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Asia » Philippines » Benguet March 17th 2013

At Grassland Summit, close to 3,000 feet above the rugged terrains of Northern Luzon, the first positive development of the evening comes in a thick French accent. “Dinner is ready!” calls Mister Tee, our group’s organizer for this climb. Being called for dinner late in the evening – past seven, to be exact – would normally send me to my feet excitedly, but after six hours of riding a jeepney through ridiculously bumpy roads, four hours of walking in the rain and through muddy trails (even slipping once), and enduring an 8-degree Celsius evening in my shorts (my pants have been covered with mud), my enthusiasm instantly dissolves into a lethargic passivity. Inside my tent, I stare at the fog that has engulfed the campsite, shivering and cowering under my blanket every time the wind blows ... read more
Joyriding, Cordillera-style
Innocent Smiles

Asia » Philippines » Benguet January 4th 2013

Next stop after Vigan was Baguio City; 1500m above sea level and another cool micro climate (22deg C flalling to 14 overnight). The drive up here reminded me of driving through the Dandenong Ranges, tree ferns and all . At one stage the fog was so thick we couldn't see the side of the road, then suddenly clear as a bell. Some of the views of Baguio City are like the poster shots of Portofino Italy - sans the sea. Think I'll let the pics do the talking . . . .... read more
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Asia » Philippines » Benguet May 1st 2010

I came to train. I got more than what I had bargained for. A friend and I suddenly decided to climb up Mt. Pulag in preparation for our Everest Base Camp trip (yes, we are preparing even if it's just the base camp). It is the highest peak in Luzon and 3rd highest in the entire Philippines at 2,922 meters above sea level. Upon learning from another friend about an open climb (2 days on Labor Day), we registered without a blink. And a great decision it was. The Trip With 36 other strangers, we embarked on this 2-day journey through a 7-hour bus ride to Baguio City. From Baguio, 2 jeepneys took us to the DENR Visitors Center and Protected Area Office in Ambangeg, Benguet for registration and an orientation. On our way, we passed ... read more
Serenity personified
see the clouds at the background?
at the peak

Asia » Philippines » Benguet September 28th 2009

Travelled from Manila to San Fernando just after Typhoon Ondoy had reaped its devastation on the Manila area.... read more

Asia » Philippines » Benguet February 22nd 2007

This trip was actually done about three years ago when I was still a tourism professor in UP-AIT. I had some students experience the beauty and adventure of Mt. Pulag National Park with me. If I had it my way, I would have brought with me about 35 young souls, but the trip was a voluntary one, just open for those who are interested to climb the highest mountain in Luzon and experience the cold and refreshing views of Mt. Pulag. The nature of the mountain is a combination of mossy forests and grasslands dominated by dwarf bamboos. You either camp on a grassland or in the forest edge which actually looks like a well-landscaped garden filled with colorful wild flowers. We made the good decision to camp in the latter and saved a lot of ... read more
A very important briefing before the climb
Take Five
Mags on Top Load

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