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Asia » Pakistan » Lahore December 14th 2008

Just to say thanks for the real Christmas cards!!! You cannot know how wonderful it is to get real mail! But dont stop the electronic messages we have finally got the internett sorted and it is good!! Longer message in a few days!! Love Jane and Geoff... read more

Asia » Pakistan » Lahore December 10th 2008

Eid Celebrations! As I am sure most of you know there are two Eid celebrations, the one after the fasting month of Ramazan and the one to remember the sacrifice that Abraham made. This Eid was the second type and the sacrifice of an animal is the main focus! For the last week or so the numbers of goats and sheep around have increased and many of them had pretty necklaces or decorations on them. We also saw camels! I am told that a male goat or sheep is for 1 family, a cow will do for 7 families and a camel covers 14 families! On Eid eve we saw sheep and goats being transported to their destinations in cars, rickshaws and, funniest of all, slung across motor bikes between the usual 3 or 4 other ... read more

Asia » Pakistan » Lahore December 4th 2008

Hello all! Thanks for all the messages-we still dont have inter-net at the farm but we mansge to get o Lahore every so often and have the pleasure of your comunications then. What news-well we have an electric fire but no plug but,hey, lets just push the bare wires into the extention lead that is held together with string! We have HOT WATER!! Bliss but the other people on the farm have realised this and come for buckets of hot water! The Ali isnstitute have now provided the TARC 'office' with a computer and printer which will make things a lot easier ans Kosar and Rabia think we are great because we got it for them!!!However--the many power cuts mean that it can only be used for a couple of hours each day! The 'office' is ... read more
making chappaties
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Asia » Pakistan » Lahore November 22nd 2008

Letter from some where near {well 2 hours drive} Lahore. Life has changed dramatically for us since we arrived at our final destination in Pakistan-Syden Walla Farm where we are working with the teachers and teacher trainers in 6 local schools. It is a very rural area and the village of Syden Walla is as it must have been for centuries! There are a few modern touches are provided by the farm which is owned by a very rich man who has was born in the area and now wants to improve it for everyone. He sponsors the schools by providing uniforms and lunch, sends a doctor once a week and has some modern machinery on the farm. However most people are still living in mud brick built houses some of which have a pump in ... read more
Water Ladies
sydenwalla farm yard

Asia » Pakistan » Lahore November 22nd 2008

Dear All Thanks for your messages! It is so great to hear from people! Just a quick note to say =still having internett problems but hope to get to good Wi FI cafe this evening and have time and means to do photies and everything! It is getting chilly at night and in the morning here now and I have sercumed to the dreaded cardi over the shalwar chemise thing!!! The farm is great -went wild boar hunting the other night but the boys with the guns missed I am glad to say! More news later keep looking! Love Jane and Geoff... read more

Asia » Pakistan November 18th 2008

Asia » Pakistan » Islamabad November 18th 2008

In relaying our experiences of Pakistan, certain aspects of daily life got overlooked, simply because they became so commonplace. Power cuts became increasingly frequent, and by the time we reached Lahore 'load shedding' was every other hour, on the hour, across the country. Whilst this was an inconvenience for us, for residents and businesses it must have been a nightmare. Thankfully, at the time of writing, normal service has been resumed. There were also the incidents that we heard about and read about in the paper of the barbaric justice meted out to those having sexual relationships outside of marriage. 'Honour killings' are frequent - one truly horrific incident that made international news was where a young woman was forcibly aborted, and fed alive to dogs; and another case in Balochistan of a man being tried ... read more
bright trucks
nan bakers
Polo ground Lahore

Asia » Pakistan » Lahore November 15th 2008

Dear All Here in Kot Radha Kishen a town near Lahore in a very tatty internet place!! Having trouble with Hot Mail but this is OK! Apart from this problem we are fine and really enjoying this whole new experience! And it is new---I still cant believe the variety of transport from posh new cars to horses and carrigges that wouldnt look out of place in a Jane Austen film of Emma! There are things that wont have changed for centuries--ladies getting water at pumps walking away with pots on their heads,brick works with people making bricks by hand and the bricks being taken away by donkeys,men in flowing robes and strange head dresses squating around a sheesha pipe for hours on end! Herds of goats and sheep being looked after by small boys with a ... read more

Asia » Pakistan » Islamabad November 7th 2008

Letter from Islamabad 02/11/2008 End of the first week and are now half way through our training. Have attended Urdu lessons for two hours every morning and know more about my own language construction than I was teached in school in England. Our teacher has given us both the basic structure and the history of his language. We have learned some basic sayings parrot fashion but has encouraged us to develop our own phrases based on the structure S O V (subject object verb). Have learned a lot about Islam and cultural matters through a range of workshops and discussion sessions. Islamabad is a strange city built on a grid system with a market area in the centre, housing is arranged around the edge. We are currently staying in street 32 F11/2 house 334. There are ... read more
National Monument
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Asia » Pakistan » Lahore November 6th 2008

Our next destination was Islamabad. We hadn't enough time in England to apply for visas to India, so we decided to pick them up en route in Islamabad. Our last day in Gilgit, October10th, was one of packing and farewells. We had a right royal send off, preceded by a lovely dinner courtesy of the Madina owner/manager, Yaqoob. He is a saintly man, who each Christmas, sends a greetings card to each and every world leader with his wish for more peace and understanding in the world. He has done this for many years, and is delighted that Tony Blair and the Queen were two of the few who've bothered to reply. Not surprisingly, he hasn't heard from George Bush.. All the Madina staff, exclusively male, crowded around our taxi to embrace, shake hands and wave ... read more
mens hats, old city Lahore
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Old city Lahore

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