Everest Base Camp Trek Diaries - Day 3

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February 4th 2010
Published: August 9th 2017
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Geo: 28.1204, 85.5231

After a horrible night of camping in the freezing cold, Radek was feeling it worse than i was, he wasn't feeling hungry and was very tired. My toes were frozen, so i took a walk up the hill to the
national park information center to warm myself up. When i got back we packed the gear up and went into the restaurant for some breakfast.
Oats seem to be they way to go, i seem to last longer during the day. We filled our bottles up with water and added the iodine and then we were off, to Tengbouche, four hours away.
The trail follows the contours of the hills with magnificent views of the mountain range all
the way and once again it was a beautiful and clear crisp morning. The trail starts off easy, on a pretty level surface. Along the way a man asks for a donation which goes to the preservation of the track between Namche Bazzar and Tengbouche. At the halfway mark poor Radek kept
feeling worse as we trekked.
Most of the symptoms of altitude sickness were present, so we stopped for about 30 min while Radek rested. He took a Diamox and we waited to see how he felt. But there was no way he was going to continue so we headed back, stopping every so often for Radek to rest. He did well to push on and we made it back to Namche Bazzar where Radek crashed into bed.
I feel so stupid and unprepared and wonder if it's wise to continue. It was a mistake to
trek straight to Namche on the first day and it was a mistake not to prepare more for the trek. Another mistake was thinking that we would be able to camp. I feel as if i had a massive ego about doing the trek easily and now its been crushed, and probably deservably so.
But it's all lessons to be learn't for the future. Maybe it would have been better to hire a porter, the bags are pretty heavy. But i have to put it all behind me and continue to our goal, this time following the guide book and staying in lodges!
Shit!, after seeing Radek today, im not looking forward to getting altitude sickness. I know it's going to happen, but when? We rested a bit in the room which was warm as the sun blared directly inside, but only lasted 30 min before the cloud covered the whole village and it started to snow. Radek was clearly feeling bad so he slept all day and all night, no food. I spent the afternoon and evening chatting with Chelsey and Dustin until it was time to hit the sack.
The morning will give me an idea if we can continue or not. I hope we can, but it doesn't look good.

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