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February 27th 2010
Published: August 9th 2017
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After the splendor that was Everest Base Camp, we still had to return to the big cities. Leaving behind clean fresh air, beautiful scenery and calm and soothing silence.
I awoke at 5:30 and got some breakfast before making our way to the airport. We waited for the incoming flights from Kathmandu where we would catch the same planes on the return trip.
There was a noticeable difference in the amount of people that hopped off the planes into Lukla. It seemed at least twice as many people. I knew what they were about to get themselves into.
The flight back was nice, again beautiful views of the mountains and the valleys. The plane slowly descended into the mist of Kathmandu and soon the views and mountains were out of sight.

I waited for the others who were on another flight and we caught a taxi back to Thamel.
The others checked out of their relatively expensive hotel and we walked to my guesthouse where they checked in. At this stage i wasn't sure if Radek was still around as we planned to go to Pokhara together. But he was, only just, he was checking out that day and was packing his stuff, heading for Royal Bardia national park with an American guy. He asked if i wanted to come, but i couldn't, i was in need of a shower, clean clothes and relaxation.
We caught up over some lunch about how Radek was sick for 5 days, taking antibiotics, until Radek had to go. From there i spent the most part of the day doing some small shopping, internet, laundry. I got two books, one which i bought and the other i exchanged for 3 books, all of which wern't mine. Score.

I met with Chelsey, Dustin and Krishna for dinner at a Thai resaurant. Chelsey and Dustin had changed their flight and were now flying that night back to Canada. So i said goodbye to the others. It had been a long day, so i hit the sack pretty early.
The next day i grabbed a Indian breakfast in a local shop, from there i booked my bus to Pokhara and went on to the Internet for about 4 hours, uploading photos for my Everest Base Camp Trek blogs. I still had to type the blogs which would be a long process and i only managed to finish one blog out of thirteen.
I arranged the previous night to meet Krishna for some drinks, so i met him at three and we went to a local place for some conversation, food and thumba. We then picked my CLEAN clothes up and played some cards at the guesthouse until Krishna had to leave. That night i returned to the internet and had dinner before heading to bed for an early rise to catch my bus to Pokhara.

I walked maybe 20 min to where all the tourist buses were, mostly to Pokhara. There were many other tourists also on their way to Pokhara, but in many other different busses.
We were late leaving and subsequently late leaving when we took breaks because of two South African women took for ever to get organized.
But the trip to Pokhara was quite nice, dropping in altitude, winding our way through the valley. Beautiful scenery but was a misty day. During a stop, I met a British guy Jeremy who told me about his Indian Visa problems, I started to worry as i wasn't sure what my situation was. I didn't have the stamp in my passport saying i had to wait 2 months before re-entering, so I assumed i was ok.
After 7 hours we finally made it into Pokhara, pulling into a vacant dusty lot where a bunch of men in white shirts and a line of Taxis were ready to pounce on the tourists. They crowded the door as we disembarked and immediately offers for accommodation and taxi's are flung at you from different angles. I cracked it straight away at anyone who was coming towards me as I had barely got off the bus and hadn't even got my luggage. So i teamed up with Jeremy and we walked to our guesthouse in which we were going to share a room.

We arrived at the Evergreen Guesthouse in Lakeside east. We checked in and sorted ourselves out before grabbing a bite to eat. We then walked around parts of the lake and town. I liked Pokhara at first glimpse, it had a nice feel to it. But the constant offers from shop owners and taxi drivers are ever constant.
We grabbed some dinner, but Jeremy wasn't feelng too good so he didn't have anything. He was planning to leave the following day for the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek but because of his condition decided to wait an extra day.
The following morning was relaxed as we took our time. I was in our room reading the lonely planet with the curtains drawn when i read in the Pokhara section that said there were few places in Pokhara where you can't see the mountains. I immediatly opened the curtains and saw the amazing Annapurna range. It was so close that i had expected and the dominant Mt Machhappure was a sight for sore eyes.

We grabbed breakfast at a German bakery before hiring a row boat for 2 hours. It was a hottish day so i donned the shorts and tee for the first time in about a month. We rowed to the otherside and back, stoppping briefly at the small island in the lake with a temple. Boat loads of Indian tourists were being ferried in jam packed boats to visit this small temple. We stopped on the otherside and relaxed and took in the amazing scenery of the Annapurna range.
Jeremy was still feeling crook as we ( I ) had some lunch. After lunch Jeremy went to rest and read and i went to the internet. We met up a couple of hours later for dinner where Jez still didn't eat anything. We went back and Jeremy packed his bag. I had given Jeremy my walking stick. I had also thrown away my still valid TIMS card which was a silly mistake, i was looking to do the Poon Hill trek and i needed the card. It wasn't too much of a big deal but it just meant i would have to go an re-apply. So that was two thinngs i would have needed to do Poon Hill and i had given them away.

The following morning Jeremy headed off for his trek. I went and grabbed breakfast at the German bakery in town. I hired a bike for the day and rode West to the otherside of the lake, following the edge of the lake. it was nice scenery, a misty day though. I passed through many small local villages until the road turned to rock and dust, making for a very bumpy ride. Locals kept yelling out Namaste and kids would run alongside the bike. Eventually one kid wanted to ride my bike, so i let him and ended up being showed a small temple on top of a small hill just behind the local school by three kids.
They were nice, but kept trying to convince me to buy them a soccer ball for their local club. I didn't want to buy the soccer ball at first, but i relented and ended up buying the ball and playing soccer for about an hour with the local kids. Then it was time to head back.
I stopped off at a local shop in a local village for some food, I orded a Thukpa (Noodle soup), It had a dead fly in it and had me wondering if it was a good idea to have eaten here. I was sure i was going to feel crook from the food. I made my way back and hit the Internet. I started feeling neusus so i headed back to the guesthouse where I thought I was going to be sick. But i rested and was fine after a small while.

I had survived the Thukpa, probably because it was boiled. And grabbed some breakfast at the German bakery yet again. I was still waiting for Radek and wasn't sure when he was going to arrive. After a bit of reading and Internet use, i hired a bike for the day again, but this time went North, through the streets of Pokhara. The traffic is much more tame than other places, it almost seems empty. I rode right up North to the Gorkha Muesum which depicts the history and involvment of the Gourkhan Army. I had no idea that they were invovled in pretty much all wars in history and even in the Middle East presently. It was a nice Museum, a lot of photos.
I relaxed for the rest of the day, grabbed some dinner and walked through the main street. I came back and watched the soccer until i fell asleep.

I woke to some loud banging at my door, i leapt up to open the door and saw a tired and wary looking Radek. I was happy to see him and he told me all about his adventures at Royal Bardia in which i felt jelous not to have done.
We spent most of the day resting, shopping, walking around and Internet. We grabbed a cheap Dal Bhat for lunch and walked to Devi Falls, which is a small waterfall into a deep hole, it's quite nice but small. It's called Devis falls because an Foreigner named Devis was washing himself back in the 60's and him and his wife were swept to their deaths in the hole from moonsoon floods.

There were some bloody annoying kids begging and wouldn't leave us alone, they even chucked stuff at us. We walked back got some dinner and Radek passed out from being so tired.
Pokhara is quite a nice place, the weather wasn't great but the place has a great feeling to it.
I guess its the combination of lake and mountains that gives the sense of a relaxing environment. There is still so much i have done so i will post another Pokhara blog which will include Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha.

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