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Asia » Nepal » Namche October 24th 2006

It snowed a bit overnight & there was still a few centimetres on the rooftops as we set off in the morning. Today was an acclimatization day, so we had a 'strenuous' walk up a BIG hill, to visit a fancy lodge built by the Japanese. Apparently it costs USD$200- per night to stay there & they have their own helipad so guests don't even have to trek in. We had tea on the balcony looking up at Everest & the surrounding mountains. The walk down was much easier for me as my blisters only rub going uphill. Had a late lunch back at the hotel, wrote some journal entries then the group headed off to play pool & drink beer; apparently for the last time in a while...... read more

Asia » Nepal » Namche October 23rd 2006

Had a fairly average nights sleep because it was so dammned cold. It wasn't cold enough to snow, yet my minus ten degree sleping bag just wasn't up to the task. I ended up wearing thermals & another layer & still wasn't toasty. I'm beginning to think it isn't really the best quality sleping bag & will try to get an extra blanket at each teahouse. That may prove difficult in some places though, as it is peak tourist season & Ashok says they quite often don't have enought to go around. We began trekking around 8:30am & stopped after around three hours for lunch. Unfortunately about half an hour in my blisters began. I made do with bandaids, but they didn't sem to help much & I'll have to get something more substantial for tomorrow. ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Namche October 14th 2006

It was decided that a hike was in order and so it was a hike that we did. Being forced to actually do all the planning ourselves (no Doris and no tour operators) we began by buying Jamie. Our good friend and reliable companion Jamie McGuiness followed us through thick and thin, sickness and health for 10 long days. Things began with a flight from Kathmandu into the town/village/tourist meca that is Lukla. Lukla is the best starting point for any treks in the Everest region because it cuts out a good week of hiking from where the last road leaves you. Skipping the lowly lowlands and taking a flight into one of the scariest runways (and airports) of all time left us with more time in the alpine. Immediately we had to cut down our ... read more
Ode To The Sherpas
R.C. Gerald Lush

Asia » Nepal » Namche May 29th 2006

As we trekked up the trail, we kept meeting Nepali and foreign runners who were training for the Everest Marathon. This is a grueling, high altitude race over the uneven terrain from Everest Base Camp (5300 meters or 17,390 feet) back down to Namche (3440 meters or 11,290 feet). I found it hard enough to walk this trail, and I can’t believe that anyone would be crazy enough to run it. Our first encounter with the runners was a group of English fly boys (Royal Air Force-RAF) staying at the same guesthouse in Namche. We also met Ally and Rory, the two Scottish runners, while we were all huddled around the fire at a teahouse in Dughla. In Leboche, we met this German guy whose name I never caught, but who we dubbed Dieter. We also ... read more
Ally stopping at the water stand
Yaks passing by a teahouse
Blooming pine tree

Asia » Nepal » Namche May 19th 2006

Like most trekkers, we spent a couple of days in the hub of Namche Bazar, mainly to acclimatize to the altitude before ascending even more. The higher altitude was noticeable when we walked around town. The stairs can be steep and sometimes they left us gasping for breath, especially on the steep climb out of Namche. This is one of the larger towns in the area and a center for trade. Besides trekkers and climbing teams, there are many yak trains and porters passing through, ferrying supplies for locals and trekkers up and down the trail. The last of this season’s Everest climbing expeditions are currently descending, so we saw many yaks carrying climbing gear and other expedition supplies. Many climbing teams seem to be from Korea. All trekkers pass through Namche on their way up ... read more
Baby yak in Namche
View from my room
Porters trudging through Namche

Asia » Nepal » Namche May 17th 2006

Before going to Lumbini, thanks to our dodgy travel agency in Nepal, we finally got air tickets from Kathmandu to Lukla, gateway to the Everest region. The guys at the agency were so funny. When we used their calculator to figure out how the ticket cost per person and the USD/Nepali rupee exchange rate, it kept giving us the wrong figure. We finally realized those guys rigged the calculator so that it would divide instead of multiply! So if you multiplied $100 by 2, it would total $50 instead. I guess they were trying to make you think the prices were lower than they really were, so that you would buy tickets from them instead of going somewhere else, then hit you up with the difference in “taxes” in the end. When we confronted the travel ... read more
Sherpa kids
Porter with Tibetan prayer stones
Intense close up

Asia » Nepal » Namche March 28th 2006

“So-a-you wanna go to Nepal?” “Um-yes-yes I do…” “So-a-you wanna hike Everest?” “Yes-yes I do…” Done and done. I can’t recall who asked who these important questions but it was unanimous. Nepal. Everest. A week later we were on a plane out of Delhi and into the highest parts of the Ihmalayas. Now the complete and utter lack of planning a trip into the Himalayas would mean that we would have to rent just about everything. I’ve been carrying around insulating layers such as fleeces and capilenes but there’s no room in my bag for hiking boots with and substance to them and a down jacket, not to mention, gloves, hats, and heavy weather pants. Let me tell you, two weeks in rental hiking boots is not fun. Not nice to the feet either. So having ... read more
Self Portrait @ Base Camp
5am hike up Kala Patthar
Tenboche Monestary

Asia » Nepal » Namche January 10th 1999

Cold comfort After a breathless trek to the next tea house, every evening the group settled down to enjoy themselves as best they could. Their activities severely limited by the cold. An absence of heating on the scale normally enjoyed by the average westerner plus a temperature of minus 12 centigrade created an obsession with warmth that can only be guessed at by the uninitiated. First there was the clothing: one thermal vest ,one T shirt, one thin jumper ,one thick jumper,2 pairs of trousers, a pair of gloves,a hat and at least two pairs of socks formed the basics at all times . This was topped off by a down jacket of such proportions that we rolled around the tea houses like Michelin men bumping into the furniture and each other, our arms stiffly encased ... read more

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