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September 26th 2014
Published: September 26th 2014
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It's been a while, there's not much wifi in the himalaya!

So I was put on the shittest bus possible, seemed alright at first, till it started stopping in every fucking town and letting any old cunt on! And I swear the driver went an especially bumpy fucking way just to spite me, It definitely wasn't that bumpy on the way there!

Having intended to stop off in pokhara for two days then begin a trek, the fact I stayed for six days says a lot. One of the most beautiful places I've ever seen! I've usually been moaning and doing a lot of swearing, but there's literally nothing bad to say about the place, 'crept maybe the rain at night, it's like nothing I've fucking seen before! Just pisses down like fuck!
The weather during the day is spot on though, fucking hot as shit.
Bumped back into the Aussies from Kathmandu and been hanging with them, we're going on the Annapurna circuit trek in a few days. We Hired fucking mountain bikes from pokhara and got a taxi to the top of a mountain and rode down on the road! Scary as fuck, proper sharp bends and a drop of a few hundred foot to the river below! Generally my kind of way to ride a bike though, zero peddling and just rolling.

Been out onto the lake for a smoke a few times, surrounded by jungle that you can venture into, fucking leeches everywhere though, disgusting little cunts they are!

And just the icing on the cake, Pokhara is full of fit birds!

Off to the himalaya now for a trek!
Si thi marra.


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