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September 22nd 2014
Published: September 22nd 2014
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So today I woke at 4am and couldn't go back I had a strange dream about dad. He was on the walk with us but he want himself. I woke up upset and then started panicking as I was worried I'd dehydrate. I'm ok though as it's normal to have strange dreams at altitude.
We had breakfast (I'm having porridge). While I'm on good I've tried momo's which are lush, and Dahl bhat which is hot!!!! I'm eating a lot of rice. Mainly and at Namche they do amazing chips which are not greasy. Good lunchtime snack!
So we had breakfast at 7:30 but first Michael (Aus) and j had a good chat as we were the only ones awake, swapping life stories. It's amazing hearing. What has got everyone here. Everyone is not single but there is only one couple which I find strange but also comforting.
At 8am we started our walk to Syangboche the highest airport in the world. It was 3748m in height: the aim is to walk high sleep low to acclimatise.
We then went to a monastery and came back for some lunch. Jess and I went for a walk with Pemba and Norbu and we had such a laugh they were just play fighting the whole way around the bazaar we were like their parents telling them off! Haha it's so lush how easy the Nepalese find happiness.
Jess, Paula, Dan, Klara and I then played cards for like an hour.
Michael (Aus) has a headache so we were worried for him but he seems ok now. That's what a concoction of painkillers will do for you at altitude I guess haha
I'm feeling ok better today, yesterday I was getting breathless just going to the toilet in the middle of the night. It's like 3m away!!! Lol
I've just had MoMo's again. Vegetable as you can't eat any meat here. That'll make you ill!
Still waiting on news if my new little niece.......


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