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April 19th 2007
Published: April 19th 2007
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After reluctantly leaving our tree house and Roy, we took an overnight ferry to the small island of Panglao, just off the bigger island of Bohol. We heard there were lots of animals who might like a cuddle so we headed off on our motorbike to satisfy them. First we visited a Tarsier sanctuary. Tarsiers are apparently the world's smallest primate and an endangered species. So, believing monkey brains to be a delicacy, Mark tried to eat one.

Later on, we had an encounter with 'The Largest Python in Captivity (in Bohol)', an exceptionally long, fat, rather revolting creature. Prony the lady Python has a 30 inch waist, meaning she could swallow Jo without any effort - luckily she prefers live pigs. Mark felt safe knowing she would choke on his fat knees. He decided to teach her a lesson anyway with a few slaps and uppercuts.

Three hours uphill on our motorbike gave us some interesting pains as well as great views of the natural phenomenon that is the Chocolate Hills. They were created a long time ago as the result of a fight between two giants. Fact. They were actually quite brown and chocolatey even though they don't look it in the photo.

We stopped in Lomboc and begrudgingly paid over two pounds each for an all you can eat dinner cruise (not looking forward to London prices again). This took us up a nice river to see some school kids singing for cash. Very cute but you couldn't get away without giving them at least 5p.

Mark got some more diving done with dolphins, sting ray, baracouda and friendly Canadian marine biologists who saved him from running out of air underwater.

We are currently in Cebu (cross between Paris and Mumbai) enjoying a few days of city life before finally moving on from the Phillies.

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