventure. We walked to hand back in the beer bottle, got back our 10 pesos, and got a trike for 30 pesos to the bus terminal. There we got a bus for 50 pesos each to take us to the Chocolate HIlls, a 2-hour journey. The bus was absolutely packed -- three to a seat, some hanging out the sides, and a couple on the roof. We went through some pretty scenery and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride there. We were dropped off on the side of the road and started walking up a hill. There we had to pay for tickets to enter, then kept walking up to find a little restaurant, souvenir shop, and a couple lookout points. We walked up to the top, snapped a couple of ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Tagbilaran February 25th 2011

This morning we took the slowest trike ever to Alona beach. It almost didn't make it up the hill what with three passengers -- Ronald and I in the seats and some lady sitting behind the driver on his motorcycle. Luckily we made it there by 8:15 with just enough time to order sandwiches to go and for me to try on a wetsuit. We got in a little boat that took us to our big boat and headed off. Our first dive was at Diver's Heaven, the second at Black Forest, and the third I think at Marine Sanctuary and they were really nice dives though throughout the day nobody really knew what was going on, The divemasters didn't really explain anything to us about hand signs or what we were going to be doing, ... read more
Balicasag island

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Tagbilaran February 24th 2011

This morning at 7 am we left our big backpacks at the hostel and checked out. We ended up having to pay double what we thought we would because it turns out they charge per 12 hours, not per night. So we left, slightly enraged, to find a bus/jeepney to the pier. We first took one to Colon and then had to switch and pay again to get to the pier. 7 the first time, 7.50 the When we walked to the pier we noticed another company, Wessam, and they had cheaper prices. Boo again. It would have been cheaper to come down to the dock to research. Walking into the pier you have to put your bags through an x-ray machine, then you go through and get a pat-down, then a dog sniffs your ... read more

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