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October 24th 2015
Published: November 10th 2017
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This small girl was working on the road gangThis small girl was working on the road gangThis small girl was working on the road gang

Sadly carting rocks at her age, we stopped and gave her a ball.
Geo: 28.3649, 81.5596

So we drive for two days, fill our fuel tanks completely and head into Nepal. Nepal is having a small energy crisis. India the sole supplier of their petrol and gas has decided for political reasons not to supply fuel as per their contractual agreement. Long story short there is no fuel in Nepal. Hmm so why do we go. One small issue of a Visa for Myanmar. Okay so we need to drive across Nepal to Kathmandu, get a visa and head out. Sounds simple. First stop is Bardia National Park, famous for Rhino, Tigers and Elephants.

The Park is absolutely beautiful, long grass that would be over our heads. We get a guide and trek around searching for Tigers. The guide is armed with a Bamboo Pole so that is some comfort as it will stop either a rhino or a tiger. Sadly or fortunately we did not see either. The long grass meant we really could not see anything other than leaches. If you have not had the pleasure of a leach bite they are like mossies on steroids with lots of blood. The leaches were unbelievable and we all finished up covered in bandaids itching.

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Tiger SpottingTiger Spotting
Tiger Spotting

Lucky we can see for miles. Gives us some comfort we are not being watched.

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