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Asia » Nepal » Phakding September 21st 2014

We awoke at 4:30 to leave for 5:30. We went to this mad little airport dribhuvan, that was under construction. Our bags got checked twice, and we got body checked. Ladies had to go through separate ways to the men, this was odd. Our plane to Lukla was tiny and somehow I ended up in the middle front seat behind the pilots, overlooking the control instruments. Eeek doesn't even come close! The plane was so small I was scared but the flight was fine. I was in between Karen and Mike, coincidence......? I've seen Mt Everest for the first time today thanks to my seat position. It's beautiful. The landing was perfect but I was literally looking straight at it and from up high it looks about 10m long so was pretty scary! Through the entire ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Phakding March 7th 2014

von phakding geht es ab 8:00 auf richtung namche bazar, knapp 800 höhenmeter sind zu bewältigen von 2.600 auf 3.440m. extrem leckere pancakes mit reismehl geben uns ausreichend kraft für den anstieg. es geht über fünf stählerne hängebrücken anfangs noch gemächlich dahin. diese wunderbaren yak tiere mit ihren gutmütigen augen kommen uns oft entgegen. zahlreiche treiber mit mulis oder eseln überholen uns und auch träger mit meterhoch aufgetürmten waren halten locker mit uns schritt. teilweise werden meterlange und türbreite bretter bergan getragen, wir staunen mit offenem mund. die zahlreichen träger mit ihren geflochtenen körben führen kleine holzstecken mit, auf welche sie in verschnaufpausen ihre last stützen können. die götter sind uns offensichtlich wohl gesinnt, das wetter ist herrlich mit freier sicht auf die umliegenden verschneiten bergspitzen. der blick auf di... read more
eine der vielen hängebrücken
washing kids

Asia » Nepal » Phakding March 12th 2013

SPRING HAS SPRUNG Wake up to the rock tappers dawn chorus. We decide to take Dhana and Chitra for a coffee at Everest Bakery as a goodwill gesture before we start todays walk (we think they spotted us there yesterday and were a bit put out). Actually I can't take the credit for the idea- it was Mary's- she is much nicer than me. Anyway, it ended up being just Dhana, Chitra had already started without us. It was a good idea, the coffee was good and it made for an amicable start to the day. Big downhill day again today. We actually took a back track out of the town through the pine forest which was nice. decided to collect some trash on the way- most common throw on the ground item were the yellow ... read more
The sweeping girl
Very busy, very cute

Asia » Nepal » Phakding February 24th 2013

Kathmandu - Lukla (2800m) - Phakding (2650m) Alarm set for 0500. Wake at 0200, 0400, 0430... Tings has left us some yoghurt, bread and bananas- dutifully consume with a cup of tea. Dhana collects us in a taxi, strap bags on roof rack and we take a speedy 20 min drive in the (sort of) dark to the airport- the taxi has these weird lights in the back window that are attached to the brakes, every time he brakes (often) the blue disco lights flash maniacally. The only other light is that of fires by the sides of the roads- preferable at 0530 to blue disco lights. Go through the 2 obligatory pat downs at the airport and score the first flight out to Lukla, it's 0814 and i am strapped into the first row seat ... read more
First flight
Love these little planes
Strong flying hands?

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