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April 16th 2009
Published: April 19th 2009
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Note the date.

Spent the day relaxing. Had a Shiatsu massage (very good) and in the afternoon got a little boat over to Fishtail Lodge, a beautiful hotel on an island in the lake. Prince Charles has stayed there and it's jolly nice. For 300 rupees I used the swimming pool and chilled out on a sun lounger on the manicured lawns. I'm glad I wasn't staying there though. Less vibrant, traveller action and full of Japanese businessmen(nothing against them but not really anyone to talk to).

In the evening had a fantastic vegetable curry at a little restaurant near my hotel. Sat on a table next to the roadside and watched Pokhara amble past. Cows, fruit sellers, women like jewelled butterflies in beautiful saris. Western travellers make me laugh a lot. There are a large number of people who have clearly been away too long. Dreadlocks, bizarre hippy clothing, walking barefoot (are you mad?!!!!!) I do wonder what the Nepalis think of us. The young Nepalis for example are all skin tight jeans and lacoste tops.

After my dinner I went for the most glorious foot massage. Took an hour and I was very relaxed by the end of it. It was only 9pm and I debated going to a bar, but what was the point? Don't want to drink, don't want to look as if on the pull, can't really be bothered to talk to a lot of disdainful young traveller types. Called it a day and went to bed.

Note there is a Punjabu restaurant down the road. Might go and 'eat the Punjabi food' tomorrow. And there is only one person who will understand what I mean by that.


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