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April 10th 2011
Published: April 19th 2011
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First aid 4 Teachers in Pokhara…

After some experiences of fainted pupils during my teaching program in Siddhartha I came up with the idea to teach the teachers about first aid. Because I‘ve just finished my first aid course before I entered Nepal and because my mother overloaded my luggage with first aid materials it seemed perfect to teach them this knowledge by myself. I would like to teach them how to react in case of emergency but still I felt a little unconfident to teach 10 teachers in one time by myself…
Lucky I was I met Nucci - a experienced teacher of first aid and physical education - in that time who was really enthusiastic about my idea and wanted to assist my during my preparation work and assistance in my first course. She made me feel sure that I wanted to realize my idea!
Further I figured out together with Santosh (a medicine student) which items I should put in a school first aid kit. It took long time but when I finally arrived at the lodge with all the materials I felt satisfied. This kits will be given to some schools.

--> See picture 1: Ordering all contents of the first aid kit in the pharmacy

--> See picture 2: One of my Nepali first aid kits to donate to Nepali schools

Nucci and myself put together a short and clear first aid course with knowledge about how to react and threat common cases which happen in schools. The course contains little theory and a lot of practice.

After the preparation work Nucci and me went by bike to the Siddhartha LoveDale Boarding School full of excitement.
After some hours of seriousness but also a lot of fun we ended the course with a positive feeling. The teachers seemed very interested during the lesson. Also the principal was very thankful with our visit what can help them creating a safe environment in his school. Before we left, I gave the school a self-made first aid kit so they would be able to apply the elements that I’ve learned them.

--> See picture 3: Me, teaching the teachers some theory of first aid in the library room of Siddhartha

I provide the teachers also the content of the course on papers so they will not forget how to react in different cases of emergency in or out of school.
Already one day after the first course a teacher called me up to thank me for the course and to say that the course had been useful already to him. Due to a little accident he had some little injuries. But from now on he’s able to take care of it himself! The call gave me the great feeling that my course succeeded. Yes!!!

--> See picture 4: Teachers of Siddhartha trying to count their pulse in their neck

--> See picture 5: Nucci with the teachers practicing the basic principles of first aid

After the call I was sure that I have to try to complete my plan to teach as much as possible this course to teachers or even parents. I believe that first aid can be useful for every person and especially for those who are responsible for many children… Up to the next first aid lesson! Greets Emi

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22nd April 2011

TOF TOF GOED GEDAAN MEISJE! je bent precies al een echte verpleegkundige! groetjes

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