Master of the Moon: Chapter 31

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June 25th 2013
Published: June 25th 2013
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June 26th, 1970

Dear Frank,

I hope you are well. I am very well, but I am very busy. Thank you for your letter. Why are you learning flute from a Tibetan? You seem to like bhotiyas. I am not surprised that the Tibetan girl behaved like that in the restaurant. They are not civilised people. In fact they are dangerous. I am studying hard, and I speak French quite well now. I went with other students to Versailles last weekend. It is a very, very big palace. Bigger even than the Singha Durbar. A queen called Marie Antoinette lived there, and when the people were starving, she said: 'let them eat cake'! The poor people were very angry, because cake was too expensive, and they caught her and chopped her head off with a big knife called a guillotine. It drops down from high up which was very efficient. Poor Marie-Antoinette. I am sorry for her. We ate patisserie after that, but it was too sweet. The weather has not been good, so I bought a very pretty umbrella. I am very busy so more later.

With love and kisses,


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