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Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Panglao January 20th 2018

Alles Einfache ist uninteressant. Daher beschloss ich nach dem Miniboot mit dem Jeepney Richtung Fähre weiterzufahren. Es gab ehrlich gesagt auch keine andere Möglichkeit. Zusammengequetscht saß ich mit einigen anderen Tauchern und Einheimischen auf den kleinen Bänken des präparierten Jeeps. Direkt vor mir saß eine alte Dame auf einem Hocker. Gemütlich war das nicht, aber abenteuerlich. Ich wollte zur Fähre, doch der Jeepneyfahrer konnte kaum Englisch, nickte aber immer freundlich. Natürlich bin ich viel zu weit gefahren, doch das verriet mir erst mein GPS. Aber alles halb so wild, denn der nächste Tricylefahrer witterte schon sein Geschäft. Die Fähre brachte mich von Dumaguette nach Bohol. Dort angekommen regnete es in Strömen. Mein Rucksack hatte das Fahrpersonal halb aufweichen lassen und so quetschte ich mich auf den Sitz hinter den Tricyclefahrer. Ich wollte nach Pangla... read more
Die kleinen Primaten auf der Tarsierfarm
Die Tränen der Riesen
Markt am Loboc River

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Panglao December 30th 2016

Suzanne here... We'd treated ourselves to a nice little resort for Christmas, booking months before, and were quite excited about it. Nothing too flash, just twelve villas in a garden with a pool and bar / restaurant but it looked lovely online. We arrived at Alona Royal Palm early and the room wasn't ready so had a couple of beers by the pool. It was a beautiful setting but unfortunately a staff meeting was in progress and the owner was having a right moan. Not very professional, it made us feel a bit uncomfortable. Actually this bad first impression wasn't representative of the rest of our stay as he turned out to be really nice. In any case, we decided to make ourselves scarce and explore the area. Alona Beach semed nice, decent sandy beach and ... read more
Random Alona Beach picture
Alona Royal Palm resort, our home for 6 wonderful nights
Random Alona Beach picture

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Panglao April 15th 2016

Friday 15th April 2016 Today we leave Port Barton after a very short time here, it’s actually a shame as it was such a relaxing place and if time permitted we would’ve extended our stay without hesitation. We were awake by 7am and packed up our stuff and sadly left the tree house, which has to be said, was one of the best places we’ve stayed during our 7 months so far. After we had breakfast, instead of waiting for the mini bus to collect us at 9am we decided we’d walk the short distance to the resort that arranged the bus thinking that we could beat any rush and get some decent seats, as we were unable to reserve specific spots on the bus. We arrived at the resort for 8:30am and as we arrived ... read more
Chocolate Hills
Little Tarsier
Our broken bike

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Panglao February 20th 2015

We were still shattered, so didn't get up to early. We headed over to the restaurant for some breakfast and to ask them about the boat trip we wanted to do. We shared a continental and an English breakfast, they were good. The bread was really delicious, and sharing the two meant we got a good combo of fruit, bacon and eggs. The owner of the guesthouse went off to see the boatman, the one they usually use was already booked for the day, so she was going to see if another fisherman was available. We ordered some sandwiches to take on the boat trip with us, and went to the little convenience store near our accommodation to stock on water and snacks. When we were ready, the owner took us to the boat. We went ... read more
Leaving Panglao
Our Boat
Island In The Distance

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Panglao February 18th 2015

What a mission it was to get here! Straight from work, on to the bus and then two subways to reach the airport. From Incheon a turbulent four hour and twenty minute flight to Cebu Mactan Airport, a taxi ride from the airport to the port, from the island of Mactan to the island of Cebu. We were there in time to watch the sunrise, we didn't have the greatest view but the sky was a beautiful shade of pink. We bought our ferry tickets 800 pesos for a return journey and went to bunk down in the ferry terminal for a bit. When the cafe opened, we headed up there to get some breakfast. Yummy, yummy, rice, fried eggs and chorizo. It was delicious, proper sausage, none of that hot dog crap! After feeling like ... read more
Blind Musicians
View From The Ferry

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Panglao September 13th 2013

Alors comme ça vous avez rallumé le chauffage ? Moi pareil, j'ai fait tombé le pull et remis la clim en route ! Changement radical de décor, dans les montagnes au nord il y a encore quelques jours, me voici maintenant sur des plages de rêves plus au sud :) Au menu cette semaine, plage paradisiaque, snorkling, traversé d'îles en moto-bécane, poulet rôti et fruit de mer à foison ! Pour égayer tout ça, une fois n'est pas coutume depuis mon départ d'Australie, j'ai eu la chance de na pas voyager tout seul le temps d'une semaine :) Il s'est passé tellement de choses cette semaine qu'un post ne serait pas suffisant pour tout raconter, mais je vais tout de même essayer, quitte à écourter quelques passages ! Après quelques jours à Manille, le temps d'assister ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Panglao June 19th 2013

As mentioned previously that we were with Genesis Diversfor our entire dive trip. We were really fortunate to have this wonderful divemaster - Junior, as our guide. Not only was he experienced, he was extremely alert and patient with all of us - as we were slow, clumsy and took forever to take photos. Despite all that, these fun people on this trip taught me alot, and I was very appreciative of them and of the things that I had learnt through them. As most of them were underwater photography enthusiast, it was fun listening to them and seeing them fuddle with their gadgets. Even though, it tempted me so much to go back to Singapore to get myself a whole new underwater camera system, I also understand the need to improve my diving skills so ... read more
Frog Fish

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Panglao June 18th 2013

As mentioned previously, it's been so long since I last dived, thus I needed some time to readjust my buoyancy, my equipments, and to accustom myself to diving. I felt really bad as I was such a lousy diver as compared to my Weishing's little girl, Anna. She is only 10 but she is such a wonderful diver. I was totally put to shame. Fortunately, my seasickness wasn't too bad. I managed to enjoy alot more of this trip as compared to my previous dive trips. As the nausea-ness did not hit me that badly, I was able to stay awake longer on the boat and had more fun in the water with the rest. While on land, there is little the land could provide us with some food and little entertainment. The resort that we ... read more
Karl's Coffee
The Great Aussie BBQ
Dive Friend - Jean

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Panglao June 17th 2013

This trip was one of my long-awaited dive trip. It's been close to 2 years since I last went diving. I really miss the sea alot!! This trip was with my previous diving khakis - Shiyun and Jean. Jean was my diving instructor as well. However, she is now free-lance and does alot of leisure dives. I really missed diving with all of them. It is always fun and interesting. This time round, it was organised by one of Shiyun's friend, Weishing. He's one cool uncle who had been an open water diver for more than 10 years, with superb underwater photography and buoyancy skills. On this trip, he was finally taking his advance underwater dive to allow him to go deeper for more exotic water shots. As usual, in order to go to places with ... read more
Bohol Beach June 2013 (2)
Bohol Beach June 2013 (3)
Bohol Beach June 2013 (4)

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Panglao June 16th 2013

Wow, it's been ages, you musta been missing us loads! Since Siquijor we have been to Bohol and Camiguin. Bohol (Panglao island) was the wicked place with our own bamboo hut where we had to shower outside and a Gekko poo-ed on our bed...luckily 1 minute after Holly had got up. Panglao was pretty cool, our resort was quiet but a 5min motorbike ride away was beach strip with restaurants and an epic happy hour with rum & coke at a mighty 37p! We managed to get suitably sozzled and filled our tummies with delicious BBQ food at the price of £1.48. Bloody brilliant! We took a tour in a tricycle round the main tourist sites. Frankly we could have chosen a more comfortable method of transport but it made it more Filipino chic. We were ... read more

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