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March 20th 2012
Published: March 20th 2012
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Started my placement yesterday with the street children and absolutely loved it. They were very welcoming again and was greeted by a chorus of Namaste. I asked them what they wanted to do first and they said it was time for Math. So I started by setting simple questions, but they kept saying they were too easy. So I made them more and more difficult up to the point where i was having to sit there with a pen and paper trying to work them out. Turns out they arer amazing with Math.

I also made a clock from card with moveable hands to help them tell the time. Some of the older children were quite good at telling the time, the younger ones liked to just move the hands. But it made it to the wall.

In the afternoon we brought coloured paper to make windmills with. This went down really well and they ended up usingst of the pad making oagami flowers and butterflies. Really enjoyed my first day, and we ended with a chorus of the Hokey Cokey.

Today Lindsey brought a parachute so we played lots of games with that and it got a bit crazy but very fun. We also brought Twister which I was not very good at and football (again two left feet).

The children all made paper boats from the last of the paper and we raced them down the stream. Although it ended with one of the boys with a already broken arm falling in.

Great few days :D


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