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Asia » Pakistan » Peshawar January 27th 2011

The Road to Peshawar On my way to Peshawar, on the Pakistani side of the Afghanistan border, I was very fortunate to sit next to a very nice man who I ended up having some very interesting conversations with. He kept telling me that it is his duty to warn me about the dangers of Peshawar for Americans and Europeans- due to the US government's support of India in the Kashmir dispute and their backing of Israel. He explained to me that Lahore is very safe but in Peshawar people are much more conservative and take religion very seriously. "Militant groups exist and they lust for American bloodshed. If you insist on visiting Peshawar I will pray to Allah for your safety because I think you are a very nice person," he said with an intense ... read more
Local kids
Watch out for the guy with the AK47
Action Shot!

Asia » Pakistan » Peshawar December 18th 2007

The wine is a very light red. Like it's been diluted. It's reasonably strong, though. I had too much to drink last night, so I'm slowly sipping my single cup. Wali's brother is drinking with us and lets out a sigh of "Ya Alya". It was supposed to be Allah, but Pakistanis can't pronounce shit. Tonelessly blaring from religious cassette shops and carts, pre-pubescent voices screaming "Alya! Alya !".. It's disturbing and shameful. We're here to make our own gods tonight. Or goats. I'm not sure which they said. Possibly both. Humps of dough are handed out. Last year there was a French girl who made really good goats with eyes and a face and everything. The competition is on. At the temple the kids were re-decorating the walls with paintings today. The elderly French man ... read more

Asia » Pakistan » Peshawar December 10th 2007

'Welcome to the North West Frontier Province - Land of Hospitality', a big sign proclaims as we take the Grand Trunk Road from Islamabad to Peshawar. I have met Abdul, our Pakistani driver, and my British travel companions at Islamabad airport, and together, we are heading towards Peshawar and Pakistan's North-West Frontier in a minibus. We are eight people, including Stanley, our guide. As soon as we leave Islamabad, the atmosphere around us changes. Everything feels lighter and softer here: I see smiling faces, waving children, and intrigued gazes, although the weapons are still ever-present. Colourfully painted trucks pass us on the road on this grey foggy and dull day. I notice that the petrol stations all have mosques or prayer places attached to them. On the sidewalk, I see a woman wearing a full white ... read more
Rocky landscape at the Khyber Pass
View over Afghanistan from the fort

Asia » Pakistan » Peshawar August 7th 2007

The Chinqi Driver's Taxila tour with a bang The Daewoo departs Fezopur Rd at half past two in the afternoon. I'm seated in the very back on a raised bench with no thought to leg room, a last minute booking on a full coach. A half hour north of Lahore, a movie starts. My ear phones work this trip but the small screen is blocked by the overhead compartments just out of view. A boy two seats to my left, still a teenager, asks me the usual questions, then he ventures a series of questions about girls and sex. I gather from his statements that the vast majority of Pakistani do not have sex until after marriage. He tells me that on Valentine's Day young men and women can be seen holding hands in the park. ... read more
stupa, Mohra Moradu, Taxila
the chinqi driver's buddy
the chinqi driver & his buddy

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