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February 10th 2008
Published: February 27th 2009
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This beats many a collector's dream. I am not sure whether to thank the collector, to envy him, or what. We accepted a friend's invitation to spend the weekend in Pilar, Bataan and prepared ourselves for a somewhat dull weekend visiting the local market, Mt. Samat War Memorial Shrine in Pilar, Bataan, and enjoying fresh fruits in season. "Ciudad de Acuzar" was not part of our itinerary. Neit... Read Full Entry

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Another Ceiling DetailAnother Ceiling Detail
Another Ceiling Detail

Most ancestral houses of affluent Filipinos of that era would have ceiling details such as this.
hanging lamphanging lamp
hanging lamp

Isn't this pretty? This antique should cost a fortune these days.
Bedroom Bedroom

Yes, the rich --- the peninsulares and insulares and ilustrados of this era slept rather well.
More in the ProvincesMore in the Provinces
More in the Provinces

If you go outside Metro Manila , and into some provinces, you will still find houses of this type. Some well preserved, others ill-preserved.
Typical provincial sight.Typical provincial sight.
Typical provincial sight.

If you go to the provinces just a few kilometers from manila, the sight of roosters and fighting cocks is rather typical. We grew up with them , like you guys grew up with your pet dogs.

Many affluent Filipino families would have grottoes such as this one in their lawn or garden.
Las Casas Filipinas de AcuzarLas Casas Filipinas de Acuzar
Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Truly a collector's dream.
Filipino CostumesFilipino Costumes
Filipino Costumes

Back in those days, our grandmothers wore this elegant Filipino attire called "baro't saya" while our grandfathers wore the "barong tagalog". The barong tagalog is worn typically in formal affairs to this day in our country.
A Painter's JokeA Painter's Joke
A Painter's Joke

The modern-day painter of this piece certainly has some typical Filipino humour. Mona Lisa dressed in our native costume, holding a cellphone .

28th February 2009

One man's dream...
This is a fascinating you ask an interesting question about "ownership". I am all for this historian who seeks to preserve what remains of a long forgotten past.... How old are these buildings? Thanks for sharing this thought provoking article.... Jeff
1st March 2009

Thanks, Jeff.........
The buildings are 18th century chapels, houses, school building, and town hall. Not that old by European standards. But they were of a time distinct in Philippine history, as many of our national heroes lived during that time.
9th March 2009

Please give directions how to go there
Dear Liliram, I saw this being featured in ABS-CBN, but I don't know to go there, and thank you for additional great informations. If I am to bring a foreigner friend there how much are we suppose to prepare as our budget for 3day visit there or just an overnight. Are there any hotel or any accomodations for visitors and how long will it take for us to tour the area. There will be a tour guide to breif us of the history and details of the place, is it not? Will wait for your response. Sincerely, Joy Montible
22nd March 2009

Awesome!!! you preserved one of the house belongs to my hometown, the MAXINO HOUSE from Unisan quezon
23rd March 2009

Good Work
I also first became aware of this great place via a TFC ( abscbn) program. I think its a very good idea. I for one have visited Unisan where my ancestors came from . Still a lot of "old houses" now left with utter neglect there by families who have left to "greener pasture " USA or Manila. Sayang naman. Unisan could have been another "Vigan" of sorts if the "herederos" care enough to look after the past.
8th April 2009

Contact person of ciudad de acuzar
I was amazed by the architect's concept of ciudad de acuzar. I am very much interested to contact the person directly incharge of ciudad de acuzar concerning our pre war house which we are planning to be auctioned to interested bidders. The house is made from pure narra wood, including antique furnitures. we don't want to deal with realty agents, if possible directly connected with the office of ciudad de acuzar or its architects.
27th May 2009

i read about this place few years ago and now me and my wife wanting to go and see the place, can you please email me the exact location in bataan andhow much the entrance fee to go inside. how much is the regular hotel rate?because we are planning to stay overnite,just to have the idea. we are from pampanga. thanks in advance
4th July 2009

one of the houses use to belong to my husband's grandparents. is it open to the public? can we just go or do we have to call? who do we call for other queries? many many thanks
9th September 2009

I really found this place so amazing. And I desire to go there. Can you please tell me the exact location this Colonial Heritag in Bataan via mail so I can go there with my friends for vacation. And I wanted to know in which accommodation I can stay for nights. lol, I wish I can sleep even in one of the houses there in Colonial Heritage. Do they use the houses for accommodation for nights? I want to know. Please answer. Thanks!
9th September 2009

Tours to Ciudad Acuzar
I do not think they have accommodations inside the complex as this is really a private property. But you may inquire with the Museum Foundation of the Philippines which conducts tours around Bataan including Ciudad Acuzar. I was lucky to find someone who had access to the complex as my friend personally knew the owners. But do check this out.
22nd November 2009

my family
one of the workers in the building is one of my ''tito'' he worked in mexico house and almost all of the houses. i m glad that you finish the projt.
15th March 2010

WOW! I was born in Bataan, grew up in Bataan and spent 20 years of my life in Bataan but I never heard of this place until I visited this site. So gracious. I want to know how to get there. Once I got home from Manila, I wan to visit this place right away. So wonderful and lovely place ^_^
9th September 2010
Filipino Game

Luksong tinik po ang tawag dyan.
9th September 2010
Filipino Game

" Luksong baka" po pala tawag sa laro na yan as per my wife...
6th October 2010
Filipino Game

Filipino Game
Tama! Luksong Baka po ang tawag sa laro na iyan.
20th October 2010

I think its a good thing....
That these were moved by someone who loved these houses enough to place them in an area where they can be taken care of. It's much better than what is happening to a lot of other old houses in manila, quezon city and wherever else, where they are falling into eventual disrepair and eventually become hovels or squatter fodder. You don't see these people who are crying foul over this man's effort defending these old houses. Self righteous puritan bastards, all of them.
6th February 2011

Nice pics....i was checking out write ups about this place since my niece asked me if i could accompany her to this exciting place....hmmm...ganda....original yung idea....imagine seeing all those houses from different part of the country all in one place...parang theme park....galing.....vigan better do something... :P and do it fast....
15th March 2011

To make reservations , one can check out this link.
15th October 2011

I have lived in an ancestral house with capiz windows, old chests, 6 bedrooms and all. I never appreciated the house until it was disassembled early last year. Looking at the pictures here made me feel really sorry that we did not preserve the house.
2nd July 2012

i am for this kind of development if the structure are just replica of an original heritage structure, but bringing the original one into a whole new site and a whole new environment is a totally ridiculous idea, because heritage does not only pertains to the structure itself but the culture and tradition surrounding it, the people who used it and the history behind it. and besides the site is near an ocean, im sure not all the materials from the original structure can withstand the salty environment, which could damage these century old houses.
14th September 2012

day tour
Hello, I visited the link you attached in your blog, however they didn't say that they charge a fee for day tours. All are wedding packages and room reservations. Just wondering if they have day tour fees? Thanks:)
19th October 2012

Hello Liliram, I slipped into this site of yours after a tweet from Ivan Henares re: the crumbling Rizal ancestral house in BiƱan which, I believe, is to be defragmented (or have been defragmented now? Im not sure what time i am in) and then pieced again together here in this peachy theme park/estate of the Acuzars. Now I have no idea about their dynasty and have never been there in that "Ciudad." But I'm in disbelief, for a single individual to have an idea as exorbitant as this parkland -- he/she must be bloated with affluence. Stinking rich! But now I guess Miguel Galvez's opinion up there settles my curiosity. Now my reply to Ivan is, 'That theme park somewhere in Bataan? That is a mockery to our national heritage.' (A blatant one.) You go figure. You Filipinos go figure.
12th June 2013

Beautiful Place to stay
This place is truly beautiful, I will really find time to stay here on my next visit, I salute to the owner for their love of culture and heritage, it is fascinating to know that there are people who loves to preserve the past for our future generation. Mabuhay!!!
14th November 2014

Beautiful Bataan
It is so amazing to know that there is a place like this in Bataan. Actually Bataan is my home province but I have I have not lived there for more than 30 years. I hope to find time to visit this place.
14th November 2014

You'd be delighted to visit this place in your next visit!

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