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July 31st 2009
Published: October 31st 2009
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We were in the departure lounge waiting for the P.I.A. flight to Gilgit. After a spectacular uneventful flight, we landed in a somewhat dusty, noisy, Gilgit and our senses were immediately bombarded from all angles by sights, sounds and smells, a subtle blend of cooking, herbs, spices, smoke and sewers.Gilgit bazar is a hive of activity everywhere, people milling, armed police, and other minibuses filling and leaving. The town is small and peaceful with the most phenomenal fruits on display. It has an abundance of shops selling fleeces, jackets, woolly socks and hats in order to combat the cool evenings.
Now we’re heading along the road to Fairy Meadows, which is in the Diamer valley, and provides access to Nanga Parbat's North face.
Our bags go on the top of the sightseeing jeep. Stopped at the police post half a kilometer down the road where we did entry with the police again, first at the airport. No problems, and head on down the road on Karakoram Highway. Stopped for a tea invitation by a local man, Zahid, at Oil station and truck depot, where many of the wonderfully painted trucks parked. Got some good photos.
We were dropped at the bridge, and are immediately received by a young man, who points to a blue jeep, and says this is the next jeep off to Jhel according to the plan.


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