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Asia » North Korea » Kumgangsan April 18th 2006

This past weekend, I had an opportunity to go to North Korea. The only way anyone is allowed across the boarder is through the Hyundai Tour to Kumgangsan. Kumgangsan is a mountain (san=mountain) that is said to be one of the most beautiful places in all of Korea. The trip was originally designed for students who were in the North and South Korean Conflict class, but it was opened up to all international students. It was a pretty pricy tour, as it lasted for 3 days and 2 nights in five star hotel. As an American Citizen, who is not permitted into the country under any other circumstances, I found this an experience I could not turn down. Not very many people I know back home can say, “Oh yeah, North Korea, I’ve been there.” We ... read more
Tour Bus Reflection
Full Bus
East Coast

Asia » North Korea December 15th 2005

15th December “Democratic” “People’s” Republic of Korea, or more commonly known as North Korea. This came as a bit of surprise excursion for us. Once in Dalian we noted how close the border was with Korea. Of course we didn’t set foot in North Korea but journeyed to the Chinese border city of Dandong, right across from the NK city of Sinuiju on the Yalu River. We took a short boat ride onto the river and were a bit nervous as we cruised within fifty feet of the Korean shore. We could see a number of rusted out (fishing?) boats. Mostly we observed empty streets and squares—not much was happening compared to the buzzing and developed Chinese side. A few Koreans on the boats waved to us but they were no doubt reserved as they were ... read more
The North Korean side of the Yalu River
Some boats on the North Korean shore
The Chinese side of the Yalu River

Asia » North Korea » Panmunjom June 22nd 2004

Thursday 17th June –Sokcho – Seoul Our first task was to find an Internet café so we could print out our Russian invitation letters to take them with us to the embassy tomorrow. We managed to find an Internet place with a printer and printed off some copies, so that was easy for once. We than went for a walk around Itaewon, there are yanks everywhere, and lots blacks as well, who aren’t soldiers, with their “rap” clothes and beaded hair. Naturally everyone thinks we are Americans too. You can use both Korean won and USD everywhere including the McDonalds. For tea, we had hot dogs and then wandered back to our hotel, avoiding the hookers, Tony is not allowed out by himself!! Friday 18th ... read more
Traditional mounted warrior
Outside the Seoul War Memorial
This gun takes me back to my Army days

Asia » North Korea » Pyongyang May 1st 1997

A place very different from everything else We travelled also before we joined TravelBlog. We have started to digitalise photos from those pre-TravelBlog trips and we are planning to write about maybe a handful of those. We will write when we have the time and time is usually scarce so these blog entries will be long in between. Here is the first one and it is about a country very few have visited – North Korea where Ake spent five days in late April and early May 1997. But before I begin the travel tale there are a few things I would like to say 1 This is a travel story, not a political statement. We try to avoid political statements because we don't think this blog is the right place for those. 2 When I ... read more
Monument at Mansu Hill
The Korean War Museum
The Korean War Museum

Asia » North Korea » Panmunjom December 30th 1986

The demilitarized zone forms the heavily guarded border between North and South Korea, and it is the most dangerous and volatile border in the world. In fact the DMZ is often referred to as the most dangerous place on earth. An uneasy truce prevails between the soldiers of the North and the South, who are assisted by 60,000 US troops. Although the Korean war ended in 1953 a peace treaty has never been signed and the official status of the two armies is still classified as a ceasefire. As you can imagine, this is a very serious hot spot in the world, and it was with some trepidation that I signed up for a tour of the DMZ from Seoul that was run in conjunction with the US military. We climbed into the bus, dear reader, ... read more
Nice temple
By the lake
Temple spire

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