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Asia » Nepal » Namche November 23rd 2012

The Yaks don’t seem to appreciate the view, but we certainly do. Clear skies and incredible views of the mountains behind.... read more

Asia » Nepal » Namche November 23rd 2012

Although today is a “rest day” in the trek itinerary, it is far from it. Dirge our guide leader has planned a 450m ascent upto the high point of Namche and beyond for what he tells us will be impressive views. It is to aid our acclimitisation – there are no complaints. In a bid to avert dehydration issues, I ask one of our guides to top up my camelback water bag and both my ½ litre bottles. Unfortunately he topped them up with the remains of the boiled water we had used for the morning wash – so now my drinking water for the day was warm! Oh well, I had the best part of 4 litres of it so it would have to do. Feeling great I headed out of the lodge and followed ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Namche November 22nd 2012

Eventually we arrived at the entrance to Namche. We all breathed a sigh of relief – in fact lots of sighs and lots of water. The only problem was, our lodge for the night was somewhere in the middle of the village – up at least another 150m.... read more

Asia » Nepal » Namche November 22nd 2012

Namche is set in a natural amphitheatre with resplended views of Kongde Ri. The views were not really what was focussing our minds – it was the 150m of more steps to climb through a tangle of cobbled streets to locate our lodge. We pass hundreds of small shops selling anything you would expect you would need for the trekkers that doesn’t already have it.... read more

Asia » Nepal » Namche November 22nd 2012

We eventually arrive at our lodge in time for lunch. By this time I had run out of water, had really bad back ache, a heavy headache, hugely fatigued and when lunch arrived, only ate half of it. This read like a list of symptoms for Altitude sickness – and this worried me. After lunch I retired to my room to rest and contemplate my recovery and admire the view from my room. I downed a 1 litre bottle of water, a snickers bar and a “Magic Pink” (Ibobrufen) tablet my beloved wife had packed for days like this. After resting for two hours I was much improved, and after a further two hours on catching up with my blogging I felt better than I had done since Kathmandu! Far from suffering altitude sickness, my ailment ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Namche November 4th 2012

Namche 3420m - Tengboche 3870m - Debuche 3770m Time taken: Namche - Tengboche 4 hours 30 mins Tengboche - Debuche 30 mins We start out from Namche early and the first two hours of the day are pretty easy going on a sunny undulating path but there is a definate sting in the tail of today's hike. Suriya has a friend he would like to stop in on for a morning tea break, so we stop during the morning in a tiny village called Sanasa. It turns out that Suriya's old school teacher lives here and he is keen to catch up with him. Suirya has also developed a sore throat and so takes some medicinal Raksi (local brew) to help. This makes him rather more chatty than usual and it is not long before a ... read more
Tea stop with musk deer
Stupa stop
Peaks in the clouds

Asia » Nepal » Namche November 3rd 2012

Namche 3420m - Syangeboche 3790m - Khunde 3840m - Khumjung 3780m - Namche 3420m Time taken: Namche - Khunde 1 hour 30 mins Khunde - Khumjung 30 mins I'm woken this morning by gentle ring of the yak train passing by my room. The sun illuminates the tips of the peaks as I stare out at them over breakfast this morning which I take at the leisurely time of 7.15am this morning. Why the late start? Today is a designated acclimatisation day as we have gained significant altitude on yesterday's trek. The idea of today is to walk up a few hundred metres above Namche and then return to sleep here tonight, the so-called 'walk high, sleep low' theory of Acute Mountain Sickness prevention. There are several options today but we opt for to visit the ... read more
Airstrip at Syangeboche
Helicopter landing Synagboche
Helicopter takeoff

Asia » Nepal » Namche November 2nd 2012

Monjo 2840m - Jorsale 2830m - Namche 3420m - Chhorkung 3540m - Namche 3420m Time taken: Monjo - Namche 2 hours 45 mins At breakfast this morning it hit me how lucky I am to be here, doing this. This trek is something I have looked forward to for almost three years. I came to Nepal in 2010 but was unable to fly to Lukla due to bad weather so instead changed plans to do the Annapurna Circuit. I really enjoyed this trek and vowed to return to complete the EBC trek as well. With an early start, we began on the trail out of Monjo. We start ploughing rapidly along the trail in the knowledge of the strenous climb to Namche. We quickly come to the Sagarmatha National Park entrance check point where I find ... read more
The roaring rapids
First glimpse of Everest
Ladies with fruit on the trail

Asia » Nepal » Namche October 29th 2012

I have so much to write but no time to do it. We made Base Camp on schedule. It was a very tough day, mainly because the wind had picked up and it was bitterly cold. In the days since then ip the weather has turned quite chilly. We've had a little snow several nights. We are down the valley now and the hiking today was finally warm and sunny again. I think we got a little spoiled the first 10 days with all the sun. The hike today was beautiful down to Namche again. The best part was getting my first shower in about 8 days. It was GREAT! I will post all my pictures when I get home. It's just not possible with the wifi here. Oh, one of the best things...I got to ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Namche October 20th 2012

Namche to Thame We got up early to have breakfast of fried eggs, toast and potatoes. After breakfast we hiked uphill a little to the local museum. We saw a typical Sherpa house and several rooms dedicated to climbing. One room had photos of all the Sherpas, Lakpa was there looking very young and carefree. After that we started hiking to Thame, Lakpa's childhood home. The hike was beautiful, up and down following a river most of the way. We crossed a gorge with the water running very high. It's hard to imagine what it would be like during the summer with the glacier run off. Of course, it was uphill from there. Finally we arrived at the tea house which was owned by Lakpa's sister. After enjoying lunch we hiked up to the Thame Monastery. ... read more

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